Top tier rocket launchers

Norfleet is cool, but it seems rather lackluster on op8 when you have to use nine rockets to get out of FFYL. I prefer Badaboom, since i main Axton. What do you guys use, and why? (also, is Raven Ghosthawk still on here? i havent heard from him in a while.)

I use an explosive Badaboom when I play Krieg and a shock one for Maya.

Badaboom and Creamer are the safe bets for almost everyone. Those two won’t let you down most of the time. I really like the 12 Pounder, but it’s what one would call an “acquired taste”. It’s very reliable, but you need a little practice with it to get the best out of it. I sometimes use the Nukem, but a lot of people don’t like it cause it shoots in an arc and has a very large area of effect, so you can kill yourself with it if you’re not careful. Norfleet is reserved only for those moments when I’m feeling lazy.

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On the rare occasions that I use RL’s, I usually go with a PBFG or a regular purple Torgue. They are both realtively accurate for RL’s, and they also pack a punch. Norfleet is only used for specific situations.

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For some reason, I only thought of unique RLs, but @Ronnie_Rayburn is right. There are a lot of common RLs that are top tier. Topneaas are great. The reduced ammo consumption really makes up for the reduced damage. They’re like mini, fun sized Norfleets in a way. Their damage is pretty low (compared to other RLs), but you can shoot them all day long. Purple Torgue RLs are truly amazing if you can find one with decent missile speed. They might even be better than any of the unique ones. Just skip the ones with ridiculously slow missiles and you’re good to go.


I’m surprised you are having issues with the Norfleet, one of the advantages of the 3 rockets is that it often kills enemies you didn’t realize were there and on solo player it should wreck everything in one or two shots except for large badass enemies or maybe wrong elemental enemies (fire on a loader for ex.)… You can even fire off a couple of slag pimpernel rounds first as you’re likely to slag something for the Norfleet to rip through…Other suggestions above are all good, I think the Badaboom is probably the strongest after the Norfleet, but many good options here. I’ve tried to stop using rocket launchers quite so much (though I used to always have one) as it’s forcing me to be more careful about going into FFYL. I use a slagging gun and a Harold for FFYL now

There isn’t really a rocket launcher that I don’t use (Bunny? Ahab? Prazma Canon? I love them all), but if I had to pick just a single one to use in the game, I’d use the Hive… it’s so awesome when you get it drunk, and Gaige can really make it go (the sub-rockets get Anarchy damage bonuses, but themselves do not suffer the accuracy penalty).

Axton uses a Topneaa and my explosive Krieg uses a Nukem, I love using a Grog to drunk fire that thing, and Maya uses a Norfleet but only as a last ditch FFYL is almost over weapon.

Thanks guys! It is kinda odd how common rockets are sometimes the best. you can always know the experts from tue noobs because experts are experimental. Awesome information!

I rarely use RL (I currently have a Bunny on my new Zero that has come in handy in a pinch) but when I do I prefer Vladof RL, especially the Topnea. If it were a bit easier to get the Badaboom would be at the top but I find it so infrequently that it has to be #2 for me…

I think it’s because they have no special effects other than the manufacturer’s gimmick. What makes a lot of the unique RLs difficult to use and sometimes unreliable is their special effects and the price you pay in stats to balance those effects. The common ones work in a fairly straightforward “missile to the face + splash” type of way. They have all the power with no caveats. It’s the same with a lot of Jakobs weapons, specially sniper rifles. A lot of people prefer using a purple Muckamuck than any of their unique sniper rifles.

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I swear by the Pyrophobia against fleshy enemies. Very fun, powerful and ammo-efficient. If there aren’t that many fleshy enemies, I use the Creamer. I also have a soft spot for the Nukem (it was the first legendary I acquired in the series), despite it’s ammo inefficency in most situations.

Speaking of non-uniques, my favourite purple launcher is a Bandit one with a Maliwan barrel and Maliwan stock. It also has the rocket speed prefix which makes the projectiles so fast that it’s my preferred weapon against Buzzards.

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Even tho it consumes a bunch of ammo I’ve always used the Hive against Buzzards and other flying baddies.

I do like the badaboom a lot, but I still use the norfleet most of the time as my ffyl tool, and I’ve only rarely out myself down or needed more than 1 or 2 shots in ffyl

I’m sure Raven is still active. Can’t tag or mention him for some reason though.

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Thanks for trying to message him :slight_smile: He may have something id be willing to trade a ton for, if he doesnt have everythin already… It’s hard being a filthy casual.


Fleets for Arenas like the Peak and Magic Circle.

Maybe a few bosses where you want to make absolutely sure of a revive when in FFYL.

Badabooms and Creamers for most other situations.

A 12-Pounder with an Explosive damage relic is quite good but as Gut already stated…is an acquired taste.

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