Torgue stickies need a buff

With the introduction of higher mayhen modes, torgue guns have become useless for the most part, some legendaries are top tier (aka backburner), but the vast majority of the weapons are trash.
Only a few legendaries are expanding on the stickies mechanic, and all the lower rarity weapons have become useless.
Finding a *18 bangstick no longer is a special event.
Stickies really need a buff, or just reverse the nerf made at launch

I do miss the bangstick and quickie shenanigans. My vote is to reverse the previous nerf.

I disagree that they have become useless. My Fl4k still use x18 Bangstick often over current meta weapons for farming depending on the situation because it is very good. Quickies and Hedgehogs are still very viable on Fl4k also.

There are way more weapons that need more attention than these Torgue guns.

The only fix I see is for the timer on stickies. I’ll shoot an ar and before half the mag I lose all damage I’d have if they stay.
The % bonus doesn’t need to be upped just remove the timer.

I think it’s 10 seconds and the bonus damage is lost if the time runs out. Just need to reload or swap weapons to trigger the stickies before the timer runs out.

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Its not just the bonus its all. Also makes ARs useless when you can barely empty half the mag.

My best view on the stickies would be to greatly increase their stack damage (should be double or tripled), but limit the number of stickies to 30-40.
What made them busted was that it could stack crazy high with 100 stickies on the same target.
Only Fl4k and Moze could reach that, if the limit is brought down to say, 35, anyone with a 18 bangstick could reach it and deal good damage.

Except a 18x bangstick is about 1-3 % bonus. Double or triple is 3-9% at 40 stickies that damage is still pretty bad. They are designed for ammo regen characters.

Not every VH has to be able to use every gimmick. I see no reason a Moze should be “good” with Jakob’s pistols, Fl4k should be. Let VHs be unique and have different playstyles it makes the game more interesting to play others.

I agree but the problem is that even fl4k and moze don’t benefit that much from bangsticks nowadays.
Why would you want to spend 45 sec on Graveward, when you can use a monarch, a krakatoa or any other good gun to kill him in 10 ?
I tried with a “perfect” fire *18 bangstick with 200% splash after AS, on my fl4k.
I had to wait for graveward to drop his arm, then hit him in his crit spot a dozen times, and even after that the kill took another 5-10 second the time all the stickies exploded.
If you limited the stickies to a lower amount but increased the damage, every kill would take much less time and make the weapons much better overhaul.
Even if the damage of these gun isn’t bad on paper, the time to kill for any enemy is pretty poor

Except 10% at a max of 40 pellets won’t kill. Its the 3% at the 100th plus pellets doing exponentially more damage that kills.

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