Total Loot: Instancing vs. no instancing => disadvantage?

Hey guys,

I came here to ask a question about the loot instancing I have been thinking about a a whíle and that seems to not have been asked before anywhere:

With instancing:
so when playing with a team of friends, with enabled loot instancing, I get that everyone has/sees their own loot scaled to their level. Ok got it, fine.

Open a chest with 1 gun = everyone has 1 (variant) of a gun
Total guns = 3

No instancing
now the loot is the same for the whole Group and everyone has/sees the same. Ok.
BUT: does that mean that, e.g. in a Group of 3, the loot will be multiplied by 3 as well? Otherwise, not activating loot instancing would not only mean to share the loot, but also only have a third of the total loot compared to with instancing.

Open same chest with 1 gun = 1 Person has 1 gun
Total guns = 1 (2 less than before) OR would this same chest now have 3 guns instead?

Makes sense? Anyone knows something or did I miss something?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Thats how it works. Without new loot system it will be exactly the same as BL1/2/TPS.
New system works like duping from BL2.
It doesn’t change the numbers of loot in chests etc.


Ok thanks fo the answer, so actually instancing is kinda an easy-mode as you - as a Team - have more chance of good loot dropping…

However, thinking about it again, wasnt it the case, that in BL 1/2/TPS ist was always said that when playing in coop, enemies get stronger but loot gets better aswell?

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You’ve got it right, sort of.

What loot instancing does is this: Player A opens chest, finds a Vladof legendary sniper with an underslung shotgun. Player B, being five levels higher, goes over, finds the same gun, but scaled to their level, rather than A’s, or C’s (who’s been grinding at every stop and is ten levels above Player B.)

Make more sense?

I am torn on how I feel about this type of loot instancing. On one hand, it will be cool that when you get an awesome gun from a chest, your buddies can be excited right along side you because they will have it too. But on the other hand, part of the fun of playing loot games like this with friends is everyone getting different drops and being able to show off the cool stuff that YOU and only you got as a reward. You and your whole group running around with the exact same weapons kind of diminishes the excitement a bit for me.

Still though, I guess it is better than no loot-instancing at all.

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You can always use classic settings when you play with friends.

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My question does not directly refer to the levelling of the loot but more with the total loot found/ Chance of loot dropping.
So in your Scenario with NO instancing, would you have had the chance to find 3 legendary sniper instead of only 1?

Put simply:

Game 1 with instancing, 2 People, same Level:

  • Opening a chest has the Chance to spawn 1 legendary gun of 10%. Both Player each have same 10% Chance of finding one, meaning there is twice the chance

Scenario 1: Game 2 NO instancing, 2 People, same Level:

  • Opening a chest has the Chance to spawn 1 legendary gun of 10%. The team has same 10% Chance of finding one. Only 1 time the Chance

=> Result: equals half the loot without instancing. => disadvantage for team


Scenario 2: Game 2 NO instancing, 2 People, same Level:

  • Opening a chest has the Chance to spawn 2 legendary gun of 10%. The team has twice 10% Chance of finding one

=> Result: same loot in total for both Scenarios. no disadvantage for team

In BL2, higher tier enemies had a greater chance of spawning with more players. And higher tier enemies have better odds in their loot pools. Practically what that means is better chance for blue and purple drops (Super badass enemies almost always drop a blue and purple item.). Some raid bosses - most notably Terra - also gave you more rolls of the loot pool with more players.

My guess is that instancing will not affect the odds of certain types of enemies spawning, only give everyone the chance to pick up whatever is dropped.

We’ll have to wait until folks have spent time in game to know for sure - these are the kinds of mechanics details that GBX historically only hints at.

At a guess, the instancing has nothing on what does/not drop. It’s the same odds whether it’s 2 players or 4 (aside from the greater odds due to stronger enemies thanks to actually having two or more players.)

ie: 2 players (instancing) = 10% Legendary drop chance (example). Legendary drops, both players get. If instancing was disabled, only one player would be able to get the legendary.


I believe this is how it works. Personally, I think I would have preferred a more Destiny or D3 type of system, where each player gets their own unique drops that aren’t tied to each other, but I’d rather have this still than the original loot system I suppose.

If your guess is correct, it would mean that it is a clear disadvantage in total if you disable instancing…

There is even more absurd in it. You can open the chest, if there is something good like purple or even legendary you can pick it, then invite your friends and everyone of them can pick the same weapon.

I’m not sure the instancing would apply to party members who weren’t in the game when the item initially spawned? Because that would indeed be odd.

Well, check yourself :slight_smile: Timestamp 25m32s

Nope nope nope nope nope - no gameplay spoilers for this VH! I’ll wait a few more weeks…


Respect :slight_smile: But you can launch this video at this timestamp, watch 15-20 seconds and close. No gameplay spoilers.

Really excited for Borderlands 3 and not getting loot ninja’d from my friends but I have concerns about loot instancing. First I want to present a couple of examples of ways that loot instancing could work

Scenario 1)A chest is opened and every party member gets the same gun scaled to their level aka Oprah Loot (You get an epic gun! and You get an epic gun!.
(Player 1 opens an Epic Torque shotgun, Player 2,3, and 4 get an Epic Torque Shotgun)
Nobody feels left out in a party
No Trading necessary
Everybody has the same weapons
Minimizes the importance of loot

Scenario 2) A chest is opened and every party member gets level appropriate loot matching the rarity of the loot of other party members. aka Snowflake Loot (they are all unique and beautiful)
(Player 1 opens an Epic Torque Shotgun and Player 2 opens an Epic Maliwan SMG etc.)
Gives players more of a chance to differentiate themselves in a party
Does a better job of showing off the crazy B3 loot potential
Loot Jealousy starts to creep in
Emphasizes trading
Increases the total amount of loot in a party, loot bloat could become a thing.

Scenario 3) A chest is opened and every party member sees completely instanced loot scaled to their level aka Yankee Swap/White Elephant Loot
(Player 1 opens an Epic Torque shotgun, player 2 opens an uncommon jakobs pistol, and player 3 opens a legendary hyperion sniper rifle)
Further differentiates players and loadouts
Really shows off the bazillion guns tagline
Makes good loot more special when you get it.
Creates some serious loot jealousy in a party
Can cause players to think that RNGesus hates them
Further emphasizes trading

From what I have seen from game streams, Gearbox has opted to go with the first choice. Personally I think that Scenario 2 is the best option to show off what makes borderlands great. I have played a lot of Anthem and scenario 3 is a rollercoaster I never want to ride again.

Let me know your thoughts or if you have heard anything definitive on how loot is going to work.

I was always under the impression that the latter most was going to be the case with BL3.

It is the best way, too.

Random loot ought to be random.

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Merged into the existing thread - see the comments and the embedded gameplay video (unless you’re avoiding spoilers!) from up-thread for more info.

Carry on!

I’d have to go back and watch some vids of co-op in split screen but I think it showed that at least in containers the same item rarity was seen in each slot of the box by players but each player had a different item of that rarity in the slot.

However RNGesus hates everyone and the only good drops are when he’s looking at someone else instead of you. So its not a matter of getting on his good side. Its playing with people he hates more than you.