Torgue grip on shotguns, why so much hate?

I never see anyone using the Torgue grip on shotguns (apart from Torgue shotguns). Why is that? It increases damage, does NOT reduce fire rate, so why not use it on Hyperion shotguns instead of Bandit? Please, could someone explain it to me.

I think it is more a taste stuff (and RNG) rather than something of hate. Usually matching grips improve reload (if I’m not wrong).

I remember people in the past saying that they are terrible, also I literally never see them being used, apart from on flakkers and other torgue shotguns. I think they are the best grips for DPS on Hyperion shotguns on Krieg.

I don’t have any shotgun with Torgue grip (if it isn’t Tediore, is Hyperion or Jakobs) so I can’t give a more detailed opinion.

Well I have a Torgue gripped Carnage, but I don’t use it because I run Hellborn. Doesn’t need Torgue stuff hehehehe.

WHAT?!?!? You legit got a Torgue gripped Carnage? Please tell me what hacks you used.

Yeah. OP8 Casual Carnage. Go have a look at the findings thread.

Can you link me to the exact one? Also it would work really well on hellborn, I think u should try it.

Maybe can work fine in Hellborn, but I like my steaks well cooked. Loooong time ago when I was Bloodlust evangelizer.

Adonbilivit. Fake.

Up to you buddy. Think anything you want.

It was a joke, I just think the odds of getting that are stupidly low.

Also, I did see it before, but didn’t know about the grip. I still ain’t got one of these. :frowning:

It’s really only the Butcher and its because you want to max the mag size on it due to its red text ability, most other hyperion shotguns are best with Hyperion grip.

Bandit is good because you leave the fire rate alone, increase damage and mag size but you loose reload.

Torgue you gain more damgae but you loose both reload and mag size.

Level 50 Practicable CC

Hyperion Grip
Gun Damage 5,220 x 7
Accuracy 70.40%
Fire Rate 4.30
Reload Speed 2.70
Magazine Size 10.00

DPS = 51,186

Bandit Grip
Gun Damage 5,463 x 7
Accuracy 61.70%
Fire Rate 4.30
Reload Speed 3.90
Magazine Size 11.00

DPS = 40,188

Torgue Grip
Gun Damage 5,707 x 7
Accuracy 63.50%
Fire Rate 4.30
Reload Speed 3.90
Magazine Size 9.00

DPS = 38,096

The Butcher is different because again, the ability to add bullets to the magazine means extra mag really can increase the DPS, but not as much on other Hyperion Shotguns. Now Hyperion pistols are another case.

Now skills can change all this and with Krieg’s massive mag and reload buffs many people do opt for Torgue/Jakobs grips on many guns with him

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Well, the Bandit grip does not affect the fire rate and the Torgue grip has more negatives to it, especially on accuracy values.

Bandit Grip:

  • Magazine Size
  • Reload Speed
  • Widder Pellet Spread

Torgue Grip:

  • Weapon Damage
  • Reload Speed
  • Widder Pellet Spread
  • Increased Recoil

Albeit, the Torgue grip does increase damage, but the Bandit grip does not decrease the weapon’s base damage. Therefore, the increases of the Torgue grip are less desired than the Bandit grip, as the magazine size increase aids damage per second more, than a general increase in damage.

Basically, here is the comparison of a Practicable Conference Call, the first has a Torgue grip, the seconds with a Bandit.

Base damage: 223,208 x 7 = 1,562,456
Total base damage x magazine size: 1,562,456 x 9 = 14,062,104

Base damage: 213,687 x 7 = 1,495,809
Total base damage x magazine size: 1,495,809 x 11 = 16,453,899

There, the Bandit grip is superior, it has better accuracy and all other statistics are the same, minus the damage when compared with the Torgue grip. So, the Bandit is much, much better for damage per second.

Oh, you beat me. Either way I disagree, I prefer Bandit on Krieg. Albeit, when it comes to parts with Krieg it is much more lenient, as soon as he gets some kill skills going, near all the negatives of the parts become obsolete.

Not for Krieg.

The results show Bandit has higher damage per second than Torgue, that’s it, there is nothing to argue. All in all, it is up to the players’ decision, feel free to use what you want.

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Not going to turn this into an argument, but you calculated the base DPS, for exampe the butcher can spray literally infinitely with Krieg, so the reload and mag does not mater, the only thing that matters is the dmg and firerate. Nuff said.

For the Butcher, the Bandit is better as it aids the unique effect pre-stacking. You mention fire rate, neither of these two grips alter fire rate, that being said, no grip effects fire rate. This won’t turn into an argument, just a discussion on Borderlands 2, I’m finding it quite interesting, funny and overall empowering.

Funny? Is that a quick little hidden diss? Anyway, The dmg then, what is your argument for that?