Top Secret Leaked Tier 3 Kleese skin ;)

Many sacrificed their lives to get this image:


I can´t stop laughing!!! :joy:

Is that from Tron? Agreed very funny and not what I was expecting. Is it just me or does that look like Sean Connery and he is upset because he does not understand what is happening?

Yes, yes it is.

This genuinly amuses me. And I love Tron.

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Though I think this is funny as hell, you might ad a “:)” in the title or something else to give a hint that this is a fun-topic^^

This is almost as funny as Battleborn is as a whole right now.

you sir… you are a genius. love it

GBX, hire this OP.

John Cleese … duh! :dukefp::dukegum::dukecheese:

Kleese wins!
Ultimate chair battle:

Omg Tron is one of my favorite franchises ever, I’m laughing so hard. :joy:

No way, that would be too amazing if it was though. Lol

@plutheroquexos, set the record straight: Connery or Cleese?! :dukestar:

Count Dooku before he fell to the darkside.

Never seen the movie, but now i know where Warframe’s devs got thier design for Nef Anyo.

I e, Christopher Lee!

@teamrandy1027, guess it’s a tie, then … :dukegoof:

Found a couple more for ya!

A ISIC one:image

And a Pendels one, but I can’t saw Im a fan but if they don’t change it its their own damn vault:image

These are awesome!