Top Overpower Leveling Service Xbox 360

This is a free service being carried over from the old forums, offered to any who want or need it. I will help you through the overpower levels in a short time period, most likely 15-20 minutes for a full OP0-OP8 service.

THIS IS NOT A POWER LEVELING SERVICE. Please do not ask me to power level you, as this is not the service I am providing and one that I am not a fan of doing.

Please read all of the information in this topic before posting or messaging me about it, it will make both of our lives’ easier:

What you are required to do: I will need you to join my game after being invited and follow me to the start of Digistruct Peak, and immediately let an enemy kill you and respawn. This just makes it simpler and there will be no time wasted waiting for you to respawn after OMGWTH is killed.

How to contact me about doing this service: The easiest way to contact me about overpower leveling you will be through messaging me on Xbox Live, my Gamertag is SLiMMortaL, and will be posted again at the bottom.

What do I do with the pearlescents? All 8 of the pearls that drop from OMGWTH during this service will be given to you, as an added bonus to the overpower levels you’ll be receiving.

Once again, my gamertag is SLiMMortaL

I’ve helped a fair number of people, keep them coming!

could you get me to op8?

Can I get OP8 my gamertag is Jested Defuseri