Torgue DLC Finished - Sick With Anger

First of all, this DLC was pretty funny. One of the very first enemies I killed dropped a level 72 Sham which I had never used before so that was cool. Jump all the way to the end of the campaign and I FINALLY killed Badassasaurus Rex then Piston and guess what? That explosion of loot Torgue was talking about didn’t happen. I watched videos on youtube of other people finishing the fight and getting all kinds of stuff. I didn’t get anything except some Torgue tokens Piston dropped when he died. Some sort of glitch with my game, perhaps? I don’t know. I wanted to throw up I was so angry.

Are you on ps3? If so that’s why you didn’t get the lootsplosion its a glitch. I’m on ps3 myself

You’re not mission much… The lootsplosion is pretty weak.

IMO, this x 10, I’ve only gotten mostly green and white junk (not much even then drops) out of it so much, that I don’t bother farming it and when I do take a new toon through it I don’t bother even looking around. the Ancient Dragons is the #1 best lootsplosion in the game, IMO.


Very common glitch, at least on PS3 and Xbox 360. They said they had already fixed it if I’m not mistaken, but it appears that it still happens.


The lootsplosion is weak anyway. You aren’t missing much. Like, 2-3 blues, 1 purp, rest is just greens and salt. Just enjoy the DLC. And oh yeah, you get to kill pyro pete raid boss now. He has good loot!

02/20/2017 --PS3
just played it last night, level 51 , ya i didnt get my loot explosing either… bummer but doesnt seem like i missed out on much from reading the comments…
side note - i played the crap out of Boarderlands 1-2 when they first came out and got sucked in Diablo for a couple years im now super sucked back into Boarderlands and feel like i missed out because im a couple years behind now…