Top gear for Axton

I acknowledged this when I said…

The OP could have said exactly what you did, verbatim, and it still would have been better than simply describing how the Lyuda functions as a sniper rifle.

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Neither am I and I maintain 2 TG.
Being a mod has nothing to do with it.

If you want to take it over, just say so :slight_smile:
Be aware that it requires a bit of investment though

I wouldn’t mind taking the time to reformat and pull in some information from other top gear threads pertaining to parts.

I don’t want to step on too many toes when it comes to content or analysis, but I could probably add a little more information on some of the items. Just to make it a little more “newbie” friendly.

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The only hard and fast rule about TG threads is the willingness to listen to constructive feedback and make changes when the community agrees on them. Other than that, there’s not much to it, really. Knock yourself out because this really needs an update. I’ll update the resource thread after you’re done. Thanks.

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I apologize for being “late” to this discussion as to who will take over this “top gear” thread, but I stated in the Discord chat earlier today that I would do so and I am still able and willing to work on this from scratch.

@DemoniteBL may be collaborating with me on this also, depending on what he says.

I’ll take a crack at it tonight. Do I need to just create a new thread, or is there a way to edit this one?

Make a new one and we’ll ask that this one be locked by a mod.

@JovaBrow, @njp1589, I guess you guys could work together then?

Yeah I’d be happy to join in.

Okay, I’ll work on reformatting this so that it fits the style, add a few sections, then I’ll message you the draft and let you and @JovaBrow post it with any additional insight you might have.

I can help if you need, guys.

I’m working on getting the original post formatted in a Google Docs document, so once I’ve got that done, I’ll send @l_gabrielcruz , @DemoniteBL , and @JovaBrow the link to edit.

Hope that’s okay with you guys.

Well I for one, can’t wait to see. I am an Axton player and always looking for builds and gear threads to read and learn. Thanks goes out in advance to all invovled.


If you’re interested, I could PM you the raw text of the Salvador TG with all the formatting already done. You’ll just have to change the text. (And give @Hoyle4 credit in the introduction )

That would be a huge help!

Alright, I’ll send it tonight when I get home from work.

Thanks, that sped things up a ton.

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Late to the party but can I join in? Or is it too late?

Idk if he’s gonna do anything but I am going to start my own list today if you want to help.

Can I ask if you can pm me the formatting for your top gear guide so I can have an easier time with my Axton guide.