Top sniper for Krieg: Volcano

Well, at OP4 where I am currently playing, it seems to do quite a bit of damage.

No but we use math, youre also coming off worse than me in these threads, you dont handle it well when someone has a different opinion or uses math.

Yes volcano gets grenade bonuses but krieg really isnt built for using a weapon like that. It has no synergy.

Viable and top are very different things. I can make about anything work on any character, but they are not all top gear.

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This weapon has better synergy with Krieg than majority of the snipers.

Also those calculations are for perfect world situations, which don’t happen all the time, so testing out a weapon is better than simply working out the theoretical DPS.

As I said, not many snipers are as easy to use with Krieg or have the same synergy as this one.

Must agree with blut. K has ZERO buffs for snipers.

That would be running Bloodlust/Hellborn?, sounds reasonable… yet not pretty smart.
Despite that, even having perfect Pimp, Volcano, Storm a Sniper K wouldn’t work on OP8. It can be viable on 72, yes, but not a build and/or gear made to one-shot enemies like our classical B/H, B/M or M/H builds posted here.

@Krieg_Krazy BTW, Top Gear (here’s where Jessica starts to sound) is Top because it works cool in both 72 and OP8.

Yes it would.

This weapon would work on OP8.
Also, he can snipe.

The only way I see a Volcano working in OP8 is the same way as the Infection. HIT N’ RUUUUUN.
Elemental Empathy.

I’m not saying that K can’t snipe, I use a corrosive Pitchfork for constructors. And the pimpernel it is soooo stupidly broken it could blow your face with any char, even with one like K who hasn’t any sniper enhancing skill.

Both hellborn-bloodlust and full-bloodlust for no shield-delay increase and both sported shi††y performance at OP8…

Not with krieg.

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We’ll see about that.

Ok I’m going to go a little more in detail here why a Volcano isn’t great.

Fuel the Fire gives +200% chance to DOT

That will make the chances of causing a DOT between the Volcano/Snider/Pimp 0% because they all already have such a high % that they should all have 100% chance at that point.

Once again snipers have a small ammo pool and slow fire rate so body shots are going to be terrible DPS wise.

The increased spalsh on the volcano is kinda pointless because its not really big enough to make a difference. If it had a splash the size of the Cobra I could see it but it doesn’t.

The Pimp, while it doesn’t get grenade boosts, has 6 pellets per shot and the way the 5 unlisted pellets go outwards they can go dot enemies much better than the volcano and it has the base damage with the 6 pellets that makes it ok on body only shots.

The Volcano is no where near the pimp on kreig, and while is might outdo a snider with grenade buffs its still not great on kreig.

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Stop comparing it to pimpernell. Most people that actually play the game legit never use it anyway. Also the splash radius is very high, high enough to set a group of enemies on fire and deal a decent amount of damage.
Start thinking outside the box.

You called it a top sniper, the pimp is a top sniper, so I compare that. If you call it an ok sniper then I won’t. But you called it a top sniper.

The pimp is also a quest reward, not hard to get and its easy to get legit as well since it is once again a QUEST REWARD.

The Cobra has a very high splash radius, the volcano is no where near that. Enemies have to be touching to really hit more than one and that doesn’t happen a lot unless you have a lot of quasars or you are maya. If a gun is only good with one grenade, its not a top gun.

I do think outside the box, in fact there isn’t really a red text gun I haven’t made work on op8. That being said, making a gun work, and calling it top tier are 2 different things. That is the point, can you make this gun work? Yes, is it top tier? No.

But once again how you are using it shows that you would be better off with so many other guns, plasma caster, hail, slowhand, hellfire, pretty much any non sniper fire gun with splash damage.

The fact that it’s nowhere near the best weapon in the class wich by the way is not in Psycho’s top category says a lot. Pimp is better than Volcano, Pimp is meh on Krieg, Volcano is even meh-er… simple (discrete) math.

Getting a good Pimp in different elements is a pain in the back side. Also when you level up, you have to go get a new one, meaning resetting playthrough. No sane person would do that just to have one gun.

I know a lot of people that do, or they get them at different points with different characters and put them in the claptraps locker and give them to their other characters, its not that bad really.

I did this with a lot of guns when UVHM first came around, heartbreaker, rubi, kitten, etc…

I had them ready every 5 levels or so.

Yes, but there is a huge difference between a Pimpernel (Fire), and a Volcano (Fire). The Pimpernel is considered Top Gear for most if not all characters, and there is a reason for that. Any character can Snipe, and the Pimpernel is probably the best Sniper Rifle in the game for most characters / builds. Zer0 and Maya are the two best snipers in Borderlands 2, due to certain skills that boost the performance of Sniper Rifles for those characters. Other characters can Snipe, just less effectively than Zero and Maya.

Even playing as OP8 Maya with 10/5 Flicker (100% chance of elemental status) and a max stats Bone of the Ancients (Corrosive), I still wouldn’t use an Infection (Corrosive). I’m not going to kill anything with DOT at OP8 :blush:

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Derch did. He added a Witch com on top of it.

Also gaige can boost DOTs of any element too.