Top tier loot caches need to be reworked

Why am I getting top tier loot caches full of white trash at level 50 on TVHM?
This is absolutely atrocious.
Why would anyone stash complete garbage weapons in a locked box then cover it in eridium?
Just to mess with us?
If it’s the RNG system then it needs to be abolished
One of these days I’ll post a positive topic I hope…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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It goes both ways, sometimes a red chest gives you 4 whites and sometimes a white chest gives you 4 legendaries. Its the beauty of RNG, you never know what your gonna get on any run.

I hear what you are saying but I’ve never gotten 4 legendaries in any scenario.
Once I got two at once from a boss fight but the caches have been almost 100% trash.
Rng can die and rot in hell
There is not beauty in rng

LOL, no. If anyone has gotten so much as 2 legendaries from a white chest, I’d love to see it. Until then I don’t believe it, and this statement is basically as useful as one of those motivational posters with a cat telling you that today’s gonna be the day.

Today is going to be the day Zane gets some love, I can feel it.

TODAY WILL :smiley_cat: BE THE DAY!

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I think there is nothing random about rng I think it’s a very calculated system that knows how much time we spend in game and takes that and gives us a set number of chances to get good loot. Aka legendary weapons and gear
Basically the more you play the less the game pays in rewards.
Prove me wrong with actual facts

Its happened for me once, but i get your skepticism.

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