Torgue Zer0 - build ideas/suggestions?

I’ve been doing way too many allegiance runs as of late with various characters from BL2 and TPS, and am currently working my way through a Torgue allegiance Zer0 but can’t decide on what my build should look like. I was initially planning to go more of a shotgun oriented build speccing into execute and death blossom, but then remembered the UH and thought about using a pistol build. The build base I wanted to use is below:

For the shotgun style, I wanted to spec into Execute, Precision and Resurgence for being able to get close to an enemy and either blast them with a ravager or execute for health, with the pistol style favoring OSOK and Vel0city to take advantage of fast reloads and more mid-range accuracy alongside a few points distributed among various skills. Any thoughts/suggestions?

That’s how I would do it. My next set of points would be in 0ne Sh0t, 0ne Kill for my rocket launchers and 3+ barreled shotguns, and Vel0city so you don’t have to lead as much for ranged enemies (and I guess the damage buff is nice too). :wink:

Coming out of Decepti0n with a point blank shot from a fully loaded Ravager, for example, should be quite lethal. My Vladof allegiance is Zer0, and when he’s sportin’ a Topneaa against buzzards (for example), I’m using a Legendary Sniper COM for the +5 in 0ne Sh0t, 0ne Kill and +5 Vel0city; those will be pretty awesome for Torgue gear as well.

As I think about it: do shotgun pellets individually proc Rising Sh0t, or is it one level per trigger pull?

Hands down, the easiest would be the Harold with his pistol mod.

Kerblasters are great for the accuracy and the added grenade. Lots of damage.

I’m not a huge fan of the Flakker, but some may like it.

And there is always the ever-elusive Cobra for a sniper build. That’s Torgue, isn’t it?

No, it’s Jakobs. Torgue doesn’t make sniper rifles.

That’s right. It’s one of the couple Jakobs with elemental. Just assumed because it was explosive.

If Torgue made it, it would have a bigger boom. :wink:

I’d take try and get Execute aswell (always regardless of build) since it is a great mobility tool aswell as a decent staggering tool and finisher.

Slap on a blue disturbed stalker classmod and you have a solid Torgue pistol build.