Tournament Round 3 Results and Final Round Details

Hello everyone. As the title says, in this topic we are going to talk about the results of the 3rd round and the details for the 4th and final round of this tournament. First of all, let’s go through the ratings.

First on the list is my run.

  1. Level difficulty: 0P4 23/25 points
  2. Time: 7-8 minutes 23/25 points
  3. Number of second winds or Deaths: 0 25/25 points
  4. Gear rarity: Slow Hand which gets 13 points. I used 3 whites which get 25 points. Swordsplosion which gets 13. Deputy’s Badge which gets 13. A blue item which gets 19.
    Average: 19/25 points

Total : 90/100 points

Next on the list @Spunky117 's run.

  1. Level difficulty: 72 18/25 points
  2. Time: Under 7 minutes 25/25 points
  3. Second winds or Deaths: 0 25/25 points
  4. Gear rarity: No gear xD 25/25 points

Total : 93/100 points

@xmngr 's run next.

  1. Level difficulty: OP3 23/25 points
  2. Time: A bit under 7 minutes 25/25 points
  3. Second winds or Deaths: 0 25/25 points
  4. Gear rarity: 7 whites which get 25 and the Rought Rider which gets 13.
    Average: 24/25 points

Total: 97/100 points

@bew_ 's run now.

  1. Level difficulty: 0P8 25/25 points
  2. Time: A bit under 7 minutes 25/25 points
  3. Second winds or Deaths: 0 25/25 points
  4. Gear rarity: All whites 25/25 points

Total: 100/100 points

@Less_than0 's run.

  1. Level difficulty: OP8 25/25 points
  2. Time: Around 10-11 minutes 17/25 points
  3. Second winds or deaths: 2 second winds 17/25 points.
    ( Did not count the 3rd one because it seemed like it was from respawnable spiderants. Also if you died while fighting the Black Queen please tell me. )
  4. Gear rarity: Rapier, Rubi, chain lightning and the Love Thumper all get 13 points each. One purple weapon which gets 16 and 2 blue items which get 19 each.
    Average: 17/25 points

Total:76/100 points


These are the results. Now lets go over the details for the 4th round.

The 4th and final round of the tournament takes place in “The Highlands”. In this run all types of enemies occur from humanoid enemies tο loaders so be prepared.

Pathing: The pathing is kinda weird in this one so I am going to explain it here as best as I can and I will also post my run today so that you can make sure you followed the correct path. First you have to fast travel to “The Highlands Hyperion Bridge”. Then preferably grab a vehicle and drive until you reach what look like a cave ( not too far away ).
In this cave there is an exit for the " Highlands Outwash". It is actually the back entrance of this map. Take that exit and once you are in the other map move forward. You will eventually reach a gate which will open and then the fight begins. If you have not understood the area it is where OLD SLAPPY is in. You will have to kill all the hyperion personnel in this area and then go kill OLD SLAPPY. After that go to an area nearby which has mostly Hot loaders and occassionally some stalkers. Kill the enemies in this area as well and you are done.

The rules are the same as they were in the previous runs. Perfect time is under 6:30 minutes. You can post your runs until the next Tuesday 25/8. Anyone has the right to upload their run and not only the participants. Peace :wink:

My run:

xmngr’s run:

Bew’s run:

Demonite’s run:

I just realised I forgot to show my gear but it is the same I was using on my previous run. If I find some spare time I will upload another one showing my gear.

I was op0 not op8 btw

First let me say that I’m impressed at how well everyone has done with this- far better than I could do it, which makes me slightly envious :grinning: My question (which is only slightly serious) is this- what happens in case of a tie? If a map has to be done for a playoff I offer the Medical Mystery mission done on OP8. The main reason for my offering this suggestion is the enormous amount of frustration I had doing it just recently- I’d love to see someone finish that quest w/o repeatedly dying or traveling to other maps to find enough bandits to kill with that crappy AR…

Busted :smiley: Will fix that later. Thanks for telling.

Hm interesting question and also interesting offer. If we get a tie somewhere between the five first places I will consider this suggestion. :wink:

So the time starts when the gate will open or when you enter the map?

When the gate opens.

@Kostasmere Ran OP3 buddy.

I wish I could have posted my run with 3 tubbies and the black queen. I picked up a Beckah, a Butcher, a Veruc and a deliverance…along with the class mods.

Alright fixed the results. Uploading my video right now. @Less_than0 Wow. I guess the only thing you didnt get was the Luyda.

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Awesome! It’s fun to keep up with these runs.

i had to travel unexpectedly so I won’t be able to participate this week unfortunately.

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My next run :

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I shant be doing this run as Borderlands 2’s performance on windows 10 is pretty ass and i’m not going to revert back to windows 7 just to play 1 game so, best of luck to everyone!

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Huh, this looks interesting. Just to clarify (I haven’t read the first thread of this) any class, any gear, any difficulty? And white gear gets the most points?

I will give you the link to my first post to help you clear things out.

The link contains most of the rules. There are two additional banned items though. These are the 1. Hide of Terra and 2. Lady Fist.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Alright thanks. But I’m curious why are the Hive and the Tattler banned and something like the Fastball isn’t? xD I guess it doesn’t matter that much as the Fastball is probably considered an item that gets a low amount of points. Anyway I’m gonna give this a try. :slight_smile:

I thought that there was a glitch with the Hive for some reason and that’s why I banned it. I’m not really sure if there is one but oh well. Also the Tattler is just really strong that’s why I put it in the ban list.

Well I guess good thing you are going to give it a go. If you decide to upload your run post it here. :wink:

Here it is.

I suppose the stalkers do not have to be killed? They randomly decided to jump down, but I didn’t bother with them since no other run did.

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