Torgue Assault Rifles Need Their Full-Auto Back

I overall really like Torgue in BL3. I liked them slightly more in BL2 tho. But one thing I don’t quite understand is that why did a lot of torgue assault rifles lose their full auto?

I know the lasersploder has it and that’s about it. If anyone knows of more full auto torgue assault rifles please let me know. Torque feels to much like an explosive jakobs gun at times.

Edit: If at any point I say Torque instead of Torgue. assume auto correct shenanigans


I have to say, the only ones I remember with full auto apart from the Laser Sploder is the Torgue ARs with alien barrels (flamethrower type guns) but I think they stop at blue (like Vladoff alien-barrel beam weapons). That doesn’t mean there aren’t any, just that I wasn’t impressed enough to remember them after I dropped them.

Losing the full auto is probably because of Explosive not being an element anymore and sticky ammo that makes aiming much more profitable for them. They lost the Full auto they used to have but gained a lot of accuracy and handling to ramp up those stickies with Crits (which ended up getting nerfed though so…).

I might be wrong though and there might be a statement from GBX somewhere that explains it. I just don’t follow Gearbox hype anymore because it just got less and less reliable as time went on but osomeone else might have seen something.

Amber Management is also full auto.


Oh ! I wondered about it, so alien barrel stop at blue for this two. I was seriously thinking I was unlucky for never dropping one in purple qualify. It’s sad they restricted it as alien barel are a huge addition to weapon diversity

The Ogre is a Vladof gun.

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Fixed your title. I’m assuming all the “Torque” is from auto-correct. @#$%^& thing…

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I haven’t missed it since I’ve been having fun with aimed headshot stickies; they’re savage.

I’m okay with constantly yanking the trigger, but I don’t see why they can’t be Auto in Impact Mode and Semi in Sticky Mode. (Not that I think Auto would make Impact Mode any more useful)

My favorite gun in BL2 was the Torgue Spitter, full auto, wildly inaccurate, with wind up time, but so satisfying to use.

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Alien barrels are the most interesting guns in the game. Wish they were on more things. Found a launch that shoots 1 giant beam. Looked epic

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Don’t let that fool you. The protuberance (shotgun) is normally a pretty average gun but there’s a component (one of the 4 shot magazines) that turns it into a gun worthy of being a Legendary and equalling most similarly working Legendary weapons (and easily surpassing underperforming gimmick guns like the Lob or Kill-O-the-Wisp). It’s not the only one.

There’s videos about it but it’s not an overly popular gun because it’s actually fairly rare with that mod so I think a lot of people have given up on them because most are kinds meh.

Hopefully this means there might very well be a mod available to the Torgue blue flamethrower type weapons that makes them kick butt too. Just because it isn’t purple, look at the stat card anyway.

Right now I’m using a Blue TORGUE Alien Cryo Rifle, basically an Auto “icethrower”. I’m making an Ice Cream Lady build with Moze lol


I’ve found purple vladof e tech rifles many times. I never found a purple e-tech torgue pistol though. And only 2 purple e-tech torgue shotguns.

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I’ve had purple pistols drop in Athenas so I went back to see if I could get another one and ended up with a purp Torgue Blister so there’s that news for the OP if they’re interested.

That’s another 7 hours though and still no purple Burzum. :frowning:

I’m hoping there’s a better place so where here have you seen the AR’s drop? I’d love to farm some up and try them out but I’ve literally never seen a purple one. I get Maslos, Bezoomys, Shlagas and Oddy-Knockeys all the time, never Burzums in Purple no matter what I do.

Completely random i’m afraid. Ghosts drops a lot of purples right now, so that might be a good way now? other than that, slaughter shaft, eridian chests, vendors, legendary hunts - basically anything that yields a good amount of high quality loot and don’t forget to pray to RNGesus every now and then.

i’ll check if i have one stored, i probably don’t though

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The blue flamethrowers are called 'Blister" and they’re available in Epic as well as Rare. I have a couple of them. One in Cryo and another in Fire.

I d like that to be honest.

It wouldnt need to be a fire rate on par with Dahl of course. Make it a slow fire rate but keep firing as long as I press the trigger. The current jakobs-style “one press per shot” is exactly the reason why I dont bother with Jakobs ARs in the first place. Because its just a shotgun with a bigger mag that way.

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E-tech torgue pistols are “single” shot shotguns . I picked on up once. Had a 6 round mag and consumed seven bullets per shot.

I think it’d make a lot of the impact modes wee bit better. Plus, I personally don’t like rapidly clicking an assault rifle. It works for jakobs because Jakob hits harder on crits.

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Thanks for the offer but farming it yourself is part of the fun ;).

I know it exists now, that’s a step ahead of where I was a couple days ago.

Got ya, i didn’t have one stored but i did just find this:


Picked up one of those last night myself, radiation version. Very cool gun that chains to enemies in what appears to be quite a large area and hits crits if you are hitting crits. The damage on the card looks underwhelming but I was able to clear Anvil using it fairly easily with a build that really didn’t do anything to boost it.

I plan on making a Moze build centered around it for some out of the norm fun.