Topics unpinning after being red

What the tin says. I’m noticing pinned topics being unpinned after I’ve read them. I have some topics pinned and others unpinned if that makes a difference.

Apparently this is by design. But I believe Jeff can change this setting himself according to a Discourser.

Hopefully so because it’s really, really annoying.



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Can you give me an example of the topi(s) you’ve seen this happen with, Gulf? We have a few options when it comes to pinning and, as KJ said, sometimes it’s by design. If it’s something like a guide though, that shouldn’t be happening.

The CTT forums shutting down, Gaige’s resource thread, things like that.

Here’s what I’m seeing after I read them:

Both of these topics were pinned before I read them. I hope this helps, Joe, and thanks. :dukeaffirmative:

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Same thing here. Two examples…


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So oddly enough, on these two specific topics, I’m seeing the opposite. The topic stays pinned after reading and the push-pin icon is straight up and down as opposed to angled (which may not be connected, but is certainly curious). Going to investigate this a bit more.

In the meantime, if it changes for you guys, let me know Also, if anyone else reads this and is experiencing the same issue, let me know that too.

Will do. When they get unpinned, they move down the topic list instead of staying at the top.

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See this post in response to @Kitty_Jo:

Apparently, the option to allow the pinned welcome message to drift down once read is affecting ALL pinned posts, but not necessarily for all forum roles.

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And, as a follow-up:

  • I can manually “straighten” then pin, which restores the thread to the top when I reload the page
  • Reading the thread automatically unstraightens the pin, which I don’t want. It means every time I read a pinned topic, I’ll need to readjust the pin setting!

Ok, I’ve disabled this setting from our site, but everyone keep me posted on how it’s working for you. If I need re-enable and figure out a different course of action, just let me know.

Go ahead and “re-pin” any topics that you’ve already read and it should replace them at the top. If not, just shout. :smiley:


Thanks Joe!

I really don’t think keeping pinned topics at the top is a bad thing, since the moderators only pin really important stuff, and try to add additional threads via links inside a pinned topic.

I realise the Discourse folks made that change for what they felt were good reasons, but that doesn’t necessarily jive with the way these particular forums make use of Discourse. I suspect the CSS issues with the edit window buttons and spoiler text are another example of a change made globally having a negative consequence for the gearbox forums instance. (NB Good to be able to actually see those buttons again!) This is likely to get to be a bigger problem for the Discourse folks as more people sign up to use the system for their discussion forums unless they figure out a process for testing changes off-line across all instances. Might be worth asking them on the back-channel what their plans are in this regard?

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This is very true, and believe me, we’re not the only ones who feel this feature doesn’t fit. The Discourse guys are fantastic at working with us to see that these sorts of things get worked out. I’m sure the text issue will be no different. I know they’ve been pinged about it.

Gaige’s resource thread seems to be working properly now. :dukeaffirmative:

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I thought @discourse would update here, but here’s the TL;DR

  • by default pinned topics will now unpin FOR YOU ONLY when you read to the bottom of them. Assumption being, you read it, you’re good, you don’t need to see it at the top of the list 24/7 365.

  • there is a site level setting to disable this auto-unpin-after-read behavior for the entire site.

  • there is a user preference to disable this auto-unpin-after-read behavior for you alone.

This isn’t really new, you could always unpin topics whenever you wanted, for you, but we made it automatic so people wouldn’t have to stare at the same 10 pinned topics they’ve already read for the next year… :wink:

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Just some end-user feedback on this issue:

  • When the topics started “unpinning” themselves, almost nobody knew why
  • Very few people noticed the change in orientation of the “pin”
  • Of those, even fewer realised it was actually a control you could toggle
  • Even if you re-pinned it, it would un-pin itself the next time you read the topic.

For some context:

  • The GBX forums have always had a strict policy of limiting the number of pinned topics, and amalgamating them where possible
  • These topics are ones that the community expects to be pinned, and look for at the top of the category/sub-forum rather than bookmarking

Some take-aways:

  • Controls should have some visual cue to identify them as controls and not simply status indicators
  • What may seem like a reasonable and necessary change to a developer may “break the site” as far as end-users are concerned

Let me expand on that last point:
As the number of different communities using Discourse expands, it is going to be increasingly important for the Discourse developers to understand how those communities are using the features provided by the platform before implementing and rolling out system-wide changes in behaviour. Different communities - and especially those migrating from different platforms to Discourse - will have different frames of reference for expected behaviour and what is “normal”. They will inevitably use features in different ways than developers intended, to address situations that developers could not have anticipated unless they were also part of that community.

That is NOT meant as a criticism: it just reflects the growing pains that accompany the growth of the platform. I raise the issue, however, since you do not want to frustrate or alienate the users within the different communities who, by their presence, are contributing to the success of your system.

I’m greatly appreciative of the efforts you’ve all put in, and I’ve seen several comments from those who’ve either worked on or acted as moderators for discussion forums on other platforms: they’ve all been highly positive about Discourse. I’d like to see that trend continue!

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Yes, this is why the aforementioned options exist:

Feel free to set those to taste.

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Haven’t found that yet. Will keep looking, but it wasn’t visible in my user preferences just now.

Neither have I.