Top legendary & XP farms

What’s the top legendary and XP farms ? Not including DLC. If I look on YouTube it’s all videos from before they fixed the offline extra XP glitch and stuff. Is Gigamind, Traunt and Graveward still the way to go ? I’ve been using the Psychobillies to level up a few levels. They drop 1 legendary about 1 in every 3 spawns on Mayhem 1. I can level up once every 15-20 min prolly (never timed it but it’s quick.) It’s a decent XP farm but it’s not the greatest for legendaries.

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CoV CoS in Konrad’s Hold. Pre-dlc was able to level up VHs from 1-50 in less than 3 full runs and it rains legendaries. Now with mayhem 2.0 it can go even faster and get more loot.


@Anarchy4ever And it’s not on a DLC ? How tough are they to beat ? How long’s a single run take ? Sorry for all the Q’s I’ve just never heard of this one.

@Anarchy4ever Oooh your talking about cistern of slaughter (cos) lol. I thought cov and cos was 2 bosses lmao. Is it pretty tough though ? I don’t have very good weapons yet.

slaughter shaft and Graveward for me.

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Slaughter Shaft is the best. You don’t have to finish it by doing all 5 waves. The nice thing is you get the guns in wave 1 to defeat wave 2.


It is dependent on your build. What VH do you play?

@Anarchy4ever Flak w a critical build, I use the jabber, and fade away for action skill.

Personally I don’t use Fl4k but I know ow someone who does. He said the its about 20-30 minutes for Fl4k solo but that is with good gear and a full build. As you are playing and leveling don’t forget to pickup gear as you level to stay on par.

@Anarchy4ever are we talking slaughter shaft or cistern of slaughter ? It sounds pretty intense lol

Slaughet shaft the cistern isn’t as good for exp

@Anarchy4ever. Is it still good for legendaries ? I’ll prolly farm the Psychobillies another lvl or 2 ton so I’ll be a lvl 52 or so going into it. Should be plenty XP from the way it sounds.

As far as I know. Its all world drops non dlc.

Try Trial of Fervor, I got a friend from 50 to 60 in less than 2 runs. World drop legos for days as well.

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@Anarchy4ever I want ‘the root’ sniper riffle but I think it’s a DLC weapon so I won’t get it.

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Unfortunately this is correct. If you didn’t claim your Broken Heart rewards, you should be entitled to a new Wedding Invitation if you’re in the market for a splash sniper rifle.

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Sadly no root its in dlc3.

@vCarpeDiemv not sure what you mean. Is ‘wedding invitation’ the name of the gun ? I got a lyuda (no element) and a Krakatoa. I just thought the root looked crazy. But I don’t think I claimed a gun w that name. I don’t even know where I would’ve done it at.

If you played during the Broken Hearts event in February you should have completed the challenges. In your Echo menu go the events tab and you should have a prompt on the bottom of your screen to change viewed event. Not sure what platform you’re on, but on Xbox you hit the right trigger to go to the rewards. The last reward was a legendary Jakob’s sniper called the Wedding Invitation.

Also, be sure to be level 60 and on M10 when you redeem it as you only can once. It should look like this

@vCarpeDiemv I didn’t play during that event. I just got the game about 2 months ago give or take.