Top gear for Axton

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The gear on this listed is generally agreed upon by the high end players of the community to be great for him.


If you want to suggest something first show proof of the weapon with your build, this has to be done on OP8 without BAR and a bee, including snipers as they should at least be able to one shot unshielded trash mods without them.

[SIZE=“4”]DDD: Min/max guide[/SIZE]
[SIZE=“4”]To identity: Parts | Accessories | Prefixes[/SIZE]

-Plasma Casters These are the e-tech smg’s that come in all manufacturers. They have 50% splash damage, usually 8-9 fire rate, high ammo capacity from 50-60’s, but consume 2 ammo per shot and suffer from slow bullet speed.
Hyperion These are the most accurate, but because of the reverse recoil you will waste your first few shots and with the ammo consumption that can be an issue. But once you clear that they will have your highest dps because the ability to easily crit with them and stay on target with fast moving enemies. They have the second best damage, best fire rate, best accuracy, and second best reload speed. These will be the best PC’s for dps.
Maliwan Maliwan PC’s do what Maliwan does, better dots. Too bad dots are only good for healing at endgame. That aside these are very solid with few week points. Third best damage, third best fire rate, second best accuracy, and fourth reload speed. Not the best or the worst in anything making it a very solid gun over all and second or third best of the PC’s
Tediore These are best thrown for maxing out your dps with them, but unlike most Tediores will still do lots of damage shooting them. They are fourth in damage, second best fire rate, third best accuracy, and best reload speed. These can do the most dps out of any by spamming reloads, but you will loose your ammo pool fast. Over all I would put this second or third among PC’s
Dahl To hit anything with these you will need to ADS because the accuracy from hip firing is terrible. They will have a 3 or 4 round burst depending on parts. They have the highest damage, slowest fire rate, fourth in accuracy, and third best reload. I would pass on these unless you don’t have anything better. Hyperion, Maliwan and Tediore are all much better.
Bandit Like all bandit guns these have huge clips and not much else. They do however reflect bullets, but those reflected bullets can damage and kill you. If you see these just leave them where you found them or sell them if you need cash. The only reason I am covering them on here is so you know not to use them. All other PC’s are great, not these.

-Florentine This is a seraph version of the plasma casters, comes only in maliwan and shots both slag and shock at the same time. Like etech’s it has slow bullet speed and consumes 2 ammo per shot but also has good fire rates, good damage made really solid with everything being slagged, shocked, and 50% splash damage. The card doesn’t justify what it can do. Gets grenade damage bonuses and will hold most peoples slag weapon spot since it’s highly versatile.

-Sandhawk Because not everyone uses grenade damage buffs and it still works out really well because of all the gun damage buffs.

-Slagga Legendary bandit SMG, it fire 3 bullets at the cost of 1. Always slag element.

Honorable mentions:
-Hellfire Need a fire SMG and you’re in a pinch? This is probably easier to get than a fire plasma caster, while its not as good it still gets grenade damage buffs so it can do some work.
-Avenger Deserves come attention here, the ammo regen is nice and the reload while tricky can be amazing.

-LascauxThis is a unique blue Dahl smg and its unique ability is a shotgun like spread of bullets. Like all Dahl’s when ADS you shoot a burst, but this one at close range is also good to hip fire because its shotgun like spread and good fire rate. This is also one of the easiest uniques in the game to acquire.

-Baby Maker Another tediore weapon for axton, typically easier to acquire than a plasma caster. It’s reload doesn’t deal nearly as much to the DPS as a PC but it is more ammo efficient. Spawns children for the reload. That child rarely spawns another also.

-Pimpernel: This shouldn’t need a description why. Single highest DPS weapon in the game. Coontail will eat your babies if you don’t use it, nice and rare alive and squirming.
-Lyuda/White Death This is a Vladof Legendary sniper, This sniper shoots one bullet that splits into 3 and are unlisted so each can get full amp damage, and has very high fire rate, large magazine, and very little recoil. The downfall is it tears through limited sniper ammo. It can be inefficient for mobbing because of how the ammo can go so quick. If you want a sniper to absolutely destroy everything in its path and don’t want to mess with the pimpernels sweet spots this is the sniper for you.
-GodfingerThis is a Jakobs Pearl sniper,that can be a confusing gun due to a lot of misinformation. So here it goes this gun does more damage the longer the bullet is in air, the shots go through enemies and therefor can hit multiple targets, when the bullet hits its first impact it splits into 5 that can each get full amp damage because they are unlisted, also the bullets split in mid air if the bullet is in air long enough without making impact, and lastly it was a very high crit percentage between 530-570% from my math but good luck finding real numbers on this anywhere. Shooting one enemy up close and this isn’t the best. This isn’t a sniper for bosses like the pimp and lyuda can be, but for mobbing its total death from above. Draw backs are fire rate, weak damage up close, and non elemental.

Honorable mentions:
-Cobra This is a Unique Jakobs sniper riffle, and the only sniper in the game with explosive. The cobra has a high damage on the card, slow fire rate, standard Jakobs sniper reload, and a pretty low recoil for Jakobs. What makes this great is a few things 80% splash damage although unlike most splash this isn’t boosted by grenade damage buffs. Then it has the same bullet speed that all jakobs snipers have unlike all other explosive weapons. Lastly is the large splash radius, It is not as powerful as some snipers with one shot to the head, but it should 1-2 shot most mobs and if one right you can get 2-4 kills with one bullet. Really only good if you have Duty Calls, which most do not recommend for the OP levels.
-SlothA blue unique Dahl sniper that is one of the most powerful snipers in the game. It shoots in a 3 round burst while you are scoped in, but the 3 projectiles do not follow the same line and have a slight spread to them, as well as slow bullet speed. It can be difficult to hit crits with this gun because of the projectile speed. One of the old issues with this gun is your get it from the same mission as the Rubi, making it a someone overlooked gun by many. Now with the grog, getting this as a reward instead is a more common choice than before.

-Norfleet This is really only because he is so proficient with the sham it gets a top spot. No other reason actually.

-Topneaa Easier to get and can be much better than a norfleet in stick situations. If you aren’t using a sham use this instead.

-Baddaboom This is a Bandit Legendary That shoots 6 rockets per pull at a cost of 1 rocket and shoots them like shotgun spread. Being a bandit it has a larger clip that helps a lot since most RL’s have very slow reload, also comes in all elements and explosive. It doesn’t have the dps of the Norfleet but its still massive dps and with the low ammo cost and big mag its a great option.

Honorable mentions:
-Tunguska A Torgue Pearl that shoots in an arc first impact is minor damage then bounces up and releases the damage on the card. This does massive damage but shoot it too close to yourself and you will be down. You have to be careful with this but it can be a killing machine. Being a pearl you can get it form OMGWTH, LLM’s or tubbies.

-Creamer Moxxi’s Torgue shoots one projectile that after set time in air explodes and splits into 2 seperate projectiles that each have 80% splash damage. Oh yeah also heals you like all moxxi guns, and if you use it for FFYL and get up you are up with full health. Its damage is solid, the split takes practice to get used to but works well and healing. Whats not to love. You get it from completing round 5 in the Creature Slaughter Dome.

-Unkempt Harold I hate to list this here but because of the grenade damage buffs it really is some of the best he can use.
-Little Evie While this doesn’t get grenade damage it’s still a monster, with this you can keep the cooldown on the turret low so you can keep battlefront up more while mobbing.
-HornetHis best corrosive pistol, gets grenade damage and just works well on armored targets.
-Lady Fist
Honorable mentions:
-Thunderball’s Fist It’s not a terrible pistol but the orb is wonky, it’s a great shield stripper and you can fire it off switch to a moxi weapon and use the orb to heal you so that’s something.
-Gunnerang Because tediore and him work well plus this thing really can be deadly even to raids on OP8 with Axton.
-MaggieThe Jakobs masher if you played borderlands 1, shoots 6 pellets for the price of one. Also fires as fast as you can pull the trigger, up to 14-15 fire rate. With its fast shot and massive damage this thing is a killer if you are good enough to use it. Like all Jakobs has more crit than your usual pistol as well as well as some of the best bullet speed in the game. the downfall is you need a quick finger trigger, and the recoil can be pretty bad depending on parts.
-InfinityLove it or hate it, its here. The infinity for those who don’t know doesn’t consume ammo so you can shoot forever and never have to stop and reload, but it has a fire pattern of an infinity signal making crits difficult… Its got average damage, but it can high fire rate. Also with a sheriffs badge, and 10/5 metal storm you can max the 30 fire rate with this.
-Anarchist This is a Vladof pistol with a Vladof barrel. This isn’t the highest in damage but with a 12.8 fire rate with all Vladof parts and fire rate accessory, add 53 in the clip and you have lots of dps. It has almost no recoil so all your shots can land on target and it comes in all elements.

-SwordsplosionIn the right hands this gun can destroy. Shots a sword that acts like a mirv grenade when it hits blowing up all over the place and should have 85% splash damage like other torgue shotguns. Being a torgue is shots slow, reloads slow, only comes as explosive damage. You get this from doing the side quest The Sword in The Stoner in dlc 4.
-Blockhead Grenade damage buffs, only comes is fire, can hit the same target multiple times, tediore, It’s just ridiculous.
-Ravager One of the few basic items that works super well in OP8 and just can wreck face with the correct character.
-SlowhandAn Etch Hyperian Moxxi shotgun. Unlike the splatguns this does not shoot in a arch, the balls go strait. The slow hand shoots massive slow moving balls or splash damage of 100%. This has a huge splash radius making it easy to hit multiple targets, but cannot crit. Because it is pure splash it cannot reflect either. It also has very high elemental chances, one of the best slag weapons. Since it is a Moxxi it also heals you for damage done while it is in your hand, includes dot damage, grenade damage. The percent is around 2% which is nothing to the Grog or Rubi, but gets the job done for the damage this thing does. This gun does not have the same fire rate as most Hyperion shotguns, but much faster than other brands like Torgue or bandit. You can also be damaged by its splash so be careful with melee enemies charging at you.
-TwisterShoots a wide spread of shock balls that group up thinner into a tornado shape as they travel. The only Jakobs shotgun that comes in elemental, adds 40% splash damage with it. These balls move very slow and only for a short distance before they dissipate, making it only good at very close range. But at that range it does as much damage as about any other gun you can get your hands on. The spinning orbs can each hit a target more than once, and keep traveling after they hit. With a high base damage, 19 pellets, and each pellet having the ability to hit multiple times its one of the highest dps guns in the game at close range.

Honorable mentions:
-Flakker If it wasn’t for the massive learning curve it would be higher, won’t get the grenade damage but axton can make this shine more in even someones hands who aren’t used to it.
-Omen A.k.a. the Blockhead and Octo had a baby. This Seraph shotgun is somewhat similar to the Blockhead. But it comes with a slight learning curve, due to it’s quirky projectile behavior. However, if you manage to learn the sweet spots, it can be just as powerful, if not more. It also comes with splash damage, which gets grenade buffs.
-Butch/CC/Interfacer citation: They work very well, They just only get a brief mention because they would be commonly used anyways.
-Heartbreaker Hyperion Moxxi shotgun, shoots a close accurate spread like the butcher, smaller clip so more reload, but your Moxxi 2% healing added to it, and always comes in fire. Great damage, solid rate of fire, and shoots in a heart pattern.

[SIZE=“4”]Assault rifles.[/SIZE]
-OgreThe orge is a legendary Torgue spinner gun. It has 100% splash damage, increases speed as you shoot more than other spinners, has a chace to pop off multiple shots in a row, can have increased reload speed, massive mag size, and projectiles can reflect off a surface. It’s fairly inaccurate and has a high recoil so stead and metal storm are this weapons best friend.

-KerblasterThis is a Legendary Torgue AR that does massive damage for a price. Consumes 4 ammo per shot and shoots a strait projectile that explodes on impact and then drops a grenade with an extra 100% splash damage. Always in explosive. Not as good as the ogre but far easier to get, only the child grenade gets grenade buffs.

-Lead StormThis is a Vladof Seraph Spinner gun. It fires like any spingun that speeds up over time, the bullets move slow and arch slightly, and after a distance each split into 3 bullets vastly increasing its dps. It takes some getting used to, but when you do its a very strong AR and very fun as well. This benefits in all the same way as the Ogre, but with a higher learning curve its down is why its not tied with it. If you figure out how to use it, then you can be just as effective as you can with the ogre and more so in certain situations. Easiest of all the unique spinners to get your hands on as well.

-HailThe hail has an aim like a grenade launcher and shoots in a huge arch and after a certain distance splits into 2, making hitting enemies difficult without practice. If you get learn this gun, its damage, fire rate, it’s 150% hidden crit bonus healing will make it a top tier assault rifle to use. To learn it the best place would be the mechromancer forums, poka uses it in a lot of his videos for gaige. Comes in all elements and you get it from beating round 5 of finks slaughter house.

-SawbarThis is a Bandit Pearl AR that is always in fire and shoots a projectile that splits into 3 after set time in air and each of those 3 go off on an angle and explodes. Meaning it has a set distance for it to do damage, but at that distance its huge dps, out side that distance its almost no dps. You have to really learn this gun to make it great. You can get it from LLM’s tubbies, or OMGWTH.

Honorable mentions:
-KittenThis is a Vladof Moxxi AR that shoots 3 bullets at a time that move in a pattern of a smiley face. You also get your Moxxi healing of 2.5% from it. With the wide spread and high fire rate this is a really nice mobbing gun, better close up than at range. With a bunch of skags or psychos running towards you can you hit multiple targets at the same time with the way the fire patter is, or up close just put a lot of hurt on one enemy. The damage leaves a little bit to be desired on this gun, but the fire rate and the healing makes up for it.

-Seeker A Torgue seraph weapon you get from the vendor in DLC4. Fires Rounds that have a slight homing effect.

-BekahA Jakobs Pearl that fires a single shot, followed by a slow moving projectile which, after a set distance, splits into three and rapidly gains speed. Those secondary 3 pellets are unlisted so you get full amp damage, and its highly accurate and fires as fast as your can pull the trigger up to 13-14 fire rate. Again a learning curve but huge damage. Also held back by only being strait damage. Best chance as a new Pearl are tubbies then LLM’s.

-Shredifier This is a legendary Vladof spinner gun with a huge mag, really high fire rate but can be a little wild with its recoil.
-Seraphim Dahl Seraph AR, only comes in fire. DOES NOT HAVE SPLASH. The damage output on this is just nuts.
-The Bee
-The Sham
^All of these get one description because it all falls down to Axton being able to keep these up so well and each fitting every playstyle and thing you could need. Blockade for when you need to be tanky, Ant for when you need extra slag and to be tanky, Sham for when you are having to spam rockets at close range or are in a heavy bullet area, and the bee for if you need that extra DPS. Ant,Neo,Evo all being great survival shields also.

Honorable mentions:
-Black Hole His best nova shield, it’s not terrible and can stun lock mobs sort of.
-Hoplite It’s still a good shield and useful for Healthgate but the higher you become the less useful it gets in OP levels, the scaling on this is horrendous.
-Big Boom Blaster Really you just use this for the grenade ammo, this also allows you to spam a baddaboom quite a bit.
-Tediore Speedy Shields This is a Tediore shield with a small capacity, recharge greater than the capacity and tiny delay. So it recharges in less than 2 seconds and sometimes less than 1 second to instant full. Combine this with Willing and enemies will have trouble killing you even in op8

-Fastball Our Tediore legendary grenade, toss it like a baseball and has a longbow like delivery but you see it go instead of teleport, always 0 fuse time as well. This used to be horrible but got a 700% damage buff in the loot hunt and increased blast radius. Its always been a fun grenade, but now its fun and useful. Comes in all elements. Not bad for healing with moxxi guns either. Since Axton gets tons of grenade Buffs this grenade is highly Recommended.

-Magic missile This is another magic grenade so it regens as well, made by maliwan. This one shoots out 4 homing slag balls that do massive damage. You have to be careful with it because if you have enemies close to you it will go to them and kill you fast. Not only is this great for slagging but it kills mobs as well. This is one of the higher dps grenades of the game, and with the regen allows you to spam them more.

-Chain Lightning A magic grenade made my maliwan. All the magic grenades from dlc4 regenerate grenades. This is always shock, which is great for my love of shield stripping for maya. You throw this out and lighting homes in on your closest target and if others are near it will chain out and hit multiple targets. Due to its fast delivery this is the best grenade mod in the game for min-max play style or just healing in general with moxxi guns.

Honorable mentions:
-Meteor Shower/Bonus Package This one is Torgue mirv grenade with higher than normal damage and more child grenades. The child grenades release in a high arc and they in turn release more child grenades. Don’t toss it near yourself. Does a ton of damage and always comes in explosive.

-Quasar This is a Hyperion shock singularity grenade, it has the biggest singularity pull in the game and while it is pulling in and waiting for the explosion it has a tesla like effect of shock damage. This doesn’t have the dps of the storm front, but sometimes does more do to keeping the enemies in with the pull to take the damage. Also again that way shields ripped, enemies slagged and grouped makes for easy pickings.

-StormfrontThis is a Vladof Tessla Legendary Grenade and maybe the highest dps grenade in the game. The center tessla does the most damage then tosses out multiple child ones in a circle, the distance of that circle depends on the hight of the first impact. It always comes in shock and has a very long duration adding to the dps. Don’t let the card fool you this is a beast. Also very little in the game is resistant to shock. This works great with moxxi guns, not only initial blast but the duration lets you tank for awhile unlike some other mods.

-Bonny/Crossfire Is a Dahl bouncing betty, that not only shoots out bullets but also child grenades in air and on the ground that also act as bouncing betties. Making this one of the best slag grenades since it covers such a large area and last for a long time. With raids bosses tossing slag so fast this helps keep them slagged for you do do your dps on them.

-Explosive damage relic
-Bone of the ancients This e-tech relic adds elemental damage and cooldown rate. Because of this bonus comes after final damage, splash damage, crit damage and elemental bonuses, it adds far more than you would think at first look and more than any other relic. Toss in a pretty large cool down rate to it and this is the relic of all relics.

-Skin of the AncientsThis e-tech relic can boost up to 4 stats, up to 3 elemental resistant types, and 2 shield buffs, recharge rate and/or capacity. I know 5 buffs and I said 4, it can get any combo of 4 of those but can also come with less. Wear this and a blockade or Evolution and just laugh at mobs attempting to hurt you.

-Stockpile/Blood of the ancients This e-tech relic adds health and up to 2 ammo capacities. I end up using this more often than the Bone of the Ancients for mobbing. You usually don’t need the extra damage, and the ammo is wonderful for snipers and shotgun users. The non E-tech can have extra grenades or three ammo types at the cost of the health bonus.

[SIZE=“4”]Class mods[/SIZE]
-Legendary Engineer: It’s one of his best coms, basically makes turret builds amazing.
+50% Cooldown rate
+5 Battlefront
+5 Resourceful
+5 Impact
+5 Sentry
+5 Able

-Legendary Soldier: This simply is one of the best Legendary Coms in the game, It’s boosts are all nice and the skills it buffs are all amazing(minus Healthy).
+Gun damage +Fire Rate +Cooldown rate
+5 Sentry
+5 Ready
+5 Impact
+5 Expertise
+5 Healthy
+5 Preparation

-Legendary Ranger: This is basically a Tactician and a Shock Trooper in one, it’s one of the better comes for Bee abuse.
+Team Shield Recharge -Team Shield Delay
+5 Onslaught
+5 Impact
+5 Metal Storm
+5 Ranger
+5 Quick Charge

-[COLOR=“RoyalBlue”]Chaotic Neutral Ranger/COLOR: This is just one of just best coms period, the skills are all fantastic that come on it and all the boosts are amazing on it.
+Fire Rate +Magazine size
up to +6 Grit
up to +6 Impact
up to +6 Ranger

Honorable mentions:
+Grenade Damage
up to +6 Steady
up to +6 Grenadier
up to +6 Impact

-Leg. Pointman: It’s not that they don’t erll because work they do, you just have to have super specific shield parts for HG builds with this and they lower your DPS too much for OP8 mobbing and can make it very hard to get past in some occasions.
+Max Health +Flat Health regen
+5 Able
+5 Healthy
+5 Pressure
+5 Last Ditch Effort
+5 Grit

+Team Fire Rate
up to +6 Metal Storm
up to +6 Overload
up to +6 Steady

+Reload Speed, +Magazine Size
up to +6 Pressure
up to +6 Last Ditch Effort
up to +6 Steady


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Speccing heavily into his shield skills, switching to a much faster shield and having Double Up for the extra slag really helped me a lot in early UVHM.

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Having read this paragraph, I am no closer to understanding how the Lyuda is one of the better sniper rifles in Borderlands 2 for Axton, specifically. Perhaps it is just that it is an excellent sniper rifle in general and there is nothing about it that makes it worse while Axton uses it; but the OP doesn’t even say that. He / she simply describes what the weapon does and leaves the reader to figure out why exactly it was chosen.

If I wanted to know how the Lyuda or any other weapon listed in the OP works, I would endeavour to find out that information myself. Respectfully, I do not think that it is the responsibility of topics such as these to merely describe how a weapon, or how a piece of gear functions.


Sometimes entries are there because they have great synergy with a character, but sometimes they’re there because they are just…good guns. That’s the case with the Lyuda. It doesn’t have any special synergy with Axton, but it’s still better than most other Snipers.

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