Torque grinding level 50

hi can anyone help me farm torque coins so i can get better loot? I have trouble finding the badasses…psn is Obaidiklan

Can’t help you as I’m on the other console, but you’ll generally find them spawn in two locations:
Main floor, on the other side of the bar - they emerge from the door in the corner
Upper floor, at both ends (near the main staircase and near the back staircase).

What level are you now? If you’re at least 61 and assuming you don’t necessarily want to systematically find and kill the badasses, you can always do the sham/fleet method. Not the most exciting but you kill everyone in the bar from pretty much one location and rinse and repeat. Mind you since this is what most players use to power level with, you might find yourself at least 2 to 3 levels up because of the xps from kills + the quest reward after say 15-20 runs.

Otherwise, the locations mentioned in the previous post are where you’ll find them spawn.

EDIT: My bad. You did mention lvl 50. Unfortunately, I only started this method hereinabove when I was lvl 61. But I’m pretty sure its doable in 50 if you have a sham and norfleet.

One of my characters just hit 72 so I’m about to unload a bunch of 61 legendaries, pearlescents, ancient relics and uniques. If you want them, send me an FR @ pookie151. Otherwise, they’re headed for the vending machines.

you can turn the difficulty down to regular mode to tear through enemies before the clock runs out at the bar. go to the game menu. go to the right and press triangle over player one. select your character. press x. then the difficulty mode should pop up and pick the easiest one. then progress to petes bar (if you havent already at this difficulty) and save quit after every tier 3 victory.

or you can do the level 3 race around the badass crater to get 20 coins per run.

If you read my post above yours, would you be interested in the level 61 gear I was offering since I’m not getting any response from the OP. I don’t have a grogg nozzle that you’re looking for but might include a flying sandhawk w/ the fire element among other legendaries, some seraphs I believe and pearlescents. You would need at least 20-25 spaces if you’re interested.

Damn, I wish I was not at work since I am currently 54 and could totally use some of that 61 gear. haha.

thanks for the replies. Instead of torque hunting, i just kept farming savage lee. i was able to find a 49, 52, 60 harolds from him, which was way easier than the torque machines…I know people can dupe, but I have way more enjoyment this time around when i earn my own items. I’m currently 60 and on UHTVM at the wildlife…hit me up if anyone wants to play. Once i hit 72, i’m gonna start over and make a gun zerker. siren kinda boring me now.

Good for you. I’ve played this game long enough, almost 3 years on and off if I remember correctly, but I still earn my own gear since like you I consider it more enjoyable whether it be solo or co-op. However, in conjunction with that, I, as well others in this new forum and the old one that have played it for some time, offer any help whether it be in the form of tips or trading or even so far as giving away gear that would be more useful to others to help them in their quest to find more and in the process also enjoy the game like we did.

Duping is against the forum rules. Now whether or not players do it outside of this forum is their discretion. Unfortunately, its beyond the forum mods control. But in my case when I give away free or trade gear its only because they are in excess of my needs and would rather have others benefit from them as well as I have previously or to make it fair for the other player in the event of a trade.

If I don’t get a response in a day or so, consider them yours. I need to make room to farm or trade for lvl 72 gear.

Awesome, thank you. I’ll add you when I get home from work in the morning.

No problem man. Just so you know these weapons are legit most of which I farmed myself or traded for w/ reputable members of the old and this new forum.

Just message me in private so we don’t hijack the OPs thread here.

I also found some level 60’s that I don’t need from loot midgets…if you want, PSN Obaidiklan