TOp gear for Krieg

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This is generally agreed upon as top gear and has been tested for countless hours by people who are considered top players.
You may suggest I test an item but do not demand an item to be put here, just because you like it doesn’t mean it’s top gear.
If it doesn’t work for end game it’s not top gear.

To identity: [Parts][3] | [Accessories][4] | [Prefixes][5]

If you want to suggest something first show proof of the weapon with your build, this has to be done on OP8 without BAR and a bee, including snipers as they should at least be able to one shot unshielded trash mobs without them. BB is fine but nothing past 5/5.

Important link: [What procs Blood Bath][6]

Important link: [What gets grenade damage buffs][7]
[DDD: min/max guide][8]


  1. Florentine
    This is a seraph version of the plasma casters, shots both slag and shock at the same time. Like etech’s it has slow bullet speed and consumes 2 ammo per shot but also has good fire rates, good damage made really solid with everything being slagged, shocked, and 50% splash damage. The card doesn’t justify what it can do. It will take hold most peoples slag weapon spot since it’s highly versatile. The splash will also procs Blood Bath.
    Elements : Slag + Shock.
    Best parts : Maliwan Grip, Dahl Stock, Impetuous prefix.
    Obtaining : Seraph vendor in Flamerock’s Refuge.

  2. Plasma Casters
    These are the e-tech smg’s that come in all manufacturers. They have 50% splash damage, usually 8-9 fire rate, high ammo capacity from 50-60’s, but consume 2 ammo per shot and suffer from slow bullet speed.
    These are the most accurate, but because of the reverse recoil you will waste your first few shots and with the ammo consumption that can be an issue. But once you clear that they will have your highest dps because the ability to easily crit with them and stay on target with fast moving enemies. They have the second best damage, best fire rate, best accuracy, and second best reload speed. These will be the best PC’s for dps.
    Elements : any except Explosive.
    Best parts : Hyperion Grip, Dahl Stock, Impetuous prefix.
    Obtaining : Mainly chests.
    Maliwan PC’s do what Maliwan does, better dots. Too bad dots are only good for healing at endgame. That aside these are very solid with few week points. Third best damage, third best fire rate, second best accuracy, and fourth
    reload speed. Not the best or the worst in anything making it a very solid gun over all and second or third best of the PC’s.
    Elements : any except Explosive.
    Best parts : Maliwan Grip, Dahl Stock, Impetuous prefix.
    Obtaining : Mainly chests.
    These are best thrown for maxing out your dps with them, but unlike most Tediores will still do lots of damage shooting them. They are fourth in damage, second best fire rate, third best accuracy, and best reload speed. These can do the most dps out of any by spamming reloads, but you will loose your ammo pool fast. Over all I would put this second or
    third among PC’s. Please note that Krieg’s Blood-Filled Guns + Blood Bath can transform this PC into mini Nukes, dealing TONs of damage when chucking them.
    Elements : any except Explosive.
    Best parts : Bandit Grip, Dahl Stock, Refill prefix if Chucking, Tediore Grip, Impetuous prefix otherwhise.
    Obtaining : Mainly chests.
    To hit anything with these you will need to ADS because the accuracy from hip firing is terrible. They will have a 3 or 4 round burst depending on parts. They have the highest damage, slowest fire rate, fourth in accuracy, and third best reload. I would pass on these unless you don’t have anything better. Hyperion, Maliwan and Tediore are all much better.
    Elements : any except Explosive.
    Best parts : Dahl Grip, Dahl Stock, Impetuous prefix.
    Obtaining : Mainly chests.
    Like all Bandit guns these have huge magazines and not much else. They do however reflect bullets, but those reflected bullets can damage and kill you. If you see these just leave them where you found them or sell them if you need cash. The only reason I am covering them on here is so you know not to use them. All other PC’s are great, not these and Bandit are the only PCs that do not proc BB.

  3. Slagga
    Legendary Bandit SMG, it fire 3 bullets at the cost of 1.
    Elements : Always Slag.
    Best parts : Bandit Grip, Dahl Stock, Impetuous prefix.
    Obtaining : The Dust, drop from Tector & Jimbo Hodunk.

Tastyfishspleenblood / Honorable mention:
A decent Maliwan SMG, with a higher than normal elemental effect chance and burn damage. This synergizes well with Hellborn skills, such as Burn Baby Burn, Elemental Elation and Elemental Empathy. It also comes with splash damage, which can trigger Bloodbath. However, any non-Bandit Plasma Caster will out-damage it by quite a bit, while providing the same bonuses described above. Also, unlike the Plasma Casters, the Hellfire only comes in fire element, which limits it’s uses severely. And as such, it gets a place in honorable mentions. Gets grenade damage and can proc Bloodbath so it can work.
Elements : Always Fire.
Best parts : Maliwan Grip, Dahl Stock, Impetuous or Consumate prefix.
Obtaining : Drop from Scorch in Frostburn Canyon.


  1. Pimpernel
    It’s the pimpernel… If you don’t use it a wild Coontail will appear and beat you in SSBB.
    Elements : All except Explosive and N.E.
    Best parts : Maliwan or Jakobs Grip , Dahl Stock, Barking prefix.
    Obtaining : Reward for the quest Don’t Copy That Floppy (Scarlett’s DLC).
  2. Cobra
    It gets Explosive damage but doesn’t proc Bloodbath. For an explosive build it’s your best bet for a sniper if you can’t sweet spot with the pimp. In solo only, it’s fire rate is way to slow for 4p.
    Elements : Explosive only.
    Best parts : Jakobs Grip , Dahl Stock, Barking prefix.
    Obtaining : Extremly rare drop from Pyro Pete’s burners (Torgue’s DLC). Good luck.

Rocket Launchers

  1. Topneaa
    This Vladof Etech is like the Norfleet in how it shoots a slow moving orb that splashes everything near it for massive damage. But way different in it only shoots one orb and the ammo cost is 2/3’s of a rocket meaning you get free shots with it. In fact of the 33 rockets you can carry this gives you 11 free shots. So if you don’t mind aiming and don’t want to use The Sham or fight Vermi this is a great choice and easy to get.
    Elements : All elements.
    Best parts : All Vladof, Tediore Sight, Rugged prefix.
    Obtaining : Mainly chests.

  2. Baddaboom
    This is a Bandit Legendary That shoots 6 rockets per pull at a cost of 1 rocket and shoots them like shotgun spread. Being a Bandit it has a larger clip that helps a lot since most RL’s have very slow reload, also comes in all elements and explosive. It doesn’t have the dps of the Norfleet but its still massive dps and with the low ammo cost and big mag its a great option.
    Elements : All elements.
    Best parts : Bandit Grip, Vladof Exaust, Tediore Sight, Big prefix.
    Obtaining : Drop from King Mong in the Eridium Blight.

Tastyfishspleenblood / Honoralbe mention:
Really this only goes here because I got too many complaints about it not being here, lets face it it consumes 3 ammo a shot and Krieg is an Anti-shield user so The Sham doesn’t work very well. If you need a Rocket for only second winds this will suit it but not as a run around weapon.
Elements : Available in anything but Non-Elemental and Explosive.
Best parts : Maliwan grip, Bandit exhaust, Tediore sight, Puissant prefix.
Obtaining : Dropped by Hyperius the Invincible or Vermivorous the Invincible. Good luck.


  1. Unkempt Harold
    The Unkempt Harold is a legendary explosive Torgue pistol that shoots three projectiles on a horizontal plane that then split into five, and finally seven at the cost of three ammo per shot. The greater the accuracy of the pistol, the longer the bullets travel in a three shot pattern before splitting. A Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold shoots six projectiles
    (the additional three are above the original three) at the cost of six ammo per shot. Krieg can put this to better use than any other class because of The crunch mod, Blood-bath and Strip the flesh.
    Elements : Explosive only.
    Best parts : Torgue grip, Double Penetrating prefix.
    Obtaining : Dropped by Savage Lee in Three Horn Divide or in the Torgue’s Vending Machines.

  2. Thunderball’s Fist
    This is probably one of his better choices for shock pistols, its a great shield stripper and proc blood bath fairly frequently.
    Elements : Shock only.
    Best parts : Maliwan grip.
    Obtaining : Dropped by Captain Flynt or Sparky Flint.

  3. Hornet
    A Dahl corrosive only pistol with a 6 round burst and 80% splash damage, this will tear down loaders and other armored targets apart.
    Elements : Corrosive only.
    Best parts : Dahl grip.
    Obtaining : Dropped by Knuckle Dragger in Windshear Waste.

Dishonorable mentions:
Krieg is probably the only other character other than zero who can create a build around this gun. It can work since you can throw on an RR and a +6 EtP Pain Meat Class Mod with a Sheriff’s Badge Relic to hit the 30fps cap on consoles. Not saying it’s good. It’s still garbage.
Elements : All.
Best parts : Vladof grip.
Obtaining : Dropped by Doc Mercy.


  1. Butcher/Conference call/Interfacer
    The Butcher is a pearlescent shotgun manufactured by Hyperion. It has a very low pellet count, a high fire rate, and gains accuracy much more quickly than other Hyperion shotguns. It can come in Incendiary, Shock, Corrosive, Slag, or None and has the unique ability to randomly replenish its ammo, allowing for longer sustained fire, especially when
    paired with Blood Filled Guns.
    Conference call tends to bleed ammo fast and isn’t as good for mobbing as the Butcher, It is however much better of raid bosses.
    The interfacer is the raid killer, the only problem is that it consumes 2 ammo a shot so you will run out fast and doesn’t mob well at all, CC tends to be better for non-sal characters.
    Elements : All.
    Best parts : Hyperion Grip , Torgue Stock, Practicable prefix.
    Obtaining : Butcher from LLM, Tubbies and OMGWTH, CC from the Warrior or Handsome Sorcerer and Interfacer from Voracidious (or Dexiduous and Omnd-Omnd-Ohk).

  2. Carnage
    The carnage is a pearlescent shotgun manufactured by Torgue. Instead of pellets, it shoots rockets at the cost of one ammo per shot. The casual prefix increases the rockets to three and the ammo to three per shot. Care must be taken because the rockets can damage the player if shot at the ground or at an enemy in close range. The rockets and splash damage can Trigger Blood bath and gain benefits from Strip the Flesh and Fuel the Blood.
    Elements : Explosive only.
    Best parts : Torgue Grip , Hyperion Stock, Casual prefix.
    Obtaining : Tubbies and OMGWTH.

  3. Blockhead
    This is hands down, one of the best mobbing shotguns for a Krieg. Sporting a massive +100% splash damage, this shotgun is much more powerful than what the weapon card tells you. Also, due to it’s massive splash damage bonus, it will trigger Bloodbath on a fairly frequent basis. Even though it synergizes best with Hellborn builds, it can be used to great effect in just about any build, as long as you spec into Bloodbath. The downside is that it only comes in fire element.
    Due to Kriegs massive mag size bonuses from Blood Filled Guns and Elemental Elation, the bonuses from a Tediore grip (mag size and reload speed) are mostly redundant. Tediore grip also results in lower base damage, while Bandit and Jakobs gives it a hefty increase. Choice it up to you on what to use.
    Elements : Fire only.
    Best parts : Jakobs Grip , Hyperion Stock, Gentle prefix.
    Obtaining : Badass Creepers in Caustic Caverns.

  4. Twister
    Shoots a wide spread of shock balls that group up thinner into a tornado shape as they travel. The only Jakobs shotgun that comes in elemental, adds 40% splash damage with it. These balls move very slow and only for a short distance before they dissipate, making it only good at very close range.
    But at that range it does as much damage as about any other gun you can get your hands on. The spinning orbs can each hit a target more than once, and keep traveling after they hit. With a high base damage, 19 pellets, and each pellet having the ability to hit multiple times its one of the highest dps guns in the game at close range.
    Elements : Shock only.
    Best parts : Jakobs Grip , Hyperion Stock, Rustler’s prefix.
    Obtaining : Omnd-Omnd-Ohk in Hammerlock’s DLC.

  5. Omen
    A.k.a. the Blockhead and Octo had a baby.
    This Seraph shotgun is somewhat similar to the Blockhead. But it comes with a slight learning curve, due to it’s quirky projectile behavior. However, if you manage to learn the sweet spots, it can be just as powerful, if not more. It also comes with splash damage, which can trigger Bloodbath.
    Also, as with the Blockhead, the best grip is a Jakobs one, and not a matching Tediore one.
    Elements : Fire only.
    Best parts : Jakobs Grip , Hyperion Stock, New and Improuved or Royal prefix.
    Obtaining : Ancient Dragons of Destruction.

Tastyfishspleenblood / Honorable Mention :
Many people might say this should be in the top 4 but it still comes down to Blood Bath being a god like skill, if you don’t use it use this instead, Carnage tops it for the simple reason: BLOOD BATH. In the right hands this gun can destroy. Shots a sword that acts like a mirv grenade when it hits blowing up all over the place and should have 85% splash damage like other torgue shotguns. Being a torgue is shots slow, reloads slow, only comes as explosive damage. Those are the reasons its only honorable mention.
Elements : Explosive only.
Best parts : Torgue Grip , Hyperion Stock, Casual prefix.
Obtaining : The Sword and The Stoner in dlc 4.

Slow Hand
An Etch Hyperian Moxxi shotgun.
Unlike the splatguns this does not shoot in a arch, the balls go strait. The Slow Hand shoots massive slow moving balls of 100% splash damage. This has a huge splash radius making it easy to hit multiple targets, but cannot crit. Because it is pure splash it cannot reflect from ennemies. It also has very high elemental chances, one of the best slag weapons. Since it is a Moxxi it also heals you for damage done while it is in your hand, includes dot damage, grenade damage. The percent I believe is 2% which is nothing to the Grog or Rubi, but gets the job done for the damage this thing does. This gun does not have the same fire rate as most Hyperion shotguns, but much faster than other brands like Torgue or bandit. You can also be damaged by its splash so be careful with melee enemies charging at you.
Elements : All except Explosive and N.E…
Best parts : Hyperion Grip , Torgue Stock, Practicable prefix.
Obtaining : Piston or Badassausaurus in DLC 2.

While it doesn’t proc Blood bath with Embrace the Pain, Salt the Wound, Strip the Flesh and a Flesh Crunch mod this thing just becomes ridiculous and can give a huge stand on raids for Krieg.
Elements : Explosive only.
Best parts : Torgue Grip , Hyperion Stock, Practicable prefix.
Obtaining : The Warrior, Handsome Sorcerer or Torgue’s Vending Machines.

Assault rifles

  1. Ogre
    The orge is a legendary Torgue spinner gun. It has 100% splash damage, increases speed as you shoot more than other spinners, has a chance to pop off multiple shots in a row, can have increased reload speed, massive mag size, and projectiles can reflect off a surface. It’s fairly inaccurate and has a high recoil but why would you care as Krieg because you become a walking death machine with this.
    Elements : Explosive only.
    Best parts : Torgue Grip , Dahl Stock, Nasty, Wild or Slippery prefix.
    Obtaining : King of Orks, Magic Slaughter : Badass Round in DLC 4.

  2. Kerblaster
    The Kerblaster is a legendary explosive Torgue assault rifle that shoots out a rocket that spawns a child grenade whenever it hits an object at the cost of four ammo per shot. Care must be taken because the child grenades can bounce off of objects and hit the shooter. This is guaranteed to proc Blood Bath on both the main shot and child grenade.
    Elements : Explosive only.
    Best parts : Torgue Grip , Dahl Stock, Nasty, Plump or Slippery prefix.
    Obtaining : Midge-Mong or Torgue’s Vending Machines.

  3. Hail
    This is another Vladof Moxxi AR and would be top 4 if not for the weird fire pattern. The hail has an aim like a grenade launcher and shoots in a huge arch and after a certain distance splits into 2, making hitting enemies difficult without practice. If you get learn this gun, its damage, fire rate, healing will make it a top tier assault rifle to use. To learn it the best place would be the mechromancer forums, poka uses it in a lot of his videos for Gaige.
    Elements : All elements except Explosive and N.E.
    Best parts : Vladof Grip, Dahl Stock, Rabid prefix.
    Obtaining : Bandit Slaugther Round 5.

Tastyfishspleenblood / Honoralbe Mention :
This is a Vladof Moxxi AR that shoots 3 bullets at a time that move in a pattern of a smiley face. You also get your Moxxi healing of 2.5% from it. With the wide spread and high fire rate this is a really nice mobbing gun, better close up than at range. With a bunch of skags or psychos running towards you can you hit multiple targets at the same time with the way the fire patter is, or up close just put a lot of hurt on one enemy. The damage leaves a little bit to be desired on this gun, but the fire rate and the healing makes up for it.
Great for hellborn.
Elements : All elements except Explosive and N.E.
Best parts : Vladof Grip, Dahl Stock, Severe, Ferocious or Swift prefix.
Obtaining : Reward for the quest Everybody Wants to be Wanted (DLC 2).


  1. Rough Rider
    It is the only shield Jakobs manufactures and comes with no shield capacity. Instead, it includes a 20% damage resistance to all forms of damage and has a massive health boost. It works well with Empty the Rage and Embrace the Pain since both have boosts when shields are down. It also works with Salt the Wound since any damage taken will be done to health. This shield is almost required for 10/5 StV on OP levels.
    Best parts : Maliwan Body + Battery, Hyperion Capacitor.
    Obtaining : Dropped only by the Bulwark from Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt DLC.

  2. Flame of the Firehawk
    Shouldn’t need an explanation, a non-inflammable is required for good Hellborn builds.
    Best parts : Maliwan Body + Battery, Hyperion Capacitor
    Obtaining : Reward for the quest Cult Following: Enkindling.

Tastyfishspleenblood / Honorable Mention :
Hide of Terramorphous/Love Thumper
Because if I don’t list them people will complain way more to me then they already are. Simply put while they deal more damage than the health stacker version it also gets killed far easier. On OP8 this get harder and harder to justify as real top gear. Use it if you want, I’m just warning you that it gets super squishy. Just remember Melee Krieg is a
Beefy Tank, You can’t play him like Zero and expect to win 100% of the time.


  1. Fastball
    Because Flesh Crunch and an explosive relic and just stupid combined. It’s the single highest damage weapon in the game. Just keep in mind Elemental damage can have a higher damage output for correct element. You can the other elements also but explosive has synergy that’s why it gets listed.
    Elements : All elements except Explosive and N.E.
    Best attributes : N/A.
    Obtaining : Random drop, Boll is bugged. Good luck.

  2. Quasar
    Another excellent multi-purpose grenade mod. When thrown, it sucks in all enemies in a wide radius and groups them up. This is useful for crowd control purposes, and with Krieg, it’s one of the best and easiest ways of setting up for Bloodsplosion chains. Quasar has a secondary effect as well. Throughout its duration, it provides a tesla like effect, which shocks all enemies within its radius. This effect will build up Bloodlust stacks, Elemental Elation stacks, possibly set you on fire via Delusional Damage, and provide healing via Elemental Empathy or Moxxi weapons.
    **Slag Singularities are also very good.
    Elements : Shock only.
    Best attributes : Longbow Sticky, 0.9 Fuse.
    Obtaining : Ultimate Badass Varkids. Good Luck.

  3. Stormfront
    This is a Vladof Tessla Legendary Grenade and maybe the highest dps grenade in the game. The center tesla does the most damage then tosses out multiple child ones in a circle, the distance of that circle depends on the height of the first impact. It always comes in shock and has a very long duration adding to the dps. Don’t let the card fool you this is a beast. Also very little in the game is resistant to shock. This works great with moxxi guns, not only initial blast but the duration lets you tank for awhile unlike some other mods.
    This grenade will build up bloodlust stacks faster than anything else in the game.
    Elements : Shock only.
    Best attributes : Longbow, 0 Fuse.
    Obtaining : Splinter Group in Bloodshot Stronghold.

Tastyfishspleenblood / Honorable mention :
Chain Lightning
This legendary grenade mod has multiple applications for Krieg. When thrown, chains of electricity will jump from the nearest enemy to all subsequent enemies in a rather large radius. It also has the ability to ignore physical objects between you and the enemy, and has high elemental effect chance. Coupled with a Moxxi weapon, it becomes the
best on-demand HP regen grenade in the game, bar none.
For a Hellborn build, it provides additional bonuses, such as building Bloodlust stacks and stacks of Elemental Elation, setting yourself on fire via Delusional Damage, and healing via Elemental Empathy.
Elements : Shock only.
Best attributes : N/A.
Obtaining : Ultimate Badass Sorcerer, DLC 4.

Bouncing Betty/Bouncing Bonny/Crossfire
These are the premiere Slagging grenades for Raid Bosses that wipe Slag off quickly like Terramorphous or Hyperius.
Perfect to set Bloodsplosions chains for Pyro Pete, Terramorphous and Voracidious.
Elements : Best use Slag.
Best attributes : Longbow, 0/1 Fuse.
Obtaining : Vending Machines / Loot Midgets / Seraph Vendor (DLC 2).

Magic Missile
This is another magic grenade so it regens as well, made by maliwan. This one shoots out 4 homing slag balls that do massive damage. You have to be careful with it because if you have enemies close to you it will go to them and kill you fast. Not only is this great for slagging but it kills mobs as well. This is one of the higher dps grenades of the game, and
with the regen allows you to spam them more.
Elements : Slag only.
Best attributes : N/A.
Obtaining : Ultimate Badass Wizards, DLC 4. Good Luck.


  1. Explosive Damage
    EXPLOSIONS ************
    Without memes, the majority of Krieg’s best weapons are explosive and Bloodsplosion also gets buffed when it’s non-elemental.
    Obtaining : Random drop.

  2. Blood of the Ancients
    Stockpile+health, this is an ideal relic for melee Krieg for OP8. Check out spunky’s video below.
    Obtaining : Legendary Loot Midgets.

  3. Bone of the Ancients
    Priceless for any good Hellborn build.
    Choose the Fire one.
    Obtaining : Legendary Loot Midgets.

Tastyfishspleenblood / Honorable mentions :
Sheriff’s Badge
This isn’t necessarily top gear but demanding this be on the list because it increases the throwing speed of the buzzaxe in BxR is redundant.
The utility you get out of the other relic are just that much better for the OP levels.
I’m mentioning it increases the speed of the throw and explosive higher the damage when we put Fuel the Blood into the equation.
Only person who has made any kind of valid argument is Dank Rafft for it. It just has a lower utility than other relics.
Obtaining : Sheriff of Lynchwood.

Class mods

  1. Legendary Sickle
    This is the bread and butter for melee Krieg. It’s the best Class mod for it.
    +Melee Damage
    +5 Silence the Voices
    +5 Pain is Power
    +5 Empty the rage
    +5 Fuel the Blood
    +5 taste of Blood
    Obtaining : Tubbies from lvl 62 only.

  2. Crunch
    Boosts explosive damage by a huge percentage, enough said. Flesh Crunch will boost your explosive damage by the most.
    +Explosive Damage
    up to +6 Strip the Flesh
    up to +6 Blood Trance
    up to +6 Taste of Blood
    Best Prefix : Flesh (+6 StF).
    Obtaining : Random drop.

  3. Legendary Torch
    This tends to be the go to for most hellborn builds.
    +Burn Damage
    +5 Embrace the Pain
    +5 Flame Flare
    +5 Burn, Baby, Burn
    +5 Elemental Elation
    +5 Fuel the Fire
    Note : while it’s not a bad class mod until Flame Flare gets patched it only has 4 skills that can be used to
    a decent effect.
    Obtaining : Tubbies from lvl 62 only.

  4. Legendary Reaper
    This is a great choice for those who aren’t in high enemy areas or raids for the increased duration for Blood Bath. It’s best suited for RtB hybrids.
    +Kill Skill duration
    +5 Blood Bath
    +5 Taste of Blood
    +5 Blood Overdrive
    +5 Fuel the Fire
    +5 Thrill of the Kill
    Obtaining : Tubbies from lvl 62 only.

Tastyfishspleenblood Honorable Mention :
Pain Meat
This is Simply the best com to use with Health Gate abuse Builds, Pain meat is highly recommended for it. (Salt the wound stacks disappear once you hit max health)
+Flat Health regen + Shield Delay
+6 Embrace the Pain
+5 Salt the Wound or Empty the Rage
Obtaining : Random drop.

This is a good choice over Leg. Reaper, you still get increased duration but you also get extra grenades. With +6 Blood Bath and your choice of Overdrive or Fuel the Blood you can get better results out of this sometimes, however the Leg. Reaper will increase the duration for longer.
+Kill Skill duration +Grenade capacity
+6 Blood Bath
+5 Fuel the Blood or Blood overdrive
Obtaining : Random drop.

This is a good pick for Hellborn builds, the skills it boosts are all great even a purple can be good. It’s probably even better than a leg Torch.
+Burn Chance +Magazine Size
up to +6 Elemental Elation
up to +6 Pain is Power
up to +6 Fire Fiend
Obtaining : Random drop.

Legendary Psycho
This com is decent on Hellborn but in total it gets beat by most of the other coms.
+Burn Damage +Mag Size +Shield Delay
+5 Blood Twitch
+5 Blood-Filled Guns
+5 Empty the Rage
+5 Feed the Meat
+5 Burn, Baby, Burn
+5 Fuel the Fire
Obtaining : LLM or Raid bosses.

Bonus !

Melee Krieg
Roid Shield builds (pre-OP levels) :
This set up by the way is not recommended for OP levels.
-Evisceration Grog Nozzle/Rubi
-Love Thumper / Hide of Terramorphous

This is used on OP levels instead of Roid because of StV :
-Rough Rider
-Legendary Sickle
-Blood of the Ancients

Hellborn Krieg
-Flame of the Firehawk
-Grog Nozzle/Rubi
-Quasar/Storm Front
-Legendary Torch

Melee Krieg videos (provided by spunky117):

This shows the power of a properly built Melee Krieg.


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Needs more Flakker.

It’s a shame the Flakker can’t process blood bath because it is a fun shotgun to use and will tear through mobs if used properly. Still, it gets the bonuses from strip the flesh and you can use a fastball to get the party started.

That’s what I do.

I know this is an old thread, but could we get the Lady Fist added to the honorable mentions? The Lady Fist is already a powerful pistol with fine aim due to the +800% critical damage on it, but it also gives the highest possible pistol DPS for Krieg. With a Legendary Reaper COM the low base damage gets a 500% buff to damage for 14 seconds, the pistol is very accurate when ADS, and Krieg can dramatically increase both the fire rate and the magazine size due to bloodlust stacks and his Hellborn tree. Should you decide to throw on a bee shield (preferably Inflammable) and either a Bone of the Ancients for elemental damage or a Sheriff’s Badge, you can do stupid amounts of damage. Back on the old forum, Krieg with this combo tore apart Pyro Pete at level 72 in about 2 minutes, though with better timing (knowing when Pete will nova, then proccing bloodbath just afterwards) it could be much quicker, maybe work on OP8 too. Using FotF and a fire Lady Fist works just fine on 72 terra with fine aim (probably on OP8 as well), but was not nearly as effective or quick as the Conference Call or Interfacer.

Didn’t work well on OP8 from what I saw.
Top gear has to work on OP8.

I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole with Krieg on OP 8. You need guns that can kill from any direction, not ones you have to aim for the crit spots for them to be any good.

It’s capable to quickly deal with enemies at op8 (specially with the Bee) not because it synergizes with Krieg’s skills but because it’s a pretty strong weapon anyway.

There are just better weapons for krieg, a lot more.

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It’s top gear, just not for Krieg. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are people who uses the Bee with K?

It gives extra damage without the need for kill-skills. There are better choices out there but it’s not like you cannot equip it…

Yep. My wife and I use the ledge “cheat” when we take on Pete and I use a bee to make the fight quicker. She’s not a hardcore player so I don’t bother trying to take him on with the traditional methods.

I use a Bee with all characters when driving (it’s either that or drop back into normal to knock out some of the vehicle challenges… :grimacing:).

That doesn’t count.

Awesome thread. If you’re still around, thanks OP.

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I am, just busy with real life.

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