Torgue assault rifles

I really think that everyone is naturally drawn towards normal projectile weapons; they are straightforward, relatable and fun to use. However, there is a weapon in borderlands that has potential but seems somewhat misplaced. Out of all my time watching streamers, I have not seen anyone using a Torgue assault rifle, when I am using them, they simply feel weak (on both fire modes), and their purpose or “personality” seems kind of off. I would like to see the Torgue assault rifles be a hard hitting slow firing weapon, that’s just my opinion, but I know that mine is not always the best. I think if they had just a small damage boost, they would be giving more people an incentive to use these weapons because in practice they are really cool.


Alot of people liked Juliet’s dazzle and the alchemist is a pretty good AR.
I’d recommend not basing any opinions about these guns off the fact that streamers don’t use them, last I checked streamers like lvl 1 shields and recursions.


Well. There’s this guy.


I have a non anointed DP alchemist and an anointed (15% life steal ASE) that i use with Moze.
Juliet’s Dazzle i use with my TTB Amara.

If you are okay not playing on M4, the Laser-Sploder and Amber Management are fun guns.

That i will agree with. Almost had to force myself to use the Torgue guns, but they are a blast once you get use to them.


That’s the problem though, I feel the same way- kind of forced to play with them. When something does not perform as to meet some standard then it puts a dampener on even using them in the first place. Every weapon doesn’t have to be attractive, but it doesn’t have to be very bland either. So apparently most people think they are fine the way they are and im going to have to be ok with that then.

It is just an unfamiliar mechanic. I don’t use a lot of the burst fire weapons because they feel off rhythm to me. Just like rhythm always looks like a misspelled word to me. Or switching between driving a front wheel steer car and a rear wheel steer forklift. It takes sometime to get use to. Some are willing to work through it, some are not. But once you learn it, you can swap seamlessly.


That’s the thing though, what has been happening to all the “unfamiliar mechanics” in the game? they have been getting patched. Zane was once unfamiliar because he wasn’t accessible, yet now after a few buffs and changes he is more accessible- i know its a completely different category, but still the same concept. That’s what im talking about here, while it might be a little more light or unnoticeable it could still use a slight buff. They would not be so unfamiliar if the damage were just boosted a slight bit. In my opinion. Obviously only time will tell if it gets buffed.

I agree they could use a small buff. Then again the same could be said about other manufacturers. What i don’t agree with is putting Zane in “unfamiliar mechanics”. You can say that about Tediore chucking or Dahl burst fire. I loved Dahl in BL2 but many didn’t.
As mentioned by @smokeoff the Laser-Sploder and Amber-Management are interesting. Especially on Moze. Moze like her Torgue. The L-S is pretty straight forward if you don’t mind the beam. (With extra boom.) The Amber Management definitely could use a buff but it’s an easy mission reward so…
Look for the “2 ammo per shot” pistols. Some carry quite a punch. Their shotgun are usually solid. It’s their AR that most seriously lack power. Unless you find a Stranger with max magazine size and can exploit the stickies.

Their biggest drawback in terms of mechanics is the slow gyro jets.


On my Moze only Torgue build, I have always 2 laser sploder equipped and work really good


I use alchemist for graveward daily. Usually the complaint is they are semi automatic and it’s easier to get a lucians and hold down the trigger. Alchemist does good work with a deathless build.


They would work even better if they had a lil buff

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Maybe work well on my character because I have torgue/assault rifle/and explosion buffs everywhere xD

All I can speak from is my experience with Zane in regard to accessibility. Unfamiliar mechanics was a substitute for accessibility with my argument. I found that Zane was not as easy to play as Flak or Moze was, it might have been different for you however. In which case his play style or leveling was unfamiliar to me because it was hard to piece together what skills would work with which.

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There isn’t really anything wrong with them, they’re just awkward because of the semi auto. Especially after being full auto for the last 2 games, it feels weird for Torgue ARs to fire per trigger pull. I genuinely forgot the first few days playing the game and kept holding down the trigger.

Most people have a pretty narrow view of what is “useable” in this game. The pool of endgame viable purples is the widest it’s been since BL1. Just because you don’t see people using something doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful, it just means people don’t like using it for whatever reason. People used to not use the Flakker either.


This really all comes down again to accessibility. Lets say I do have a narrow view, which I most likely do. Where someone else knows exactly how to use and is unstoppable when they have it, the majority of people, which you claim are “most people,” also share the same aspect as me of having a narrow view of how to use them. This is because they do not know how to use them effectively and don’t really care about figuring out how to make them work with a more complicated build or loadout, they just care that it can be used for some purpose. So if “most people” are like this than who is to say that buffing the weapon would be both beneficial for you and the people that are narrow minded like me?

There is a difference between people not using something because it’s complicated, and not using it because it’s uncomfortable.

Torgue ARs are simple point and shoot weapons. If you used them in the previous games not much has changed, you just need to be more careful since you can’t spam gyrojets in the general direction of enemies and have them hit. Damage wise, I can’t see where the issue is for a non-unique weapon. It performs very well.

You could buff them like GB did with Dahls, I just don’t see why they wouldn’t just blanket buff everything at that point. As a benchmark for non-unique (normal) weapons, I think Torgue ARs are about the standard you’d want.

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Ok think about what you just said… its uncomfortable because its complicated, that’s what I can say for myself. The difference is very minimal between your contrasts.

All of your statistics that you just gave me are probably valid- but moreover, valid for you. I am at the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to the characteristics of the weapon
Just because they are simple point and shoot weapons does not make them a point in needing a buff. At least in my opinion.

I never said that I don’t have to be comfortable when I play a game, however, something different can be said for the many people who will find it uncomfortable when they play it.

You might want to try out the alchemist. You load up a bunch of stickies and when you are ready, you reload and they explode. It’s great for anoited because you can wait till the immunity phase is done and you can hit 20+ crits for full damage.

It’s different, but that’s what’s pretty cool about em. They are especially good with Moze splash damage build. :blush:

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It isn’t complicated though. It’s not a Flakker with optimal distance, or a pimpernel with sweetspots, or a gun with super complicated mechanics like a Redistributor. You point and shoot Torgue ARs, there is nothing fancy to them.

There’s nothing wrong with being uncomfortable with certain manufactures. I can’t stand most Maliwans, and I barely use COV even though I want to. But I do think there is a difference between something not working as we expect it to, and something not working. Torgue ARs work, but they are a bit weird. The easiest way to fix it would just be to give them a part that makes them full auto.


Exactly which part of “point, shoot, reload” do you find complicated? Because I’m really at lost here.
No offense intended. :wink: