Torgue Assault Rifles Really Need A Buff

Torgue assault rifles have obviously always been in the game, however have not been worth using. I think giving them a buff is just falling a little short of the potential that they really could have. Honestly TAR’s are missing something that gives them that little personality and I really think that I have nailed down what they could perfectly be. Because, afterall, these weapons could be so much more than they currently are and have been since launch.

  • I think sticky mode should remain in semi auto mode, this would keep the damage increase and the fast rate of fire useful while also giving some versatility to the weapon.

  • But in impact mode I really think they should be fully automatic. That would be the best of what this assault rifle could be beyond just a simple damage increase (that they drastically need). I think a moderate increase in damage and a fully automatic impact Torgue Assault rifle would be the perfect balance for the current state they are in.

Ultimately bringing these weapons back in to their usefulness that they were in previous borderlands.


Honestly, I don’t see the point in sticky bomb shots. Why would you want to delay your damage, you know?
Even if it had a damage increase, is it going to outperform a full auto rocket barrage? Or be more fun?

Well, thats what they currenly have in the game so im just suggesting something that would improve it.

99.5 percent of ALL weapons need a buff.

Check out the list I made if you have any recommendations.

Pick just about anything, with maybe 5 exceptions.

GBX really needs to decide how the game scales in all ways as people play at a higher level.

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I agree to most of these recommendations. I would say to keep auto for sticky as it won’t add much and would keep Dahl feeling unique.
But they still need to do something about the sticky disappearing. I tried a TAR yesterday and I wasn’t halfway through the mag and all the stickies disappeared. I was on moze though. Ill try with a Fl4k later and see if the same thing happens with no ammo regen.

If I remember correctly, the stickies will auto detonate after 10 seconds if they’re not set off manually with a reload or weapon switch. Also if they auto detonate they won’t do the bonus damage.

I wish they’d remove the initial sticky nerf that the shotguns got early on. The bangsticks were a little OP then, now they are barely marginal. The ARs do need an overhaul.

I’m honestly fine with the sticky nerf. As Moze or even Fl4k with GiTM you can keep getting stickies off for shotguns. It just sucks when you lose all damage because the game deleted the sticky. TARs see this even more because any VH can fire for more than 10 seconds.

Making torgue assault rifles automatic like they were in bl2 would fix ALOT of the issues with them. Its probably one of my least favorite changes they ever did

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Honest answer - because if you’re Fl4k, you can crit with the initial impact of the sticky and then the sticky also can crit again via Megavore (even if the initial shot did not crit), as well as add ammo in both instances via Leave No Trace. Fl4k has a ton of synergies with Torgue stickies.

I do agree that purple Torgue ARs could use a buff for certain. Those were fun at Mayhem 3 when the game first released. Now they are not very useful on M10.