Torgue Cross-promotion suiciciding

Anyone noticed how deadly TCP is recently? With weapons’ increased damage and no boost to hp/shields it becomes a huge problem.
A single procc puts you int FFYL instantly in close AND in mid-range. Which is strange. Looks like actual range is more than doubled.
It proccs moslty of my Mind Sweeper. And to go down from Mind Sweeper procc I need to pretty much hug an enemy. But TCP procc kills me from quite a distance. Anone else experiencing it?

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With the boomsicke, yes
Moze needs splash damage reduction


I’m either skipping it entirely, or using radiation weapons and Red Suit, or shock weapons and Transformer. By increasing the damage with TCP, you are even more likely to drop yourself, especially in higher Mayhem levels where your gun damage is very high.

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Dude the OP Q is a nuke

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Remember social distancing.

Seriously though engage from further away.

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It has such huge range using shotguns is almost impossible. I’m sure it wasn’t intended in that form. Anoying as hell.

I noticed that too. I’m dropping instantly all the time too, and not even close at all to the enemy.

Did a little of research. Aparently TCP is dangerous only with Mind Sweeper grenades. Swapped build for Bloodletter but still with focus on explosive weapons and TCP did not give me any issues. It’s strange but some kind of interaction with MS makes it very hard to use.

What do you mean, not dangerous?
I can still 1 shot myself with a boom sickle when someone jumps in my way

Ofc you can. But in melee range. Mind Sweeper grenade with TCP procc can drop you to FFYL in mid range, which is both hilarious and anoying. I assume it’s Mind Sweeper grenade procc. It’s the only thing I changed and suddenly TCP stopped killing me all the time.

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Mindsweeper grenades can crit.

they can also crit on you and spawn chained micros :rofl:


That can’t even be countered with healthgate bc it’s a crit that spawns a second explosion.

It’s so confusing to me that Amara gets splash resistance but moze doesn’t

The green tree is more about being a tank. One of the augments is even a crowd control ability. It’s broken right now, but a build with TTB and Glamour (when fixed) would be great to have for any hard group content.