Top Notch Characters?

In your experiences, who all are the top notch characters at the moment? And by top notch, I mean which characters from the opposing team make you shudder? I know that every character is allegedly good at something, but which ones turn the tides in battle?

My experiences have been as follows:
1.Alani - because your team is probably going to lose if you don’t have one. And because, as the daughter of Chuck Norris, all 3 of her moves are actually ults.
2. Kelvin - because he has jacked up health, and a “Get Out of Jail Free” card that also stuns and isn’t considered an ult.
3. Ghalt/El Dragon/Toby- because there’s always a 1% chance you’ll go up against one who actually knows what the *&% he’s doing.
4. Oscar Mike - because your team needs an oscar mike.

Also, who are the bottom feeders? The ones that make you groan if teammates pick them.

  1. Attikus - a character that looks good on paper but does not measure up to reality.
  2. Montana - can’t seem to hit skinny characters, and face-clips any terrain within 40 feet, preventing movement (he can occasionally have a good match)
  3. Reyna - because of the learning curve to get the hang of her… one does not simply jump in and Reyna successfully the first time.

Top notch (A.K.A the ones that could use a nerf)

Alani : up and down and back and up and…
Miko : I know the match will be BORING when I see one
Melka : rarely picked but when I see a good one, oh god it ends up like “where did she go ? Oh here she is. No wait, where is she now ?? FFS where did she go AGAIN ??”

Nothing else since galilelol got nerfed, now I don’t mind playing against one.

Bottom feeder (A.K.A the ones I don’t want to see in my team)

benedict & marquis : simply because it seems nobody know how to play them
marquis & tobi : because I mainly play capture these days and capture is NOT a gamemod for sniping characters
Caldarius : one of the hardest to play in my opinion, people think he’s “rush in and melee the sh*t out of everybody” and obviously fail. He’s so hard to play most people just feed with him.

Op/just good
Alani, I keep ending 15+ / -4 so… Yeah.
Toby, I love my not adorable penguin. (If you call him cute he’ll kill you)
Melka, I. Want. To tear her pointy damn ears off and feed them to her while she dies in a pit of Kleese rifts, desecration, and napalm.
Rath, because I play with my girl and when she’s Rath, he’s good. When I’m Rath, I don’t get less than a 3.0 unless we’s getting stomped :stuck_out_tongue:
Sad day:
Toby, every time I have a Toby teammate they bring him in lane. They use his shield to block minion fire… I’m not kidding.
Marcheese, I just don’t like him and take immense pleasure in his death.
Caldy/atty. I love caldy and I’m not bad as atty. So watching a teammate butcher him… I cri evri tim

3.Reyna - because of the learning curve to get the hang of her… one does not simply jump in and Reyna successfully the first time.

definitely agree there, but I am really enjoying playing her currently, I could see the other team getting really annoyed with my interventions

I had an awesome one on one with Alani against Rath yesterday where I was the underdog.

Attikus doesn’t look good on anything.

I don’t feel there is a top notch character that I particularly fear. I am more afraid of good players.

Oh and Oscar Mike was just my first Toon to learn the ropes because he’s from planet COD.