Top Gun (and gear) that I should not sell by accident!?

What are the top guns?
I just started “legendary farming” yesterday with Captain Traunt…
And I got heaps of legendary surprisingly quick! :open_mouth: :smiley:

So far I was just exploring maps, looking for enemy and waiting for a drop…

But yesterday, I farmed Captain Traunt, restarting the game between kills. Almost every time I killed him (took between 20 seconds to 2 minutes, not sure why it varied so much) I got 1 legendary! Woa! :smiley: :open_mouth:

Anyway… I got heaps of leg and almost sold a Facepuncher (which seemed horrendous when I tested it) and then I remembered, it’s an awesome melee build weapon! :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue:

So, in order to avoid a tragic mistake, if people could pitch in here with a list of must keep weapon and gear, that would be nice! :smiley:

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no one has started yet for fl4k and zane


If you were on a mayhem then it was the modifiers. If you weren’t then…we all have a bad boss kill time at some point.

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Ha yeah, I was on Mayhem 3!
Didn’t bother to check modifiers… but make sense they would be wildly different each game! :slight_smile:
First time playing Mayheam 3 btw, Mayhem 2 was starting to get (almost) easy, most of the time (but not all)

Awesome list, thanks much! :smiley:

Maining Amara now, so it’s awesome! :slight_smile:
But I do have a Moze level 26, maybe I should have a look at that too?!

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Yeah definitely. I was playing with a friend and we did a Circle of slaughter and a proving ground no problem. We moved onti anothee slaughter and his Zane kept dying instantly and did no damage.

He was like , “Wtf!”

I chuckled and said, “Cryo Zane with annointed militants, neg cryo damage snd reflecting bullets doesn’t seem to work.”

His response, “what? Why several modifiers?!”

My response, “looking at the map you have it set to Mayhem 3.”

Crankily he said, “I do NOT! I always play Mayhem 1! The game gli…OMFG!! I wanted to try M2 and must have clicked M3 instead! I am so boned!”

Needless to say I found it humorous as I finished the round, while he was forced to snipe from the observation deck. Then once done he made sure we fast traveled to sanctuary and fixed it.

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This doesn’t even mention the Alchemist!
I had some success in Mayhem 3 with Alchemist… In fact I ended farming Traunt with it exclusively! :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue:

But anyway I quite like that list! :smiley:

Funny true story! :smiley:

My rakk Fl4k found it funny, his cryo Zane did not. Lol

you can suggest it in there and make up a case that it is a top gear.

I just did! ^^

Pay attention to some of the non legendary quest reward, there are some good guns there, Pa’s riffle for example is an awesome gun, on par with many legendaries IMO.

So many items! :frowning:
I am starting to have storage issue… :confused:
Will keep an eye for it, thanks! :slight_smile:

BTW, might have been the +75% elemental bonus modifier…
But I just wreck a Mayhem 3 maps (including anointed) with my trusty, becoming older, Alchemist rifle, felt good! :slight_smile:
First time so much success! :smiley:

Poor old Killavolt could do noting on my transformer shield! hahah!

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