Toxic community

To anyone that has played a games there’s always people that must have some personal problems and take them out on everyone. The only game I played where this seemed to happen all the time was league of legends. Honestly I love that but can barley play it without out people lossing their minds over a game. Now unfortunately battleborn is at that same level. For whatever reason this game has attracted the crowd that forgets it’s a game and to have fun. Seriously how bad of a person are you? Taking your problems out on people just trying to have fun and enjoy a GAME. hopefully this will change but so far the only way is the mute button. Communication is key in this game so hopefully gearbox can do something about this but probably not. The funniest part is this seems to be adults, I get the occasional ■■■■ talking but for real grow up.


This is the case with every single Online Game. People will not change, it is far too easy to insult people online. Anonymity brings animosity.

Just got to remember that most people are not like that. I asked about any way to deal with hostile players during the Beta but I doubt the Devs have any plan to address such things, because of the fact above.


What platform?

Nyahhh thats the reason I never use a headset, I can´t stand such people -.-

Just remember that there are many decent, friendly, but calm gamers out there - only cranky childish ■■■■■■■ turn on their mics to talk crap, the nice users just keep calm and play the game.

I hope your experiences will get better and that these attitude of people may calm down soon :heart:


Reasons for the “Rage/Competition”:
-Genetic Rage issues (its a force of habit)
-sore losers

Just mute their mics, its the easy solution: Their other option is pressing the surrender button on the menu in pause.

I’d advise arranging play groups here.


I always wonder why people don’t use mics in multiplayer games. When you don’t use it the game might as well be singleplayer versus bots right? On pc there is the chat, but on console it becomes an abyss of silence and despair (exaggerating is an art ;)) without a mic

Anyway, I’ve met a bunch of pleasant people who use mics as well. Ofcourse there is the occasional curse being uttered, but passed that I’m having a lot of fun playing and talking with them. It just makes the game more amiable when using a mic (with the right people). There is a mute option to block out the (overly) tryhards and whiners.

I think all the raging is a side effect caused by all the stats that games keep these days. Having acces to K/D and W/L stats maybe makes a game more addicting, but it has done nothing good for the general mood ingame.

A lot of people seem to wonder why others might not want to use mics. Here is a list of some possible reasons:

  • Doesn’t own a mic
  • Doesn’t speak English
  • Doesn’t like talking to strangers
  • Social anxiety. Kind of ties to above.
  • And oh boy, the times I’ve witnessed players getting assaulted for having a feminine voice. The gaming community is not kind to females. Might not be such a big problem in Battleborn, but it makes people cautious.
  • Is Nonverbal for other reasons; Autistic, mute…

This list could go on for longer, but I hope you can get the gist of it. Not everyone is able to use a mic, for a plethora of reasons. Thus using a mic shouldn’t be required.

Sorry for derailing the topic a little :weary:


Fair enough, and I’m the one derailing the topic so no worries. I do want to stress though that not all mic users are annoying, mean or overly competitive. There are enough little communities that would embrace people that are less social. In that way gaming/gamers can actually help people who have trouble communicating, letting them have some human contact.

I know it helped me out when I was in a more… withdrawn phase of my life.


Thank you ALOT for these points! :heart:
As female gamer I hardly dislike how people react on a simple fact as gender, I saw how girls got treatet in WoW, does´nt need that for sure. Either they get “princessed” by the team or everyone expects us to be the worst… (In games I don´t care what the hell I am in reallife anyway… o.o)

To @doritosgeenstijl : Yeah, games are a bit more silent this way, but I´d talk trash anyway if I had a mic^^
I´m no cent better than most people, I swear and curse like a b+tch, but I rather do it privately :smiley:
Its great to hear that they are positive experiences with chat though, encourages me to endust my headset!


I confess , im raging from time to time.

If you play with your team and you lose because the others are just better than you. okay . its sad but you deserved to lose then. But there are some things , i bet , 90% of you are starting to get mad about, too.

If you see a newcomer doing wrong things , okay , i did ,too. No need to talk about.
Things driving me mad:

-The guy who seperates from the group all the time getting smackedt down over and over and starts a surrender vote and/or leaves the game leaving 4 others alone.

-The guy whos not listening to simple tactics ( okay , maybe he has no headphones and/or dont know the english words for left and right - honestly 2016 every PC user should know basic english words )

-The guy who is playing a healer but refuses teammates to heal to watch them die while beeing the worst damagedealer in the hole team

-The guy who allways grabbs all the crystals just to hoard them without building a single turret or minion

-The guy who just watching you duelling and opponent without any attempt to help you out

and the list goes on and on and on

And most the time ppl acting like this are lvl 20+ and should know what a pvp match is about. And if someone calls me “ToXiC” because im angry about such behaviour you should know :

  • i was cool
  • have been poisioned
  • became ToXiC
  • died horribly

I think this is a really important topic.

I am lucky to say I have had few bad community experiences, and I am a female gamer. I have a mic, but I usually only use it when really needed or if the other people in my party are A) nice or B) people I personally know.

Sometimes, to be honest, I leave my mic on mute and listen to the other players before I decide to say anything. I guess that makes me judgmental, but I have both made good friends online and avoided hugely ragey/inappropriate players this way.

I too get ragey with other players, but I never voice it. Usually it comes out as, “Can you please come back over here? I could really use your help.” It’s unfortunate not every player can understand basic courtesy.
However, I think part of what feeds into this is simply the fact that you can waste 30-40 minutes of your life on a match (PVE or PVP) and when you lose, you have to entirely restart. In PVE I find this very frustrating and if you are the only one on your team who gets the objective, you end up working your butt off just to get mission failed even though you had 10 extra lives at your disposal.
If the loss conditions were a little less harsh so players had less at stake, I genuinely feel players wouldn’t get so intensely mad about it.

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I hope there’s a Tyler1 for Battleborn. He’s a friendly fella.

Long wait times, combined with non-existent match making, no player reporting system (internal to Battleborn), and all the technical (4 v 5s due to dropped connections, etc)/game-balance issues I’d have been shocked if the level of toxicity wasn’t up.

There also aren’t any good tools internal to the game to foster community. If you aren’t playing with IRL friends, you get thrown into one off games with random strangers with no semblance of skill/rank/gear-score matching and no reason to be nice.

There are no incentives or disincentives. Which is something Blizzard is doing right with Overwatch in voting for match MVPs, even if that status is mostly just symbolic with not tangible assets.

If Battleborn had an MVP system for maybe 10 extra credits, we’d perhaps see some incentivised positive attitude adjustment.


Um funny thing is i haven’t had 1 spat or problem on the battleborn discord and ive had nothing but really good people that are all nice.

Join us!!! It’s a amazing community and ive played my Miko with so many people that ive gotten over 15+ new friends from running missions and PvP groups with.

I haven’t ran into a butthole yet

Ps…Apple_Plat …like i said, there’s plenty of community forming on the BB discord channel

Somehow managed to get three hate messages yesterday and I never get hate messages. I was Kleese though and we won the games they were in. Sore losers I guess.

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I will tentatively say that so far I’ve not encountered many irritating players after the official release of Battleborn (though I did have one player call our team noobs yesterday instead of blaming the player that disconnected after about a minute of play so it was clear he was barking up the wrong tree).

I’ve been in a meltdown match with one person advising the team to focus on the objective and I politely requested some help in my lane as I can’t clear minions easily with Reyna. I got some help but not enough to win the game. He saw I was trying to hold the lane alone so he didn’t make a big deal of it. Thankfully I’ve found this game’s community more bearable than many games. I don’t know if that’s the same on Xbox or PSN though.

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The honest truth about online games is that you’ll always find some folk you’d rather never met–it’s the same way anywhere else for that matter. I’ve had my share of screaming children with mics, but I’ve also been pleasantly surprised with some really sweet people too. However if you’re finding the former over the latter, try looking for players on forums or in the discord to coordinate with.

What’s the point if you can’t have fun, right?

I play with my girlfriend for fun, we try pvp and like it but after a few matches i had to turn my ingame voice audio to zero (weird there isnt a turn off button) i was trying to level my thorn and get some achives for her master (which i have now yay!) and we were placed in a team match with 3 guys who were all talking. About half way through the match they started talking about how bad i was like i wasnt there and it really made my day suck. I know its easy to say don’t let people on the internet get you down, but for someone with poor self-esteem it just ruined the night for me and unfortunately any nice people on voice.

The forums aren’t any better “Dont buy this game for pvp” “this game is ruined” ect ect ect, i had another post about this that brought up great points like. If you want to post a complaint do so with some respect, and another mentioned what devs want to look at forums saying they suck all the time when they put HOURS AND HOURS of time into this.

I hope the toxic people weed out eventually. Also if there is anyone nice who wants to play and dosnt mind losing from time to time my steam name is Viracon91 :slight_smile: