Torgue guns benefit from Grenade damage AND gun/AR damage buffs?

Do they?

E.g. Torgue shotgun benefit from Grenadier and Steady damage buff and also shotgun buffing relic?

Short answer is yes - but the grenade boosts will vastly outstrip the the gun damage boosts.

Check this for weapons that get grenade boosts (not only explosive, but elemental splash gets it too)

This is the Krieg equivalent - but it’s relevant to Axton too


Would it though? Grenade damage only boosts splash, while gun damage boosts splash as well as bullet damage. It would seem that gun damage would provide a larger return on damage overall, wouldn’t it?

That’s an excellent point. I suppose one needs to take, for example, a Kerblaster and see in what ways it can be boosted.

Will the available grenade boosts do more or less for the gun than available AR/gun boosts? I assumed the former - but that’s me assuming again.

KerBlaster is not boosted at all by grenade buffs

I know this as I got the KerBlaster from a morphed varkid, it was still excellent with using AR and gun boosts

The child “grenades” are absolutely , not the main projectile

Ahh yeah of course they would be

that gun was so great I even made another thread about Lvl36 Stabbing KerBlaster I found which was still outdoing other weapons at lvl44

It’s definitely one of my faves :+1:

So will a Torgue shotgun be buffed by both Impact and Steady skill?

This may be of help to you and your Axton. :wink:


I found this one too which I think answers my question well