Top Helix for each level

The point of this thread is to list what you think is the best helix in the game for each level. For example, my list is:

  1. Vortex (Galilea) - one of the best CC abilities in the game
  2. Heal Thyself (Miko) - makes Miko nearly impossible to kill
  3. Crosscut (Phoebe) - one of the largest DPS boosts in the game
  4. Reassembling Drones (Kid Ultra) - Bola Snare can often fully reset Support Drone’s cooldown
  5. Blade Sweep (Phoebe) - DPS, attack speed, mobility, and AoE all in one helix
  6. Danger Drone (Kid Ultra) - stacking multiplicative 16% damage buff
  7. Bouncing Balls of Death (Kleese) - this can do so much damage
  8. Windfall (Marquis) - high damage AoE on a short cooldown
  9. Refined Technique (Phoebe) - allows Blade Rush to deal nearly 5x damage
  10. Impact Crater (Ambra) - 2 second stun with a massive AoE on a high damage ult

This is based on who I can play well, so your list will probably look a little different.

Also, a few honorable mentions that didn’t quite make my list:
Preparation, Sunspotter, Hobbling Spike, Pain Compliance, Fragcendiary Grenade, Lockdown, Overloaded Mortars, Vigilance Protocol, Stellar Ritual, Tenacity, It’s Dangerous To Go Alone, Bleak Quiet, Rift Network, Sporeshock, Preamble of Pain, Ritual of Repulsion, Cauterization, Hedronic Regeneration, Last Light, Hobbling Shot, Silent Strike, Napalm, Ire’s Echo, Autoloader, Radiant Halberd, Heartpiercer, Go with the Flow, Blight Town, Deadly Reach, Frag Astra, Big Payback, Space Lasers, Pillarstorm, Aurox Beckons, Stick With Me


Plague Rat lvl 5…

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Also, entirely IMO, but the lvl 4 and lvl 6 helix choices you have aren’t even the best choice for Kid Ultra himself! :stuck_out_tongue:

V Spread can be a bit of a debate but bank shot is usually always always the better helix choice to take, amirite?

The cooldown is actually really good.

4 and 6, rift network and fourth rift!

Ambra clearly is Helix 7 mutation as it turns her into a massive pyro.

Tenacity (Level 3) - Attikus
Calculated Risk (Level 4) - Deande
Autoloader (Level 7) - Marquis

Sorry, but level 5 goes to Attikus for me and level 1 to Deande.

Attikus’ Hedronic Regeneration is a huge game changer in PvE and the build I use when I want to have the easiest time imaginable in a mission is centered completely around this choice. Can’t let that sit in that “honorable mentions”-list of yours.

Deande has level 1 for me with Double Trouble, because it’s fun to bounce around the map with her and this option is good to skip some annoying parts in some missions (e.g., where you can be pushed into a pit in Sentinel).

You didn’t specify that it has to be PvP and that is has to be a minmax decision. :wink:

Pillarstorm imho is a waste of a spot in Orendi’s helix. OP in PvP and utterly useless in PvE. I’d prefer if it was just removed from the game.

Certain helixes you listed are great but not necessarily worthy of the top spot in their respective levels due to their dependancy on other helixes.

Kleese’s Bouncing Balls is dependant on the increased damage from level 2 (for the damage portion).

Phoebe’s Crosscut & Blade Sweep are fantastic when together, but good and great respectively separately.

For level 3 I’d say Attikus’ Tenacity.

For level 4 I’d say Deande’s Calculated Risk (possibly Preamble or even Toby’s slow/stun).

For level 5 I’d say either Pendles’ or El Dragóns damage reduction helixes (possibly Attikus’ health regeneration).

For level 6 I’d say Phoebe’s Contigency Plan.

For level 7 I’d say there are multiple helixes worthy; Shayne & Aurox’s health regeneration, Toby’s penetrating shots, Thorn’s increased hump height and Deande’s The Culling.

For level 9 I’d say Miko’s both options, largely because I can’t think of too many others.

For level 10 I’d say Orendi’s Pillarstorm, Montana’s “nuke”, Attikus’ increased ult. damage, Oscar Mike’s Space Laser, Reyna’s Overshielding on her ult and Shayne & Aurox’s pull & slow on their ult.

Apologies for the poor layout and inconsistent language regarding the helix’s names/effects (i.e going by certain helix’s names and other times just stating the effects). I’m off Battleborn, tired and too lazy to check the different helix’s names that I don’t know on top of my head.

Edit; And as you can tell, I clearly couldn’t settle for just one helix :sweat_smile:

Edit 2; Completely forgot Mellka’s Air Stall, Thorn’s Burst Propulsion and Kid Ultra’s Retro Rockets for level 3. Thanks @Phoenix-2613 :grin:


Level 03 - Mellka’s Air Stall & Thorn’s Burst Propulsion. This helps a lot with thier mobility and can make these two little Eldrid annoying to hit. It has literally become a habit for me to use this constantly.

Level 04 - Deande’s Calculated Risk, hands down. Getting to level 4 with Deande ASAP is ALWAYS my number one priority as it’s where the fun starts. :stuck_out_tongue:

Level 06- Phoebe’s Contingency Plan. Being able to initiate with Phasegate AND escape with Phasegate is definitely a reward.

Level 07 - Attikus’ Swift Strikes & Phoebe’s Flurry helices. Both are just a flat out 20% attack speed buff, but the DPS increase for these characters makes them lethal.

Level 10 - Orendi’s Pillarstorm… Yup… Self explanatory really.

EDIT: I forgot Deadly Reach at Level 08 for Deande. It makes hitting Burst Dashes sooooo much easier.

EDIT 2: Or Phoebe’s Phase Stability at Level 08 too. I totally forgot about that one. :sweat_smile:


No love for Residency at level 8? And you call yourself a Miko main.

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Level 1: Sneak Attack

Level 2: Pressure Gradient

Level 3: Icemaker

Level 4: FlashMIRV

Level 5: Flame Burst

Level 6: Feint

Level 7: Radiant Spear

Level 8: Power Pounce

Level 9: Sic 'em, Aurox!

Level 10: Deeper than Doubt

ereht tuo dlrow orrazib a s’ti



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And correct!

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I was considering it for sure, but I then thought about what I wrote first;

Excluding the effects of all other helixes affecting Biosynthesis such as Regenerative Aura, Heal Thyself and Healer’s Oath, the additional gains is an additional ~250 self heal and additional healing given through healing beam by 25% for an extra 5 seconds. Still good by all means, but not necessarily the greatest. But certainly when combined with other helixes!

Heal Thyself + Healer’s Oath + Residency is so strong that it almost makes you need to have a direct counter for Miko rather than someone with a half decent aim :wink:

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#4: Calculated Risk


Fixed it for you


no you didnt

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Wrong phoebe is wrong, this isn’t science

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Efficient extraction at level 4.

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