Total scrub needing help

Hi everyone, first post here.

So the girlfriend is on her way home with food, an Xbox one and she apparently bought the handsome editon. Needless to say I’m fairly lucky lol.

I’m curious though, I played the game a year or so ago and everyone says not to play the dlcs until you beat the game twice and get to maximum level. I’ve googled the ideal method and I’m still not sure.

Should we just power through the main storyline twice and not stop for side quests/farming/dlcs until it’s actually worth it in the ultimate vault hunter mode? And only when we are in UVHM and at max level should we do everything else and only then start the dlcs?

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Confused noob

Your FIRST time through, I’d just reccomend doing as many sidequest/whatevers that you want. Enjoy the world. See what it has to offer. Play it like a game.

Once you become a veteran however, the way I would reccomend it is this

Power through the main storyline on Normal and True Vault Hunter Mode, doing sidequests if you need to to stay levelled up properly.

Once you get to UVHM… then you just do WHATEVER you want on your way to max level. Story, sidequests, DLCs, ANYTHING. Because at Ultimate mode, everything scales to your level, so it doesn’t matter what you do. It’ll all be worth doing whenever.

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Sounds great! So when we beat the game a second time if we aren’t max level we can do the dlcs at any point and they will just scale to level with us until max???

Thanks you!

this and more of this, go slow and do it all. No need to rush, the game isn’t going anywhere.

I agree…learn the game (and the enemies), see the sights, do what you want now. Later on is when you should think about a long-term character.

And yes…you are a lucky guy.

Sounds like marriage material right there, lol.

Haha! Almost at the marriage stage honestly.

Thanks a ton you guys. We’re debating classes right now. She’s going mechomancer and I’m undecided. Psycho looks like fun but everyone says it isn’t for raids and I’d just like to do tons of damage…but who doesn’t :wink:

The game effectively has 3 difficulties, normal, True Vault Hunter, and Ultimate Vault Hunter. For BL2, some of the DLCs will start at levels that would make sense if you had just beaten the game, and playing them before you do finish the main game will likely be incredibly difficult; this only applies to normal. Campaign of Carnage (starts in the Badass Crater of Badassitude) and Cap’n Scarlett’s Pirate Booty (starts in Oasis) can be started as low as level 15, same with all the Headhunters.

The reason some people likely told you to hold off on the DLCs or sidequests until later is because of unique reward items (blue items with red text that indicates they do something out of the ordinary). These weapons tend to be very useful and unless traded with someone else or starting a new character (which for some reason people avoid like the plague) you can only get it at 1 level, when you’ll likely want it at the level cap for prolongued use. Once you beat TVHM, everything should scale to either your level, or 50, and since playing on TVHM at level 50 will earn very little experience, you’ll be here for awhile if you saved all the DLC and sidequests with unique rewards.

UVHM, if played solo or with your girlfriend (assuming you only play together and are likely the same level) will scale as you do. My advice (and this is just like, my opinion man) is do quests if you could use the reward item at the moment. It will be difficult to get another later, but you do have options. As most people already have these items at the level cap, they might be willing to toss one your way once you get there. Also, since you have a co-op partner, you can actually plan on doing specific sidequests separately and initiate them at varied levels. There’s tons of loot, so while you could both get the item at the same level, if only one of you actually uses it, the other can save the quest for a later level to get the item again at said level; and you trade off once you figure out which items you both want.

Long story short, DLCs are fun and numerous. If you plan on trying to play every character if you have time, I actually suggest doing all the DLCs as you see fit and that way you can get the quest reward items at various levels.

Son of a biscuit, I keep editing this. Long post is long. The farming is up to you. It depends on how many NEW characters you plan on making if you aren’t at a transition or level cap. If you only plan on having 1 or 2 characters, keep on trucking. If you plan on making 30 characters like some insane people (me), farming benefits every character.

I’ve had this game since 2013 and being both OCD and a completionist I’ve run every character up to OP8. My advice would be to try everything in normal mode and once you hit TVHM plan out what- if any- quest rewards you want to save for when you finish the main campaign and reach the level cap. And if you want to continue with UVHM then you’ll really have an idea of what you want to save until you reach level 72 (or OP8). As for playing someone that does tons of damage you want to try either Zero (if you want a more precise way to play the game) or Salvador (if you want to play the game’s built in god mode :smile:).

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Gaige and Krieg can go together like oil and water depending on how they’re built. An anarchy focused Gaige with blood soaked shields does not pair well with a Krieg who’s relying on kills during rampaging to get his health back.Tthat being said, any combination will work in Normal and True modes, but when you get to Ultimate, you really have to have your game face on, otherwise you’ll be in a world of pain.

This, do all the side missions and DLC’s in NVHM (saving the few the few side missions with desirable mission rewards till after the main story line is complete) and enjoy the game.

In TVHM you may want to do mainly the main story line and finish it at around Level 50.

Here’s the reason you want to finish TVHM around about level 50, you are now starting UVHM, Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING (except for the weapons and Gear you are carrying) will scale to what level you are at that moment, so if you start UVHM at level 55, all enemies you face will be level 55-56 and your weapons and gear will only be level 50.

My strategy for beginning UVHM, is to get to the fast travel in claptraps place then go to the Crater OF BadAssitude and start that DLC going far enough to get 1 or 2 or the Torgue vending Machines open, then dropping down to NVHM to farm the BAR Room Brawl (little to No XP buildup this way) for Torgue Tokens, then pop back up to UVHM and farm the Torgue Vendors for Guns that are your level, then start the main game.