Torgue x Luneshine

(David A.) #1

Does the Boominator luneshine increase damage on Torgue weapons? I could have sworn I read that it doesn’t but I wanted to double-check.

(Where's lucky?) #2

On all but the flakker it does

(AKA Scruffy the Janitor) #3

WHAT? That’s blasphemy!

(President of Jellybeans) #4

I didn’t actually know that the Flakker isn’t boosted by grenade damage, The Torguemada splash still A-Ok?

(David A.) #5

I don’t think the Torguemada can spawn with a luneshine. Thanks for the clarification @Derch

(Boothwah) #6

So do you get 5% to the total damage on Boominatored Torgues?

(Where's lucky?) #7

No just on the splash damage

(President of Jellybeans) #8

I was just talking about grenade damage in general (Not specifically the 5% from Luneshine). That’s why I was asking about the Torguemada, as It has the impact, the splash from the explosion, and then a flak effect if it hits a surface, iirc.

(Where's lucky?) #9

@sljm do you know if the torguemada gets grenade buffs?


He said in his coldsplosion build thread (Nisha) that the Torguemada has 100% splash damage boosted by grenade damage.


(Really, really, ridiculously good-looking) #11

Confirmed. Grenade Damage boosts the 100% splash on-pellet as well as the 3 100% splash Flaks that each pellet creates.

This information is also present in Chuck’s shotgun thread.

Normal Torgue Shotguns only have 85% splash on-pellet.

Wombat’s mines are not boosted by Grenade Damage, but the 85% on the pellets is.

Jack-o’-Cannon is not boosted by Grenade Damage.

(The Poopiest) #12

Wait, what? It is a giant pumpkin it has to splash when it explodes!

(Really, really, ridiculously good-looking) #13

It does.

Not all Splash Damage is boosted by Grenade Damage.

Rocket Launchers, for example.

(The Poopiest) #14

Wow I was worried there for a minute. It would have made zero scientific sense that a gun that shoots exploding pupmkins doesn’t splash.

[DDD Guide] Understanding the Damage formula and how to Min/Max
(Really, really, ridiculously good-looking) #15

There’ll soon be a thread for that, but for now it looks like there are at least two basic types of area damage:

  • “Splash”
  • Benefits from Grenade Damage. Usually comes attached to a normal bullet impact, such as on most basic Torgue weaponry. Some Uniques/Legendaries break this rule.
  • “Radius”
  • Does not benefit from Grenade Damage. Usually occurs on its own without a normal bullet impact, such as with Rocket Launchers or Grenadier Assault Rifles. Some Uniques/Legendaries break this rule.

(David A.) #16

Second clarification, do Boominator’d Tediore weapons gain an increase on reload damage? [Including Party Line / Min Min since they’re not exactly traditional Tediore guns]

(President of Jellybeans) #17

As far as I know Grenade boosts are the only thing aside from element boost (and i guess mag size) that can boost tediore reload damage.

(Samuraith) #18

Sorry to just jump in, but Im just curious because im working on a claptrap explosive focused build, so to get these things out of the grinder you take a torgue weapon with what say, 2 legendaries, and add moonstones, and thats how you get this? Thanks for answering in advance.

(Where's lucky?) #19

Well what gun in specific do you want?


Brand is random, type is determined by the purple weapon added.