Tournament Round 3

Hello everyone. Sorry for my abscence but I currently have only some minutes of internet connection and this is through a phone so it was kinda difficult for me to post.
Anyways here I am going to give you all the necessary details you need for the 3rd round.
The 3rd round takes place in THE DUST. You have to go behind Ellie’s garage and then move on to the open area which has spiderants. In this area you dont have to kill every single spiderant. You have to take the little path which leads you to a cliff and not go into the wide area. However you have to kill every spiderant that appears in this path. Afterwards you jump off the cliff and move straight. You will have to kill a few spiderants again. After that you move straight to an area which contains both humanoid enemies and spiderants.This is also the area wherein the Black Queen spawns. You have to kill every enemy in this area. As soon as you have killed everyone you will take the path which leads you to 2 mini-bosses. I believe they are called Mobey and Todley or sth. One of them drops the Lyuda too. You have to kill those two and you are done.

As far as the Black Queen is concerned. She does not always spawn so if you dont get her in your run it is completely fine. You will not receive any point penalties. If you happen to get her to spawn you do not have to kill her. However if you want to , do it. I will not take into account the time you will spend in order to kill her. Also if she kills you , you wont receive point penalties either.

The rules are the same as round 2. About the time , under 7 minutes it is perfect. After that, for every extra minute you lose 2 points.

I will post the rating of round 2 on Monday. Also 4 of the participants have not yet posted their runs, so I would like to remind them to post them when they can.

Thats all from me. Post your runs here. If you have any questions post them here too but I am not sure I will be able to read them in the next couple of days.
You have one week to post your runs.


My run:

Spunky’s run:

xmngr’s run:

Bew’s run:

Lessthan0’s run:

Mobley (chance to drop the Veruc) and Gettle (chance to drop the Lyuda).

This route sounds fun…I need to get my video software sorted out.

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I tried to do this run, but there is a problem with it. In Black Queen area, I have endless spiderants spawns. Each time I kill group of them and move to Mobley, then next group is spawning again and again.

Theeeere we go!

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Oh damn. I didnt know about that problem, didnt have it myself. Well kill the first group of spiderants and then move to Mobley. Let the others respawn.
Edit: I will post round 2 ratings in a bit for anyone interested.

100% interested

I’ve been farming that area and it can get really messy there in the back end if you’re not careful.

Actually, may i change my run? It’ll still be krieg, it’ll just be 100% better.

mine goes tomorrow

@kostasmere so, the place where bandits and spiderants spawn together is optional now?

Spunky yes you can change your run. But you would better wait until I upload mine ( in a couple hours ) because I meant a different route than the one you followed on the run you posted. I know I didnt explain the route very well so thats my fault.

Also the place which has both bandits and spiderants is not optional. It is the main mobbing portion of this run. If things get messy with the respawns and stuff just try to clear the first enemies that spawn and dont kill the respawning ones. Then move on to Mobley and Gettle.

Edit: I posted my run. That is the route. Once you are out of Ellie’s garage, turn left and follow the path. I thought it would be prudent to clear that out before we get more runs coming.

Two tubbies?! Lucky bastard. :dukejk:

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So I guess we take your rout, instead of Spunky’s rout? I feel like their are the same in variety of spawns, until area before Black Queen. For me it’s just doesn’t matter left or right side at beginning. I just want to make sure which part of rout should I take.

Nice, Dust Run…this should be cool.

Say gang, guess which map is the De_dust of Borderlands.

No audio because I had to edit, ■■■■■■■ RECORD LABELS!!!

@Gulfwulf so you’re community badass now?, deserved xD


Yeah you would better take the rout I show in my video. If you have already done a run in which you take spunky’s route then that is completely fine. As you said there is not much enemy diferential so it would not really matter.

Thanks. :dukecheese:

Yeah the path you took is like 99.8% identical to the one I took i really don’t see why we should have to change it. I’ll have the video up in a bit for my different run.

Alright here it is. Still processing at the moment but i don’t have a lot of time. I suppose if you really wanna dock points for me taking the right side instead of the left you can, although I think that would be a tad bit unfair.

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As I said the path difference is negligible so for no reason would I remove points from your run for not following the path I took. :wink:

Yaaaay :smiley:

My 3rd run :

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