Torgue cross-promotion needs this

chance to double splash damage radius , that dealt immune to moze

Thank you


Thank you


why not?
Many times they kill me unexpectedly
or just remove double option

i know they don’t change anything

Its the one and only drawback to splash weapons. If splash weapons had no drawbacks they’d be strictly better than non splash weapons.

Splash weapons not only hit in an aoe and therefore have potential to do multi target damage but they also get a free damage multiplier. Splash damage has no equivalent multiplier on non splash guns. Furthermore its an easy damage multiplier to access. Both coms and artifacts have access to it and TCP gives Moze further access to it. Thats a lot of power and deserves a drawback.

This I could be convinced is a decent option, however I don’t like that it removes the identity of the skill.

End of the day game is still easy, removing danger from Moze’s gameplay only makes that problem worse. BL3 has more pressing issues it should be attending to before giving Moze another round of power spikes.


you know what?
splash damage is likely to kill me, even if it’s not doubled. But even if you measure the distance, the problem is that you kill me with probability unexpectedly.

And all area damage derived from Moze is doubled, doubling even the barrel

It seems like it makes you tired rather than risk.

To slightly add to this, Splash consistently gets some of the highest bonuses 200% on anoint, 36% on COM and 48% on artifact. All packed neatly in it’s own multiplier in every damage formula.

I agree that it needs drawbacks, adding immunity in Duct Tape Mod was a cheeky move to put it lightly.


Fair opinion
In fact, Moze’s damage is strong, so i don’t have to use it.


This has been an extremely common request in the Moze section for a long time.

Maybe damage immunity would be too strong on a skill that increase splash damage and radius, but the fact that it is so easy to down yourself is a real pain. Maybe moze should gain self damage resistance on the skill so she won’t Insta down as much but it’s not a free pass either

What’s this?

They added self splash immunity in Zane’s skill Duct Tape Mod, a one point skill.

Wait, like that skill gives him standing immunity to his own splash damage, or just splash from grenades triggered from that skill? The latter is cute, but the former is a game changer. :flushed:

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I think it was intended more towards the first. I have seen some reports that it has some issues.

Splash damage immunity shouldn’t be attached to something that also gives you double splash radius and damage. It is a give and take skill that is balanced by the chance of downing yourself. I don’t agree with Zane having the splash immunity and think moze should have it in her kit somewhere but it would have to be a high standalone investment with no other benefits.

I mean that it was only immune to doubled size, not all splash damage.

and moze can grind solo true guardian takedown without tcp
so No need

And I think that the skill is working properly to reduce the burden. At first, there was no splash damage, and double make to increase the suicide probability. so nobody use it.
and now Suicide probability VS 6% splash damage per level

You could just use a Flipper. No self damage so it’s perfect.

It does both. I believe you can still proc DOTs on yourself with things like ASE Elemental Anointments but otherwise putting a single point into Duct Tape Mod makes Zane immune to his own splash damage.


@Adabiviak Can personally report that in my experience, Zane’s DTM skill is kind of inconsistent, but mostly works. It was supposed to give you complete immunity to your own grenades and splash, because when you are shooting an enemy up close and DTM procs, you absolutely can kill yourself with the grenade without DTM.

There certainly are periods where it works every time, but then others where it appears not to work at all. It is hard to tell because there are so many sources of splash in the game that can proc when DTM ought to be proc’ing - shield spike and nova damage, barrel-trolling yourself with your Frozen Heart or like-kind shields, being barrel-trolled by enemies, or the ridiculous splash from COV or Maliwan badasses. EDIT: it just occurred to me that it could also be multiple elements breaking through DTM’s self-splash immunity on my MNTIS ASE builds, so just wanted to add that FWIW.

Despite its inconsistencies, most definitely drop one point in DTM nowadays. It is a one-point wonder for certain, because most builds take Donnybrook anyway so you will be on tier 2 in the red/orange tree.

EDIT 2: Sorry, I just realized this is the Moze forum :crazy_face:. Bringing it back around to Moze

I am kind of mixed on whether Moze should have any splash immunity skills. Part of me thinks yes, because barrels will blow you up from literally across the room with TCP spec’ed, and it is silly that TCP boosts barrel radius. However, at the same time, self-splash is pretty much the only drawback to the Blast Master or Mindsweeper playstyles/builds, so removing that would just make Moze even more silly. If the devs could parse it, I’d want to get rid of the increased splash from barrels that results from TCP, but leave the rest as is.