Tournament come support!

Hello, I am hosting a battleborn ps4 streamer exclusive tournament this Saturday June 11th, starting at 3:00pm est. 6 streamer teams will battle each other for fun and glory! The streamers are, Bohan716, Frombhindtv, Skatastic, Fai_egoistt, Roccobrown, Bunzcrew.
Come support competitive tournament!!

here are the rules.

Picks and bans:
Team 1 – Ban 1
Team 2 – Ban 1
Team 1 – Pick 1
Team 2 – Pick 2
Team 1 – Pick 2
Team 2 – Pick 2
Team 1 – Pick 2
Team 2 – Pick 1

Best of 3 matches:
Both maps of each type:
Match 1: capture: team that wins coin toss choses of map
Match 1:
Match 2: meltdown: team that lost coin toss chooses map
Final match incursion:
Overgrowth only

Echelons frame rate is dumb and overgrowth is, in my opinion the official pvp map of Battleborn.

Unique characters on

Items will be allowed

2 item bans per team

Exploiting any part of the game will result in your forfeit. Example: sentinel reset switch can give you infinite shield when triggered in the right situation.

Galilea and Alani are both banned until they are balanced.

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I’ll be watching. Sounds fun

What does that mean? I’m new to sporting terms.

Picks and bans means champion picks and champion bans.

Ban phase: Team one “bans” a character, meaning the other team cannot pick them, then team two bans one character.

Pick phase: Then team one picks one character, then team two picks two characters and team one picks two more characters and so on.

It may be a bit clearer if you just watch a vid with picks and bans from another MOBA:

This is the picks and bans phases from smite, they alternate banning and picking until both teams are drafted from available characters, and teams cannot have a duplicate of a character the other team has. There’s an additional ban phase during this that is not described in the tourney above. There’s a LOT of strategy going on during picks and bans.

The Devs have said they intend on implementing picks and bans into BB down the road BTW.

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I know you already agreed on rules most likely, but I disagree with banning Galilea
and Alani while also allowing an additional ban, and more notably Galilea. With a draft, it’s very easy to counter them, and because of this I think it’s dumb to knock out 4 of the Battleborn. Just my opinion though

lol, I think it’s funny people would still consider Gal that OP… in a competitive environment Boldur is a muuuuch bigger problem than she is, especially since her nerfs.

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What makes Galilea OP isn’t her health or damage its her utility. She has way too much in her kit.

And she’s likely to keep it.

I don’t see why you wouldn’t just add an extra ban-phase and leave her in, let the players determine who’s passed or banned. she’d probably get through more than you’d expect, I know I wouldn’t waste a ban or a first round pick on her… I’d rather have a handful of characters first, even in her role. She’s not likely to get another nerf any time soon.

And at a competitive level I’d prioritize Miko or Marquis waaaaaay higher than Galilea

Frombhindtv will no longer be joining us in the upcoming tournament. I will be making a team as a replacement. Add me on psn Karmolarmo with “tryout” in the message. Than you!

Sounds really interesting, shame I am a Xboxer

Have fun people

A couple teams dropped out last minute, so we will only be having skirmishes July 11th until I decide on what to do. Come watch us have some fun.