Tournament submissions!

Hello Borderlands2 forum once more. If you dont yet know we are organizing a tournament and since we have not gathered enough people yet there is still time for you to participate. You can submit your participation here by commenting. For further details about what this tournament is , visit this link or this one Thus far 6 people take part which are both from reddit and the gearbox forums. We are looking for at least 6 more. I am going to list all the people who want to take part so far.

  1. orangemofo (reddit user)
  2. ChaoticSmiley (reddit user)
  3. @Adabiviak
  4. @MOLMF
  5. @Maliwankenobi
  6. Me

Submissions will be open for the next couple of days. Remember any level can participate from 1 up to OP8

Edit: We have even more people now so i thought it would be prudent to write you guys down as well. On top of the 6 first submissions we also have:
7. @ThunderJayhawk35
8. @xmngr
9. @jacodel
10.SuperJazzHands (from reddit)
11. 831pm (from reddit)
12. SqueegeeDinoToy (from reddit)
13. vzDesirezv (from reddit)

Still looking for more people, feel free to sign up. Also i wont be able to connect over the next days because i will be off for vacation. As soon as i come back i will let you guys know (probably sunday).

Edit : I am back from vacation and ready to start this tournament!!! Two guys left , but there are others that will replace them. Tomorrow i will post a new thread with the rules for the tournament and generally more details about everything. We are 13 people, didnt quite make it to 16 but 13 is still pretty good. If anyone has changed their minds or will be off for this week tell me.

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I’d love to join!! Sounds fun

Alright we found the 7th one.

I can try doing one run.

We are 8 now, still looking for participants though!!

Nice! Thanks for letting us know, @kostasmere!

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Y Wil play ,i from spain.
Anda what rules ?

Alright no problem. Should i assume that you are in or nah?

I didnt really get you . I will do another post with the rules in the future, do not worry. So are you in?

So I’m still on normal mode does that matter? I mean I can’t run through Southpaw levels are too low I’m about to reach the bunker what about a run on the way to the bunker?

Forgot to add that my main chars are OP8 Hellborn and Bloodlust Kriegers.

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Damn thought that this could be a problem with normal mode, scaling and stuff… Dont worry though there are some alternatives.You could speed run and complete all the main missions and go to tvhm so that everything will scale at your level. Otherwise if there are more people with this problem then you could be a seperate group and try other maps. Also what you suggested isnt too bad. Anyways you keep playing and progressing through the game and we will see…

Also @xmngr thats fine all characters and playstyles are allowed and welcomed :wink:


When is it going to start this?

I’m going to have to make another run through there with a smaller recording size so I can actually upload it; at least it’ll be an incentive to get my time down #weakInternetconnection :grimacing:

Also, the bar appears to have been somewhat set by @MOLMF with his all white gear, no BAR sniper Zer0 run through there. I don’t think my submission would beat that, but I am interested in seeing this tournament get off the ground, and that won’t happen without entries, even losing ones.

Me and a friend we signed up, but hopefully in this tournament can not be used or broken gear, broken skills and are prohibited glitches, but then do not participate because in a tournament that counts is originality and the ability to players before the difficulty … if players are abusing what I mentioned before, as they say in Spain, "Apaga y vámonos " XD hope this tournament will play with the rank badass disabled

Sorry for mi english XD

It will start when we will be around 16. We could start this with 12 people or less but i think 16 is ideal. We are getting close though. Probably next week. Probably…

@Adabiviak we have bad connections here as well, the upload times are really aggravating… I hope the tournament goes well too and hope we gather even more people.

@REGITORCH Yeah we will establish some rules to make it balanced. Also badass ranks should be disabled.

I’m lvl 32 and haven’t even beat nvhm yet

I’d love to join!!

That links back to the general discussion page. Do you have a thread on the rules somewhere on here?

Alright so we have one more :wink:

@Gulfwulf I will post a new thread with the rules and all the necessary details in the next couple of days.