Touch interface?

As I recall when the Homeworld IP was originally up for sale the person(s) made a kickstarter to buy the IP. In one of his videos he mentioned that a touch interface was natural and intuitive as I recall. Will the remastered (and maybe the original) have a touch/multitouch interface?

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Personally, I would love to see a mobile version of HW1 and 2. I hope this works out.

Well I’m not necessarily looking for mobile versions(ios/android)(it be great) but I would like to see it work on my windows tablet. I’ve had a mutitouch tablet since 2010 and there is a distinct lack of touch friendly games on windows. Even today, the steam client does not play well with touch let alone multitouch.

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Yes yes, I want this! Playing this on my surface pro 3 would be great! I wonder if I would be able to run it at UHD?

Still a touch interface would be kind of difficult no?

Are touch interfaces precise enough for games like Homeworld? They seem too clunky to me.

I have never had a problem with precision on my touch devices, occasional exception is when the OS(win8) is clearly ignoring/misinterpreting your input as a means of making something else easier, example is resizing a window would be really hard if you had to hit that line of pixels with your sausage fingers, so its expanded to like(im guessing) 8-13 pixels around the border of the window. Sometimes it thinks im trying to hit that instead of the hyperlink in the open window behind the active one.

Unfortunately I dont know of any games with three dimensional movement with a touch screen interface I can point to as an example of how to do/not do it, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done or cant be tried. I imagine standard mouse movement would work fine, the trick would be to manage left/right click, and scroll (middle click?). scroll would be easy enough with pinching. moving the camera would be easy with two fingers. but right click would be trickier. my favorite right click was in windows 7(removed from win8) where you tap and briefly hold where you want the click, then with a second finger you tap next to the first tap making it a right click, this can be done very quick and I loved it. the default/only in win8 is to tap and hold for a second and release making it a right click. but that would be way to slow for most games.

last issue would be the on-screen interface and menu. buttons would have to be bigger/rearranged to allow your fingers to reliably hit them in a speedy and consistent manner. like the build menu, instead of two small buttons on top of each other, it would be better to have the whole rectangle for that ship be split down the middle and you hit the left/right side to lessen or add to the build queue. the plus to touch would be that you could add gestures to it as well, swipe left to cancel all build orders for that ship or swipe right to infinite build that ship.

Maps applications tend to have a broadly similar approach to how I’d imagine a touch enabled Homeworld to work.

Single finger pans, two finger twist rotates, two finger push/pull changes the view level, two finger pinch for zoom.

You would have to get creative for things like band-boxing (4 fingers = select all things within that area?) But how you then do box attack? 4 fingers + 5th on a move/attack/protect UI element?

I guess it’s doable, but it would need a lot of prototyping and UI work.

This may be doable outside of the game and the translated commands sent to the game.

More than two fingers becomes unwieldy, but even then more than three fingers should still be limited to one hand, and then to infrequent gestures at that. four is right out. unless you are designing for a large tabletop platform.

For touch, check out Homeworld 1 for android by Beloko games. Have a look at how they did it.(is unfinished I know). I have it on my phone and is not too bad, the only problem is moving your ships along the z axis.