Top Gear for Maya the Siren

I’ll play with it this weekend


Just curious: Do you think the Seraphim is actually better than either Miniguns or Gatling ? Or is this kind of a relic from the old list ?

Not trying to be a smartass, genuine question

I really liked the Seraphim. Very easy to land a couple precision bursts on PL target and move on.

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Yeah me too, I only mentioned the Seraphim because it seemed like the weakest entry in the list and the Gatling is a GREAT gun (and so is the Minigun)

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I would like the Seraphim more if it had a faster rate-of-fire for the burst and shorter delay.

One thing though, it is fairly light on ammo.

Evisceration or expeditious grog? For raids / tougher arenas

Alot of people go blade by default because they might do a melee character but its pretty much pointless on maya.

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Can I campaign to have the apostrophe removed from SMG’s? :grimacing:

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Also (slightly more important fix) Boll is now farmable.

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No. SMG’s!

'Bout time.

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The rest of this forum doesn’t have to remain at your level Gulf.

Both done


Spelling “own”

It also synergises extremely good with Cloud Kill now it’s been buffed, as enemies will proc it when shooting you (rebounds) and corrode themselves. I’ve seen lots of minor enemy die because of this.

added the norfleet

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Updated wtih 2 more videos



What does it mean :
Best Parts: Dahl stock, Hyperion/Bandit grip
Best Parts: Maliwan, Maliwan, Hyperion

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In BL2, not only do weapons drop randomly, the parts configurations on the weapons are random too. Each weapon type has several possible parts, usually the grip, stock, barrel, and sight (Launchers have an exhaust instead of a stock I think). The different parts give bonuses and have drawbacks, though some are neutral. Dahl stocks help control recoil so they are often sought after on many weapons where that would help. The matching grip (Torgue gun with a Torgue grip) will usually give small bonuses to the weapon.

It’s yet another layer of complexity to the game and one that took me awhile to learn. However, at lower levels, don’t worry about parts, it will really only start mattering towards the end of UVHM.

Here’s an image that breaks much of this down.


Regarding shield parts , here’s a guide to the different parts’ effects:

And here’s a guide to spot the parts ( scroll all the way down past BL1 parts ) :


Thanks =]


And here’s a primer on all the guns etc.: