Torque stickies have a 10s window or they simply disappear

Recently I acquired an “Asbestos Loot Expander” artifact. One of the boosts grants +38% Magazine Size. I’ve also acquired a Torgue assault rifle which grants “stuck Gyrojets increase damage by 5% each”. This combo grants a 38 round magazine.

I did some testing and once you fire the first gyro sticky, you have 10 seconds to either empty the clip or reload to engage the explosives. If you don’t, they simply disappear. Is this a mechanic or a bug? Because the additional issue is, with a normal Xbox one controller, you’ll never fire the entire 38-round clip within 10 seconds. Mashing as hard as I could at a wall (so 0 accuracy, just trying to fire as fast as possible) I could fire about 35 before they all disappear.

I feel like that 10s timer shouldn’t engage with the first round, but rather each gyrojet fired should reset a 10s timer and if you fail to fire additional rounds within that timer, the gyros explode, not disappear. Because why bother having the option to increase the mag size if you can’t even use all the rounds?

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This happens to me on ps4. Defineitly not good with Moze bullet regeneration builds. This needs to be addressed.