TPS AI Fails (Post your stories here)

Post your TPS-specific AI fails here! I’ll start:

TVHM fight agains the Bosun, playing Doppelganger. I’m just lined up for what will likely be the final shot on the bosun when one of my digijacks spawns directly in front of me and takes the hit. I’m using a shock launcher, so the splash damage sends me straight into FFYL as the bosun disappears around the corner out of sight. Thank you, digijack, you are NOT almost as good as the real thing…

So… I can’t talk about the times in BL2 when marauders spawned with psycho AI?

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Nothing warms my heart more than:

Denial Subroutine going under while I’m in FFYL and ONLY spawns it’s body… Not the tentacles til it’s a third of the timer left

Swarmers getting stuck behind Eclipse and… Just… Stay… There. F*** YOU!!!

Has this happened to anyone else? But, in Serenity’s Waste, if you jump the bridge with a vehicle and drive over towards the back entrace to Concordia, on the ground in the field before the garage, there is a concrete block type formation that if you hit it with the moon buggy full speed it will kill you.

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Start a thread in the BL2 category and go for it!

I’ve been stopped by it, yes. Never exploded on it though I’ve also hit invisible objects and been stopped cold (probably the hit box from a destroyed moon buggy that didn’t get deleted when the wreckage disappeared.)

Finished killing the Bossun and his minions but then killed myself on barrels that exploded when i extinguished my digi jacks. Love Optimism but you have to be careful around those respawning barrels.

Died twice last night in the holodome while in the lobby shooting the Laser Disker after first death. I was trying to hit enemies below me from the window and the splash damage hit the edge and put me in FFYL instantly. You’d think I woulda learned the first time…