Torgue vending machines

Is the Norfleet available from a Torge vending machine ?

Since the Norfleet is a Maliwan weapon, I would be extremely surprised. AFAIK the sources are Vermi and Terra

Oh OK.
Do you suggest a legendary rocket launcher from the V machine

Different versions of the “Nukum” is all that comes out of Torgues vending machines. They are decent, but do require a little learning curve to use them.
They can’t be fired in a straight line like the norfleet but must be arced up or you run the real chance of putting yourself in FFYL


The Nukem can be had as one of the Item of the Day specials, with a bit of luck (and FT-ing from map to map where the machines are close enough to the stations).

Personally, I prefer a Badaboom for most things though - plus you can get that in different flavours.

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Can be farmed from King Mong
and I believe I have gotten 1 or 2 from world drops


The best place to get a Norfleet would be to farm Hyperius or trade with another player for it. And I doubt it will ever be in a Torgue vending machine because they only carry Torgue inventory as the name implies.

I like the nukem. When you’re in ffyl its great for those enemies that down you and immediately run behind something.

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The legendary items available from the torgue machines are
Bonus package
Rolling thunder
Unkempt Harold

The norfleet only drops from vermi and hyperius

Thanks very much

Also there is a unique pistol called the Pocket Rocket

It depends on the parts… a Maliwan exhaust, sight, and a speed accessory will shoot that thing in a surprisingly straight line. One of these was my Buzzard killer until I specialized my Torgue rockets out a little bit.

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Good tip