Totally f*cking wrong, Fadeaway is still the same

That was how that was supposed to work? Huh well that’s not broken…what about Gamm… Nevermind.

Between the new cooldown and St4kbot being fixed I think we are entering the age of a Gitm meta, and don’t forget your pearls. Guns like the call family, redistributor, brainstormer, carrier, garcia and torgue sticky shotguns among a few others have always been some of the top rated weapons for Gitm because of how they work while in fadeaway and how quickly they get you back into it, but now we don’t need to do the same balancing act as before and chucking hex grenades to use other guns should be a thing of the past. With the way our cooldown works and the class mod that makes a big difference to our dps while in the mist being fixed I’m pretty excited so I decided to make this thread in hopes of a community collaboration about what gear and strategies are best for Gitm builds. Since the action skill augment has been left in the dust and more or less ignored since the nerf stick slapped it resources about this skill are lacking to say the least.

If you have any builds, theory crafted are acceptable too, strategies or gameplay video of Gitm builds that would be helpful to other players please post them here. If you have any questions about the skill augment or how certain weapons interact with the skill augment drop them here, if I can’t answer them I’ll try my best to point you in the right direction or test when possible but hey people on this site always seem to pop in with advice when needed.

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There’s an anointment to increase damage by 200% on AS start, so that’ll be good for you.


Holy ■■■■ that rocks.

Kings/Queens call is a must for me for the lifesteal, because I know I’ll still be targeted within FA.

If it’s pure weapon damage you might want to try a skag build to see if its dps is on par with red/green. Can swap a point into headcount

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Even if we can’t loop Fade Away infinitely, the new while AS is active buffs look insane and should make GiTM a far more viable choice, quite possibly much stronger than RA or base FA

200%+ weapon damage and 150% grenade damage are bigger buffs than anything on ASE and the elemental explosion on critical hit anoint is perfectly tailored for GiTM (only thing is, I’ve seen this appear with both ‘anointed’ and ‘anointed Gunner’ so it’s possible it only applies to Moze.)


Those aniontments are pretty amazing and that 200% ASA is alot easier than consecutive hits, unfortunately the critical nova is a gunner anointment.
If grenades had scaled in damage too I would have actually loved to give the new anointment a go with a Mitotos Hunter Seeker, but it seems either I’m not having good drops or they did not scale. Not a single grenade above 10k yet.

Friend bot build?
Looks like it would wreck either way

Maybe this is not relevant to this thread but it just occurred to me - this new “action skill active” anoint could actually make the Rakk Pakk COM useful. Persistence Hunter + Rakk Pakk + Rakkcelerate = a lot of Rakk uptime. That means a lot of extra damage uptime. This might also make GB and FA both more powerful than Rakk builds going forward, which is kind of a bummer for me.

You’ve tried that anointment with rakk pakk? I never would have imagined it to work like that.

Just theory-crafting here (thus the “could” in my post - more of a question). I think I played less than an hour of the new content so far?

I think the “while action skill is active” only works if you have the action skill duration left in the middle of the screen, like FA and GB. I don’t think it works with rakks, since it starts and ends at the same time.


Maybe I’m wrong but the way I understood it was rakks don’t have a duration.


One more thing to try, I guess?

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It’s not fadeaway but I’m also working on using a front loader and the 150% rad anointment to make a rakk based heal build you’ll probably like, I’m pretty sure rage and recover will always trigger and then I’m adding 2 ASE elements ontop of that. If it wasn’t for ASA 200% gammaburst would be in a rough spot right now. Rakk life

Why a Front Loader?

EDIT: I mean I know what the Front Loader does but why does that benefit RAR? RAR benefits from increases to max health, at least in my experience (because it is based off of “missing” health). Am I missing something?

I pulled an MH10 Brainstormer with 200% AS I am saving for my Fl4k

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RAR is based off of your missing health, though the build misses out on the full power inside buff by reserving health. Anything that reserves health will count as missing health, that’s how deathless builds get use out of desperate measures always being at 1 hp, I think it reserves 60% so I’m always healing around 5% for 3 seconds after a kill, not alot of healing but with 7% max hp per rakk it should may make a fun build for healing friends as long as it all works the way I think it will.
Since you like ase lifesteal also I figured I’d put the idea in your head.


Ah yes, I get it. Maybe this would be a way to make Fl4k super tanky? My Pearl has health regen, get a COM that also has health regen, maybe even a Friend Bot with +5 BY and the Spiderant too for all the health regen? Also maybe don’t take TPI? Use the points in the blue tree?

Do ASS anoints work on Rakk, or do they need to have a duration? It would be cool if Rakk could get both.