Torgue Assault Rifles are completely Inconsistent and Ignored

Nobody uses torgue assault rifles. At least for the most part what I see on youtubers and streamers. And even when using them, I can definitely see why. Maybe they are supposed to be good on certain builds or something, but in my opinion- they are underpowered. And it would be easily fixed by making them fully auto and increasing the rate of fire, there have been so many threads on this and the what do you know…The only things buffed in the latest patch were everything EXCEPT torgue assault rifles. Please feel free to give me feedback or somehow to make them useable, but before you do, get your hands on a purple Torgue assault rifle and try it out. Please.


they are actually better than vladof and dahl easily if you are talking regular ones torgue stickies are more damaging than most thigns generally like tediore mirv reloads. if you are talking strictly red text then yes best torgue ar would be alchemist that does not scale too well.

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You say that but I am having a completely different experience in game. here let me post a video

regular x2 flogger is gonan do much better than anything vladof or dahl per ammo pool given you use stickies instead of impact rounds.

Right but the impact rounds suck

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i can agree impact rounds suck and torgue needed love just as much as dahl instead they put cov there which was rather one of the best performers with atlas on top.

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I know! And there have been so many topics about it but they keep getting ignored. Just take them out of the game if your not going to do anything about it.

they will man it is jsut painfully slow process, from the buffs you can see they have no idea how guns perform in current state of game. they ignored snipers they said maliwan pistols needed most of the buff while in reality torgue needed by far the biggest buff out of all manufacturers for regular guns. also they only increased smg mag on tediore while their pistols have capacity of what 10-15? are we not meant to throw pistols? i don even know


Yea this is because they are gamers thinking that they are also developers. Like they are trying to do so many things at once but just need to focus on just nailing what they have.


Thats some invaluable feedback though.

They think because ppl crit swap with a 420 unforgiven its ok. Its not.

Feelike.a mod should send ur video direct to em as super feedback.


Noticed Atlas ARs were left out. Probably because of OPQ, but Carrier and Rebel Yell both need much help. Disappointed about this. Was hoping for a viable Carrier, but nope…

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We need a video series called.

These guns are garbage legendaries.

Then we repost it on twitter #Borderlands shame them for being legendary

Theyll finally fix it. Im not joking.

Use all the hastags and @ 's they use and Bam…

Carrier is better that utter most ars to be fair

Facts…there are NO good Torgue ARs now…

Alchemist, Bearcat, Laserploder, Try-Bolt, Stranger and Juliet’s Dazzle all suck for Mayhem…

It’s crazy that a Vladof AR like Boomsickle out-DPS’s all of these

As far as a fix? They just need a massive damage buff.

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Picked up a new DLC Torgue AR last night. Ended up in the vault due to not being very good.
The other DLC weapons I have come across I like.

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it is pretty good tho? monarch and opq pewpew are outliers if our expectancy for AR is that kind of performance… i dno man those guns are gettin nerfed sooner rather than later.

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Seemed meh to me. That is why it ended up in the vault for more research at a later time. Shoots 3 stickies at a time, but has a large spread so only two were landing on the target each time.
I didn’t spend too long with it.

Your op at 57 with 9k x2 damage won’t be outlclassed at 60 vs other offerings cept a fresh monarch. Neither will nopewpew versions above 3.5k x3 with the extra crit.
Yellowcake x2 with splash ase is still insane even on Zane standing still.

Those 3 cartel guns are truely legendary