Top legendary & XP farms

Slaughter Shaft is definitely the way to go for quick levels and lots of legendaries. On lower mayhem levels it’s not so bad, but it can get pretty crazy as you bump it up. It’s ok if you fail, you’re still getting the drops and XP as you go.

If you prefer bossing, just pick whichever boss you can kill reasonably fast.

The Mother of Grogans in the Anvil is good if your on a fast PC with quick load times. You can knock her out with a single melee attack and save quit, no need to mess with the dragons.

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You should check out the trading section for your platform. I bet someone on there would trade ya one for something! It’s worth it, and doesn’t require DLC.

Beware of splash damage in close quarters, it is DEADLY.

@renfried is the mother of Gorgons part of a DLC ? I don’t have any of them. I’m on Xbox 1.

Oh and the Maliwan takedown is decent if your build can manage it. I leveled from 53 to 57 in just two runs in M4 before mayhem 2.0 dropped.

Let Wotan spawn in the Thor and Kraken (he does this at around half of his second shield of his 2 shield phase) and shoot his legs after he dies and you can get a good amount of drops.

Nope she’s a rare spawn in the Anvil on Eden 6.

Edit: on Xbox the load times makes that not a very fun farm as you’ll spend 80% of your time looking at the loading screen.

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I JUST cleaned out my bank a couple days ago and tossed a perfect lvl 53 Wedding Invitation… It sucks to suck, I’m on Xbox as well I would have sent it to ya!

I got some lvl 60 m10 wedding invitations. Lol I saved a mule to farm that one on Xbox.

I only redeemed one at 60, thank RnGeezus it had a decent annoint.

@vCarpeDiemv is Maliwan takedown a mission ?

@renfried you have one to spare ? I don’t have anything you’d want in return though. I’m lvl 50 now but I’ll be lvl 60 soon enough.

The one I redeemed on my main had a bad anoint so I figured out how to farm it on console. PITA, but so worth it.

I can farm one up for you if you like, what anoint?

@renfried that would be awesome. Idk I’m new to all this stuff. I just beat the story last week. I’m still learning the ropes about Mayhem, annointed , TVHM etc. I have some annointed weapons but on most of them the annointment doesn’t apply to the gun/grenade/shield. But I’d say anything for Flak , maybe for fade away ?!

@iHauntWizards I’ll get you one tomorrow night. If you have a preference on anoint I’ll do what I can. My gamertag is Renfried Beans

Also Maliwan takedown is a free addon. There is a quest for it on sanctuary once you complete the main story.

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Key factor when dealing with ASE elemental annoints on grenade and shield is that the same element doesn’t stack. So +50% Radiation on you shield won’t stack with +50% Radiation on your grenade mod. You need separate elements or the On Grenade Thrown annoint.

Btw @renfried, your GT is so clutch. I love it lmao


My favorite is The Proving Grounds… start finish done rinse and repeat you don’t have to reload the game you can choose you know one or two of your favorite ones to bounce back and forth between if you’re looking for a certain class mod. Pretty decent XP I think


You’re in a good place here as long as you skip past the toxicity in some of the forum threads. I’ll do some farming and send you a couple that should work for you.


@renfried ok thanks. I just added you. Where on Sanctuary do I find Maliwan takedown ? And if you can get an annoint that has to do w Fade Away for Flak that would be cool. Otherwise I’m happy w the gun as is.

The Maliwan takedown mission is at the bottom of the stairs by the entrance to Marcus’s.

And if I recall, next two mags and on action skill active are good for fade away builds. Can’t remember if there are any specific fade away anoints. Sorry, I haven’t played much with Fl4k.

@renfried oh ok. It’s kinda looks like a computer kiosk and has some green on it I think. I didn’t accept it wbc it says difficulty : very hard

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N2M is probably the best annoint for Fade Away FL4K. Consecutive Hits is right there with it thought as long as you have a point in He Bites.