Toxic Booster even do anything?

Does the toxic booster for the technical even do anything more? I tried killing low lvl enemies with the trail/splat effect but it doesn’t appear to do damage and I feel the speed is the same. Am I wrong about the speed or damage and just using it wrong? I tried tapping instead of holding like the runner but it doesnt change its usefulness

There’s a small ApE when you activate the booster. I’ve managed to do damage with it, but it doesn’t seem particularly useful.

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I can see it but even against lvl 5 skags i cant get it to deal damage even directly in the center.


so it doesn’t increase speed too?

I was able to damage vehicles on Nekrotafeyo with it. When I say it’s not particularly useful, I don’t mean that it doesn’t increase speed, but rather its benefits beyond that aren’t useful compared to the other options.

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Oh OK thank you!

how close were you to it? I couldnt damage any vehicle even ones tailgating

Pretty darn close. When you activate the booster it creates a corrosive explosion which you can see the ring effect of around the vehicle. It’s a pretty tight circle, as I recall. I pretty much had to be on top of them to do damage. And as far as I could tell, only on activation.

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so basically just use the spiky tires and ram instead. ty!