Torgue Assault Rifles Need Their Full-Auto Back

Yeah, i’m thinking the same! I’m currently running with blast master com which doesn’t boost this weapon at all (i’m assuming the splash radius is unerbarrel) and it still does some serious damage once it ramps up. I imagine it would be really cool with BM or terror / ammo regen setup or hell, both even! I were planning on making a no-legendary build, these might be what i’m looking for!

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All my guns have full auto, which is especially useful with the Jacobs. :wink:

I’ve been told, but haven’t tested, that splash radius also affects the range of the beams that radiate from your first target.

Finally figured out my issue as well:


Loaded dice apparently doesn’t do as much for me as +12.67 Luck :smiley: .

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Grats dude, those are nice ones!

I find that I don’t use Torgue Assault rifles all that often simply because shooting them is a pain, they don’t fire as quickly as other semi- auto guns, and I’m not mad about the rate they shoot at, but since it’s so slow l I wish I could just hold the trigger and keep shooting anyone else have this problem?

Agreed. I really like them, but unlike Jakobs it makes them rather unwieldy to use.

I have a really nice fire Torgue AR I’ve been using for a while on Moze. It shoots plenty fast enough! I should check the parts on it - I’m guessing I lucked out with a good combination there.

It’s this one:

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It might be the red text. I hear some alien barrels give full auto, too

Whatever it is, I am not parting with that beast!

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Oddly enough, the wiki calls it “mediocre”.

All things are relative. My criteria are: (1) is it functional and (2) is it fun? So far, the answer to both is ‘yes’ for me. Is it a raid boss killer/mayhem master? Probably not, but I’m nowhere near that point yet.

Plus, that barrel makes it look like a giant fireball-spewing carp. If nothing else, at some point that thing is going up on my wall!

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It sure sounds versatile, so it’s functional. It can heal you and it can do twice as much damage after 4 kills. I usually don’t use legendaries or uniques, but that is one I’d make an exception for!

Plus, it’s aesthetically pleasing. The design, plus the exhausts turning on showing how much of a damage increase it gets. The designer showed they wanted this weapon to be truly special.

Single most important quality right there in my opinon.

I think this is one of my favourite bits - when that thing starts spewing flames out the vent-pipes like a Harley with an afterburner, it is a sight to behold indeed.

I am going to keep an eye out for one. I read there’s a mission to get it, but the wiki says it’ll always be a level 50. Did you get it from the mission, or just a random drop?

I don’t honestly remember - it might have been a mission reward? It’s obviously not level 50 though! Next time I have the game running, I’ll see if I can connect the dots on it.

Well, I guess if you want a level 50, the wiki can tell you where to find one. I was just thinking about how well it would go with a DW Moze build, and realized that she’d finally have another way to heal other than with Vampyr lol.