Top Gear for Gaige!

How and why ? I know I’m only 66 there and never did OP lvls yet, but I’d like to know the exact reason. There has to be one.

What are the numbers ?

If Black Hole and Flame of the Firehawk are both listed then why not the Deadly Bloom, they all are nova shields, why would some scale and not the others ? They do have different usage and trigger rules and specifics but why would the Deadly Bloom be so terrible ?

Black Hole is listed for the fact that it has more synergy with Gaige, and is used less for the direct damage and more the singularity effect.

Hide buffs DT majorly, giving it status as one of the best shields for mobbing ever.

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The FotFH constantly emits novas when it’s down while the DB only releases one before it needs to recharge fully. I like the DB, but Gaige doesn’t get any explosive buffs, so she’s better off with something else. Also, the HOT has the highest roid damage of any shield in the game, which is why it’s great for DT.


Ok I understand. Thanks for the explanations you two :blush: !

So then the BH doesn’t scale after 72 and is only good because of the pull effect AND (you’ll see what I did there… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: !) I see that FotFH is listed as only being good (and worth a “honorable” mention) up to 72.

So I’d kindly request that the DB gets a “honorable” mention as well up to 72 just like FotFH.

Thanks in advance !

I’m not going to do so. The FotFH is good for the fact that it can be spammed so much, and has infinitely more possible damage than the DB. The DB is just bad.

Sorry, but this thread is really hard to follow. Colors are weird, fonts are smaller and bigger, just no. Worst top gear here :frowning:

No worries, I’ll clean it up soon!

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With Nth degree and CE, Tattler works great on even more stacks than 200, just throwing it out here.

That aside, how would the Stalker work for her?

I’ve been mucking about with Gaige for a little while and I think I’ve found a gun that could be top gear material: The Veruc.

It’s horizontal spread is almost unchanged at around 150 Anarchy stacks, meaning that it’s great if you don’t want to invest in the OC tree much. At over 200 stacks, it is a bit less accurate, but it seems that the central bullet isn’t affected by the accuracy loss as much. It seems to be more or less on target, allowing for some impressive longshots at a high stack count without relying on Close Enough.

Speaking of CE, this skill takes care of the Veruc’s main weakness: the stray bullets that are produced at the beginning of each burst. This is benefitial, even when you don’t have any Anarchy stacks. The low accuracy loss and CE make this gun very usable at medium range with a good stack count.

Without any magasine size altering effects and with SLF, the gun stacks Anarchy reasonably fast as well. Just three and a half bursts, and reload. If you do have an increased mag size for this gun, it gets more use out of The Better Half. You can put out a ridiculous amount of bullets in a very short time with that skill active.

Simply put, The Veruc puts a lot of lead downrange and the low accuracy loss and CE make sure that most of those bullets actually hit the target. It’s my preferred AR on Gaige, right behind the Hail.

Anyway these are my opinions on the Veruc. Has anyone else used this gun with Gaige?

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I have. But couldn’t find a place in my own build for it.
Do have to agree with you though.

We need to make the Top Gear again, testing new gear and this stuff. This one is very nesses actually.

Are you describing this at OP8?

I understand, I’ve been out of the loop for a while and will be making videos on my Zer0 skills thread, as well as updating this thread.

I have a few obligations to take care of. Honestly I would love it if @pokapoka wanted to take over, because he’s the real Gaige master.

Umm, no not really… But it worked really well on 4-player difficulty, which kind of simulates the OP levels. It’s usable at all Anarchy stack counts and killed really consistently. It’s a lot like the Kitten, except it has much more range, but is less ammo efficient. When compared to the Hail, it has faster projectiles, puts out more bullets and is easier to use: perfect in case you are ambushed. The fact that it’s accuracy is almost unchanged at 150 stacks while still retaining the 250% damage boost should at least make it an honorable mention IMO.

Maybe someone can take the Veruc for a spin at OP8?

I don’t know if I have an OP8 Veruc on any character but if I do I’ll switch it to Gaige and try it out- I’ll also post the build I’m currently using with her as well…

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It’s OK, man. I would love to see Poka here too, to be honest. He, Neff and others Gaige players from the old forum.
This is the OP8 run I did with Gaige (hereafter referred to as Boom Boom Jacks) with a non-elemental OP8 Patrol Veruc (I actually got an Onslaught Veruc with Boom Boom doing a farming run in the Dust but it was slag). This run was done in Bloodshot Stronghold/Bloodshot Ramparts. The stats for the Veruc are as follows (sorry- not real sure about the parts):
Damage- 297611x3
Accuracy- 92.6
Fire rate- 6.6
Reload speed- 3.6
Mag size- 33
My BAR was on for this (all stats between 24.2 and 24.5), the shield was primarily the Inflammable FotF while a MMx4 was used for slagging and shield stripping. I tried to stay away from other weapons (even the slag Veruc) since this was a test of the N.E. Veruc. Things could have been different if I had used the Improved Jill Of All Trades mod I found on the loot train (AR damage +45%, AR mag size +49%, +6 The Better Half and +5 More Pep) but as you can see from my build I have neither skill specced. Now the run:

Started with 38 stacks of Anarchy, the L. Roboteer class mod and the FotF equipped and did well against the mobs there but it did feel that the reload speed wasn’t that great. Did well on armored psychos when I went for headshots and DT kept shielded nomads busy enough that I could circle behind them and light them up with the Veruc- at close range the Veruc acts almost like a shotgun. Cleared out the bottom floor and then went to visit the TMNRats and their teacher Flinter. I switched to an Anarchist shield for rebound slagging while I planned to use a Storm Front on their shields- but I forgot to switch to it before dropping down the hole, so imagine how pissed I was when those 4 Magic Missiles came back at me as Dan leaped to attack. This was death #1.

I went back in with the Storm Front equipped and made short work of them. Flinter didn’t prove much of a problem for DT to handle- unfortunately for Boom Boom, Flinter sent her into FFL just as DT killed him so this was death #2 (thanks DT- yea, thanks…). I switched to the L. Mechromancer mod after climbing up to the whirlpool and switched to a Sham since I was starting to worry about running out of ammo before reaching the vending machines on Bloodshot Ramparts. I also switched back to the x4 MM. I was doing OK until I ran into an ultimate badass shielded nomad and armored psycho- I ran myself into a corner and didn’t get the headshot on the psycho to kill him before he got me- this was death #3 (also the last one).

I said the heck with it and went back to the FotF for DT and switched to the L. Anarchist- and at this point everything went fine. The ultimate badass and armored pyscho were still waiting on me when I respawned and this time I learned from my mistake- I used the Veruc more like a mid-range shotgun and took out the psycho while DT took care of the ultimate badass nomad (after making sure they were both completely slagged). The rest of the way the dam went exceptionally well- the boost in movement speed from using the L. Anarchist made it seem like the reload speed of the Veruc wasn’t an issue anymore, and I got the hang of judging the best distance to shoot and tried for a more deliberate shooting style, rather than the usual spray-and-pray I tend to favor. I resupplied with more ammo once I reached the Ramparts and proceeded to reach the end of the ramparts where you first meet Warden. A fierce battle ensued, including several ultimate badass shielded nomads, armored psychos and ultimate badass psychos- between DT and the Veruc they didn’t stand a chance (I finished with 178 Anarchy stacks BTW). IMO the Veruc is a good addition to Gaige’s arsenal- it won’t make you ditch the Hail, Fibber or Blockhead, but if you want another decent to good AR for Gaige (decent to good depending on your skill of course :sunglasses:), then I’d recommend the Veruc.

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I also used it with a Legendary Mechromancer COM, so the reload speed wasn’t that much of an issue. But The Better Half allows you to send sooooooo much lead downrange in a very short amount of time, especially when it is boosted. I didn’t have the opportunity to try it out with the Jill of All Trades COM, but I’ll try it myself when I get home. The boosts to mag size, SLF and TBH look really deadly on the Veruc.

Granted, the Hail would probably be a better gun in most scenarios, but the Veruc is both easier to obtain and easier to use. I’d imagine it would be a good stand-in gun, until you get the Hail.

But I do think the Veruc is better than the Hail if you decide to play at a low stack count, due to the small decrease in accuracy at around 150 stacks and the quicker projectiles.

Anyway, thanks for letting us know how it worked on OP8!

Hey folks,
like I mentioned in the top gear for Axton thread:
The formatting is not quite appealing (what you’ve already pointed out).
Is there a possibilty that someone would clean it up a bit? As skills seem to be buffed, maybe someone finds even more synergies.
But yea, interest in BL 2 seems not as high as it used to be… I took a break too and revisited after about a year. Now I’m addicted again!

Try to contact the OP, see if he gives you permission to take over.

I can give you the text dump of one if my TG if you want to use the formatting.