Torgue Cross-Promotion

I know this has probably been said before but this perk needs a buff. Ive got a couple great ideas here. Please let me know what you guys think!

•Reduce incoming splash damage by 70% at Rank 3
•Grenades do 100% more damage at Rank 3
•Perhaps a complete rework of the perk itself. Instead of increasing splash damage size, maybe just increase splash damage in general. So for example, at Rank 3 Moze deals 50% more splash damage.
•Lastly, a combination of all of the aforementioned!

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But but yes, mentioned 1000 times already

wdym the perk is perfect at doing what it is designed to do

killing you at random


It’s in the community issue compendium.


I think the key might be a new shield, similar to the transformer, that absorbs explosive damage.

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Again, trying to fix moze’s problems with pigeonholing her into items?

Perhaps you could think of it as optimizing her options.

if they dont change that skill or give her splash damage reduction in her skilltree, it cant be called optimizing

For me, they would have to remove the splash damage radius all together. Grenade damage or splash damage buff would be useful, as it is now, it’s garbage. Even with one point from a class mod it always seem to activate when you’re in range.

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It wants to kill you lol

its torgue so it makes sense somehow

Truer words never spoken!

True story…

Most of my time is on Moze with Zane in a solid second place. Every time I play with my buddy I am bitching about TCP and every time I got the impression my buddy just thought I was a scrub…until…

He got on his Moze and tried a 2 pt TCP Mind Sweeper and he started bitching about eating dirt constantly…

I smiled inside.

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