Tour of Duty trophy glitch?

Checked challenges, it says I have won on all 6 versus maps but the trophy will not unlock. I have deleted the game data, reinstalled then won on every map agaib.Anyone have this issue or know how to attempt to get this unglitched?

This happened to me too, and I have tried EVERYTHING. Please bump this cause it’s important or someone PLEASE HELP US!!!

I created a ticket with gearbox about this issue and am awaiting their answer. Please create a ticket with them as well so we can get this situation resolved! I’ll post here with any responses or remedies that they provide me with.

On XBOX sometimes our achieves take 2 to 3 days to pop doing a cache clear may help though.

Yeah I cleared everything as well as the save data for the game in hope I could start from lv1 and grab all those wins but the user profile data is actually stored server side, not client side like I thought so it put me back at lv100 with all the challenges the same, I played through all 6 again to get wins and it still didn’t unlock.

Here’s the response I got from gearbox:
(((Ps4 cache clears everytime you turn the ps4 off btw)))

Thank you for contacting 2K Support. We are grateful for your help in the fight against the Varelsi and we will do our best to make sure you are fit and ready to fight in full glory as soon as possible.
I understand that experiencing issue with unlocked Tour of Duty trophy is all but badass, so let’s try to find out what happened.

If you are positive that you won a match on each Versus map to unlock the trophy, please try the following troubleshooting steps, if not already performed:

Clear your cache

Go through our Network Troubleshooting Guide

make sure you have the latest PSN updates

If the above does not solve your issue unfortunately we have no tools to add it to your account.

I am going to ask you to fill out the following bug report so that I may relay this information to the game developers:


Your Gamertag/PSNid/SteamID:
Your SHiFT Support ID > How to find it?:


Which game mode did you encounter the bug on:

Steps to Reproduce:
1 - Launch Game
2 - From Main Menu, go to…
3 -
4 -
5 -

Detailed Description of the Issue:

If possible, please provide video and/or screenshots. Once we have this information, we’ll be able to take a look into the issue and get back with you. Once again, thank you for bringing this to our attention and we greatly appreciate your patience with us throughout the matter.

If you have any other questions or concerns related to 2K titles, don’t hesitate to contact us again; we’re happy to assist you further!

We can’t let the Varelsi win!

Anita S.
2K Support

I submitted the bug report with 6 screenshots of winning on every game map. I just tried the rebuild database on the ps4 and am about to head into a game to see if this works…will post back…

Just won 2 different matches that I was close to completing the challenges for and still no unlock. Hopefully they fix this before the game completely dies out.

If it’s anything like xbox some achieves don’t pop for everyone right away took my flawless raider in destiny a full week to credit me. Hopefully this is all it is.

Exact same situation for me.

Please to all the people that are experiencing this same issue, create a bug report and send it into gearbox. You can create a support ticket on their website. Only way this will get fixed is via hotfix now.

Bump in hopes this gets hotfixed

2 weeks of hotfixes out and still no fix for this? Come on gearbox.

Still no fix on my end here. Anyone else get this trophy to unlock?

Nope. Still waiting

Any update? This thing fixed yet for anyone?

Any update from anyone???!!

Still not working for me. Best customer service I’ve seen in a good while. Good job Gearbox!

I have the same problem I spent over 300 hours in this game fix ur trophies

That long ago and no fix?