Tournaments Poll: Everyone Please Comment! :)

I wanted to put this in general over competitive, because the poll is about this:

1.) Have you participated in BB tourneys in the past? If not, why?

2.) If you have participated, what’s your feedback on it?

I ask because I want to get the tourney scene going on Battleborn again, and so does Helix Gamer’s League.
I want to know why people don’t sign up. I want to know what I would have to do to get people to sign up. :slight_smile:

I would love to have serious tournaments once a month (so people could get time off for it if they normally work on tourney days), and more casual tournaments the rest of the month where things weren’t as balanced, but we could all still get together and have a good time.

I have never run a tournament before (well, not since Jak X:Combat Racing, happy 10 years Jak X!), so every ounce of feedback is appreciated!
Maybe have the ‘serious’ tourney be the strict one with all the rules, and the casual tourneys allow ‘unbalanced’ things to be used - or the casual tourneys be themed like @Tokesey does on the Discord server (ie: only rath and phoebes, or only all one faction on your team)? Thoughts?

I’ve already thought about making 3D printed trophies (remember I had to make my own caldarius model to make my costume before the game came out) for the few and far between big tourneys.

What does a tournament need to get you to play in it? :slight_smile: Tell meeeee!

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No, not enough guaranteed time to feel safe participating. :slight_frown:

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In large part I’ve never signed up because I don’t enjoy playing against 5-man tryhards on the average day. I can’t imagine it’d be anymore fun when there are further parameters limiting the gameplay to their advantage.


PC scene died because of my team ruining the fun. :disappointed_relieved: Feel free to revive it but I’m just going to keep our guys out of it for now. More fun for the less competitive players if the hardcore ones don’t participate.

Nope, not even for my girl Gally’s Apocalypse skin. I have very sub-par hardware so I’ve never even attempted to play PvP on a competitive level. I mostly reserve my time there for lore, and characters I don’t like playing in PvE like Rath. I also don’t have a headset for that oh so needed communication in the competitive scene.

Oh and my controller is literally falling apart, though I should eventually start trying to use a mouse and keyboard whenever I do get a good PC (long past Battleborn’s life cycle).

I want to play tournaments, because the competitive scene is my favourite part of Battleborn.

I’ve never played in one because:

A: I didn’t know there was a tournament when they take place. I usually have no idea where to look to find them
B: I didn’t have a 5-man team that I felt would be competitive

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So if the tourney was free agent only (everyone’s essentially going into queue solo), you’d be interested, or would that dissuasion still be there?

I know deaf users on ps4 whom were leery to join because they thought their team would like to be able to chat, but I’d be happy to have them on my team. I’ve played with them before with no problems. What if there were no mic games?

Hoho, I’d love to find some way you guys can still participate and everyone have fun. I’m still thinking the casual tourneys need to be free agent only to keep them lighthearted.


All my dudes no play no more cause Incursion sucks.

Never gave it much thought, I usually just discount signing up for tourney’s based on my previous post. But, yeah. If it was free agent only that would appeal to me enough to sign up.

You’re in luck, DG Armageddon First LT on the Helix Gamers League Discord has been trying to get a team together.
For Xbox, there’s HGL (, and Battleborn Weeklies (go down to the xbox section of these forums, their post should still be there) that I know of. There’s probably more I don’t know about. D:

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If you find some way for us not ruin everyone’s fun we would be happy to participate :smile:

HGL runs meltdown and capture too.

I know they do but everyone I know has never liked Meltdown as the primary game type.

Too much TDM.

Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

If your playing TDM on meltdown your playing it wrong. Minions win games not kills.


I have done one of the HGL tourneys, but really the main reason why I don’t do them often is because I can never be sure if I have enough time to actually be able to stick it out.
Accounting for messing around with the lobbies, the draft, figuring out the brackets, working around my crappy internet connection, means I need an entire interrupted day to be able to commit to one. Doesn’t come around that often, unfortunately.

If they don’t like Incursion anymore and think Meltdown has too much TDM then I don’t think capture or face-off is going to appeal either.

Safe to say they just quit Battleborn and aren’t coming back.

I haven’t. I don’t have a “team” that can work well with me, all the people I played with aren’t really playing anymore and god were they wonderful teammates. I’m also kinda subpar of a player, so I need a REALLY good team to pick up my slack. I don’t want to be embarrassed in front of my peers.

I do genuinely do enjoy SPECTATING high level play, just don’t feel comfortable actually participating in it.