Torgue cross-promotion needs this

Maybe not as exciting but I’d prefer it if Torgue Cross Promotion just gave a flat % increase to both splash damage and radius.


I used to think she needed it.

She doesn’t though, it’s just a matter of engaging from a distance, and having a contingency for close range encounters.

Splash damage bonuses need to have a downside, or the game gets too easy.
Even guns like the flipper should do self damage.


Yeah, not knowing that it mitigated this splash damage, when I do build around that skill, I use homing grenades and stay ranged. It’s a little weird that I have to aim upwards though, or the grenades dive bomb early… guess I’m just used to throwing them at an angle. My Clone/Drone Operative has enough grenades going out with those two throwing them on their own procs, but my Barrier/MNTIS Operative only gets grenades with DTS, so he’ll take that for a spin.

I wouldn’t say no to Moze having splash damage reduction with points in that skill… as opposed to almost insta-death, it should (at max) be enough to notice and start backing away after a few shots with your shield dented out of shape if not gone.

I recently went into the Slaughter Shaft maining a Miscreant, and while it wrecked them fairly well, if I got anywhere near them, I’d be in FFYL. I mean, this almost worked for the better because I couldn’t see their heads to maintain crit shots through the damage animation unless I was in FFYL, but that’s not very fun.