Toxic player behavior

Does the team understand the toxic player behavior where someone gets upset then repeatedly kills themselves to use up lives then DC. I’m seeing this happen more now on Ps4.
Follow-up, or when players won’t step on activation tiles and go afk with something holding down their controller so they don’t go afk.


We can vote to surrender, we can’t vote to kick these idiots. It needs fixing, and we’ve mentioned this is multiple threads.


A kick feature is an easy feature, but it also has a high chance of abuse. I’m all for a fix, but kick features tend to ruin games.


But more and more are abusing the game anyway, and with no way of dealing with them…

If people constantly get kicked then it can be flagged up, if they aren’t dealt with they will just keep ruining games.

The fact most games are random it’s hard to abuse if all players need to vote YES, so it has to unanimous. Friends can set up their own games with the private function. So won’t have randoms about.

And what about Hardcore or Advanced when people are losing life after life? I’d prefer to say something on the mic then vote them out so the team can try and continue without that player losing all the lives or being a dead weight.

If the game has certain mechanics like the ones where you have to stand on point A B C D E to open gate or such, and you have 10 lives then mission is over - you have to able to deal with people who are screwing your game up.

I agree that it needs to be fixed. However, a group of four friends can pick up a fifth for a Heliophage advanced. Once they kill, or nearly kill Rendain, the fifth could be voted out. It would discourage solo queues in story missions altogether.

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