Torgue DLC Death Race Tier 3 exploit using 2 cars

Can anyone confirm if the 2 car exploit for tier 3 Death Race is still working… I saw someone say it was working in Dec '17… getting tired of trying over and over again … yada yada yada

Why wouldn’t it be working? It’s not an exploit. People keep referring to things as exploits. It’s a mechanic to make what otherwise would be borderline impossible, possible.


Because I followed the directions over and over last night and the second car doesn’t register a win going over the finish line … hoped someone better than me could tell me if it was still working… i can beat the race but it lets the time run out and won’t register the 2nd car …

Where was the mission marker located at the time? I’ve had problems with even just 1 car when I accidentally missed one of the way-points.

That said, I can usually get by with 5 seconds to spare using only a single car unless I get unlucky with an invisible motorbike crew. Are you using the short-cuts and the Afterburner relic?

I’ll also add that there I know of no code updates that would affect the race.


no relic like an idi** I sold it because i never used it… and sold it again right when i got it in TVHM and now… I park the car under the bridge same place as in the video for the exploit which is what the guy who made the video called it… it was the way to beat it without the relic but I cannot confirm it still works… beating my head against the wall so I at least want to know it will work :wink:


I always cut that first corner a bit, which would give you a slight extra margin. Also, got to watch out for the bike spawn coming the other way when you head up to the left of Moxxi’s for the first jump - I usually go just a bit wider so I can get by anything. It’s really tight without the afterburner, but that route is viable.

Which vehicle did you park under the bridge - the first or second one you spawned? Don’t know if that would make a difference or not


okay wow! that is a new route going on the first up ramp and going off that upper road I always used the rock next too it and went underneath… I can try this and confirm

There’s also this route:

I’ve gone both ways with the third jump there - either jumping to the second elevated roadway and going off the end, or dropping underneath it. It doesn’t make a huge difference time-wise, but I’ve had fewer accidents bumping into scenery with the one shown in that video.


and after the race, nice touch, Bloopers and practical jokes?

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This was the one i was trying…

Always refreshing to see an honest game-play video!

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And the whole world went silent… :wink:

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I tried both those and even if you have a perfect run the game sabotages you…scids you for no reason because I was going to make it… it is more like a fixed slot machine (like the ones in the bar) it interferes mostly on road conditions… can anyone here go beat that without the relic 1 run…

It obviously takes practice - you can tell from the blooper real at the end! It’s obviously a bit easier with a relic or using the two-car method. You also have to learn when to engage and disengage the boost, as many of the problems are associated with hitting bumps at speed.

One thing you could do is, if you have the mission available still on another character, get that one and transfer through the stash. There is some difference in stats (RNG etc) but even an Afterburner relic obtained in NVHM would be better than none.

More than likely… I will do that… investing a team of me… I haven’t spent anytime working that maybe I have an old saved me … with forethought I usually save several mes … thanks … you guys are great - happy fun!

OK update time: I can confirm that the two-car method is still possible, at least on XB1 and TVHM difficulty. I’m currently uploading a clip of my run. I did run into a couple of things that seemed to throw the trick off though. The main thing being that if you leave your cars in the wrong place, you don’t trigger the way-point markers for the race which makes it impossible to clear even the first one.

I ended up parking one car just behind the starting grid, then parking the second one under the bridge on the opposite end of the tunnel to Moxxi’s bar - make sure you can see the flags on the underside of the overhead roadway, which are where the way-point centre will be. Then run down and teleport to your other car, jump out to start the race, then jump back in and drive up to the start to initiate the countdown.

I’ll try and repeat it to make sure, but I don’t think it matters which car you spawn first and which is the advance car. I’ll edit in the video and updates as I get them.

One tip about driving: keep your camera angle LOW to the road - this makes steering your line easier and reduces the risk of veering sideways to sharply, which will always flip you. Also, make sure you will always have enough boost to make your jumps, and DON’T raise the camera as you come in for a landing or you’ll nose-dive into the tarmac!

Edit: Looks like you can simply alternate cars without issues. I ran one race, parked the finishing car before the line, teleported to the one left near Moxxi’s and drove it through the tunnel, then teleported back to the one at the start to go and start the race again. It helps to make sure you spawn each car with a different colour! Also note that with two cars out on the track, the way-point markers don’t always appear but the markers are still active.

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Why bother? Use the booster relic obtained from Elle in the dust for the hood ornament mission and easily beat the time over and over. But I feel that the bar fight is a much easier, quicker and more fun way of farming for torgue tokens.

Because OP had accidentally sold the booster relic, making the challenge much harder to complete.

Ah I see, still. I would reset the playthrough and do the easy mission in the dust to get the relic before I tried to beat tier 3 WITHOUT the relic. lol

Well there is that, or trade for one. Although there is something satisfying about crossing the line with just a few seconds left on the clock!