Top ten people with leadership potential (end game spoilers)

I could think of quite a few people better to lead Sanctuary then Ava…

#1 Moxxi - she already is the master of her own universe and has a strong stance vs the great evil, for example handsome jack when he was talking about genocide on pandora in pursuit of justice. She’s smart (a mechanic that raised, not one, but two of the best mechanics in the Borderlands universe), good at improvising plans on the fly (got jack to kill his own secret weapon, and helped out in the pre-sequel with the meriff, and various other occasions), and more then capable to be a leader.

#2 Athena - she led Atlas’s elite female assassination squad, was pretty much the only protagonist in the pre-quel besides claptrap, then rest turned evil and are dead. Plus the raiders are pretty much former Atlas Lance members and Pandora Civillians. Not to mention it give a reason to bring back Janie Springs. (Plus the great faults key is the moon which i think the entire pre-quel took place on correct me if im wrong) be a great opportunity for Ava to seek her out and Athena take over given merit to why The Watcher spared her life at her execution.

#3 Axton - He already showed great tactical prowess from the echo logs we got and overall he’s a man with morals for doing the right thing. Pretty much Roland with a wild side.

#4 Vaughn - Though he may not be the best he did kill a man using only his abs, and he has led… bandits… who betrayed him. Still someone with abs that great and Hyperion Elastic-Red-band-Underwear surely would be a better leader then Ava at this point. He was the only thing stopping the COV on pandora while we went to other worlds for vaults… until Troy stole his turrets and made him sad… BLOOD FEUD!!!

#5 Tannis - Though she’s not a people person she is very smart and wasnt always a basket case, she used to be one of Dahl’s head researchers and is currently a better candidate IF a Siren HAS to be the next leader. Overcoming her people problems wouldmake better DLC i think, and in her main quest story line she already was trying to help lead you, Kudos to Tannis… no, double-kudos!

#6 Fiona - She is M.I.A. and it ended on a cliffhanger, perfect time to bring her back. From what i seen she may have bad ideas and quirks but she gets the job done. Plus she’s a female, make her a siren since the devs love doing that these days.

#7 Marcus - though he’s a merchant he’s been narrating the Borderlands games for a long time, rather then him talking in past tense he could start writing the story from a first hand view

#8 Sir Hammerlock - Not the best fighter in the world but he does know more about the galaxy then most folks, there’s really no reason he should be on Sanctuary, but he is, and he’s a got loads of leadership potential and the knowledge of many worlds to back him up

#9 Claptrap - Even fricken Claptrap is a better choice… that says ALOT.

#10 US!!! - Why cant we take over? We did everything and we have all the right people and the mission, stop the great vault from opening for good. We dont need a leader to lead us just advice.

There’s 10 better people then Ava who could lead the Crimson Raiders.

How about the top 10 worst candidates (in no particular order)

#1 Mordecai - No one listens to him and he has no interest in leading for the most part, he’s a loner that likes to run with a small pack if he has to.

#2 Tina - “Nuttier then squirrel ■■■■” - Wainwright jakobs

#3 Brick - He may have led bandits but he’s a fighter not a leader, unless he’s leading people into a fight… not a terrible pick actually but still not ideal.

#4 Ellie - I made a case before that Ellie would be a good choice but when compared to the above she’s not really into leading but is one hell of a gal to have on your side.

#5 Salvador - Yeah he’s like hispanic Brick, but he’s never led before. Though he has morals he’s more bloodthirsty then anything.

#6 Ryse - While he may be leading Atlas he’s barely getting by at that. Though i think if he did become head honcho the Raiders wouldnt be to bad off. Some of them are former Atlas soldiers anyways, probably needing new Atlas tech. Be great if your mustache decision led to his appearance and feeling towards you if he took over

#7 Gaige - While she has potential, I dont see her being a leader though she does have brains we dont know how she’s aged and what she’s even doing. Might not be so bad after all.

#8 Janie Springs or Zero - Ok im fishing here to fill in this spot im running out of bad people before…

#9 Ava - who has done nothing but cause problems, never led an army unless you count the end but even then she was considered a foot solider and she didnt even open the door one of tina’s bombs did. She is a blank slate with siren powers Maya hinted at being important but she would be a better villian then a hero if you ask me. This blank slate has tears in the corners and smells like farts.

#10 US - Ok maybe we cant lead the game and play it too. I mean our characters were completely unimportant to the storyline according to the cinematics and no one acknowledge us as really doing anything.

Here’s a bonus though “Kreig” he’s 50/50 depending on how the devs played it out (which likely would not be well but here’s my take) He come back having gotten control of his sane side somewhat. He learns about how Maya died and tries to do what he can with his sane side to lead the Raiders and make her death mean something. His psychotic side could make for great banter and who doesnt love a chat with Krieg. He has also sworn an oath to never hurt the innocent and it’s a great chance to make one of the most popular characters into a lead role and explore his past more and set forth a bright future with him leading us and telling us who’s spleens should be skewered.

Anyways even people in the top ten worst such as gaige have better potential to lead then Ava. Devs really need to cut their creators pet loose for the sake of the franchise or somehow try and flip the community’s view of Ava which may be impossible.


But the story is 100% focus on Tanis, Ava and Lilith. The end game only have Tanis and Ava (we are not there, we do not exist in such universe)… so Gearbox taught “Lets force Ava in the gamers throats”

All the characters are busy doing something else so it is impossible for Lilith to give command to other Crimson Raider. Hmm the crazy obnoxious Tanis or the little brat?

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I would have said Rhys or Fiona would be good candidates IF we were going off Tales. But Rhys in 3 felt incredibly disorganised and overly terrible at what he did. He was a dork in Tales but he had competence at least - using his echo eye to dodge moonshots and kill a rakk hive for example. And even went into danger to stop Jack taking over.

But out of the people we have left based on the characters for 3…I hate to say this as it doesn’t fit their original character traits but Tannis. She’s the only one who has really shown leadership - coming up with plans, guiding Ava on charging keys etc. And I hate it because Tannis wasn’t a leader kind of person to me.

Everyone else I can think of is too vain or greedy to be a leader.

Athena might be good but we have no idea where she is…

Edit : I strongly disagree on Moxxi. Having her as involved with the plot as she already is was something that really irked me. I liked her as she was but putting her as some important role - like in the pre sequel she ‘had a feeling’ about Jack because he killed a guy (but married Marcus who has probably done that too) bugged me. She’s the kind of person who does shady crap and gets others to kill for her. The side mission with Killavolt? So dumb. He says sexual innuendos and holds big battle royals for his affections…but Moxxi says it’s sleezy? Ugh.

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She ends up hating everyone she sleeps with as well.

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Exactly! And it’s so dumb! And I didn’t mind Moxxi at first but everyone is an ex, they’re all evil and we have to stop them! I imagine the only reason we haven’t killed Marcus yet is because he has to pay her alimony. He’s killed people, he basically rips of the desperate and is a provider of deadly weapons.

I don’t know why they need 1 leader. They kinda started getting a council thing happening in 2 with the original games vault hunters, no reason they can set that up now. That way the characters can each play to their strengths.

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Honestly, I wouldn’t put Ryse on the worst list, how many years did he have to make Atlas what is is now? It makes sense he wouldn’t stand a chance against a mega corporation that has been around for way longer and hasn’t had any really big set backs(until now).

His troops seem to really respect him and he even has Zero in his corner and I’d say that counts for a lot. I’d personally put him in the top best contenders.